Unreal Engine Game Developer Tool For Windows And Mac OS

Unreal Engine is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers, for game developers. From 2D mobile games to console blockbusters and VR, the audio Engine gives you everything you need to start, ship, grow and stand out from the crowd. Audio Engine supports everything mobile. This software has been designed for mobile, now and in the future. From simple 2D games to stunning high-end visuals, Unreal Engine 4 gives you the power to develop your game and seamlessly deploy to iOS and Android devices.

Audio Engine supports Blueprint visual scripting that enables you to rapidly prototype and build complete games, simulations, and visualizations without the need for programming. All the Blueprint tools you need and a visual debugger are included with Unreal Engine 4.


Since 1999, starting with the forever epic Unreal Tournament, Audio Engine has evolved into something truly great and thanks to it have tens of fantastic games to enjoy today. From that point on, owning the Unreal game engine was a dream for most game developers, and it remained so because of its fairly high price.

Unreal Engine Software

However, in late 2014 Epic started to grow generous with UE4 and its audience. Epic set up an affordable monthly subscription plan for developers of all levels, and then it started to issue audio Engine Software to schools and universities for free. Grants were then offered to those who approached innovative designs, and finally, as of 2015, the audio Engine is free and available to anyone who wants to use it.

Unreal Engine Software showing Display Screen

Unreal Engine Features

Leading the way in virtual reality
There are no shortcuts to creating immersive experiences that are believable to the human mind. VR requires complex scenes rendered at very high framerates. Because the audio Engine is designed for demanding applications such as AAA games, filmmaking, and photoreal visualization, it meets these requirements and provides a solid foundation to build content on all VR platforms – from PC to console to mobile.
Forward renderer push the limits
In creating Robo Recall, Epic developed a rendering solution specific to VR. The Forward Renderer supports high-quality lighting features, Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) and instanced stereo rendering to produce crisp, detailed images at 90 FPS.
push the limits
Build VR in VR

Reach out, grab and manipulate objects with the power of the audio Engine at your fingertips. The full Unreal editor runs in VR with advanced motion controls so that you can build in a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” environment. It’s the most robust, feature-complete and capable VR development solution in the world.

Build VR in VR

Advanced optimization

This audio engine is a pure C++ engine designed for high performance. Its advanced CPU/GPU profiling tools and flexible renderer equips developers to efficiently achieve quality experiences.

Photoreal Rendering in Real-Time
Achieve Hollywood-quality visuals out of the box. Audio Engine physically-based rendering, advanced dynamic shadow options, ray-tracing functionality, screenspace reflections, and lighting channels provide flexibility and efficiency to create awe-inspiring content.
Full C++ Source Code Included
With complete C++ source code access, you can study, customize and debug the entire Audio Engine, and ship your project without obstruction.
Blueprints: Create without Coding
With designer-friendly Blueprint visual scripting, you can rapidly prototype and ship interactive content without touching a line of code. Use Blueprints to build object behaviors and interactions, modify user interfaces, adjust input controls and so much more. Visualize gameplay flow and inspect properties while testing your work using the powerful built-in debugger.
Robust Multiplayer Framework
For over two decades, Audio Engine’s multiplayer framework has been battle-tested across many platforms and game types to produce some of the industry’s most compelling multiplayer experiences. Audio Engine ships with a scalable and proven client/server architecture out of the box to bring instant viability to any project’s multiplayer component.
VFX & Particle Simulation
The built-in Niagara and Cascade visual effects editors enable you to completely customize particle systems using a wide variety of modules. Leverage particle lights to impact your scene and build complex particle motion with vector fields to mimic reality and create professional levels of VFX polish.
Film-Quality Post-Process Effects
Audio Engine post-processing features enable you to gracefully adjust the look and feel of scenes. Filmic effects at your fingertips include ambient cubemaps, ambient occlusion, advanced bloom, color grading, depth of field, eye adaptation, lens flares, light shafts, temporal anti-aliasing, and tone mapping, just to name a few.
Flexible Material Editor
Audio Engine Material Editor makes use of physically-based shading and gives you unprecedented control over the look and feel of characters and objects. Quickly create a wide range of surfaces that hold up visually under close examination using the intuitive node-based workflow. Layer materials and fine-tune values at the pixel level to achieve any kind of style you desire.
Extensive Animation Toolset
Completely customize characters with mesh and animation editing tools, including powerful features such as state machines, blend spaces, inverse kinematics, and animation-driven physics. Use animation Blueprints to work efficiently and preview your animations on the fly as you craft dynamic characters with believable movement.
Sequencer: State-of-the-Art Cinematics
Designed by film and TV professionals, Sequencer unlocks your creative potential with a fully non-linear, real-time cinematic editing and animation tool built for collaboration. Define and modify lighting, camera blocking, characters and set dressing on a per-shot­ basis. Teams of artists can work on entire sequences simultaneously in a way never before possible.
Full Editor in VR Mode
Reach out, grab and manipulate objects with the power of the audio Engine at your fingertips. The full game editor runs in VR with advanced motion controls so that you can build in a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” environment. It’s the most robust, feature-complete and capable VR development solution in the world.
Built for VR, AR & MR (XR)
Because of Epic’s close collaboration with global leaders in hardware and software, the audio Engine provides the highest quality solution for creating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences. UE4 is natively integrated with the most popular platforms and offers features like forwarding rendering, multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA), and instanced stereo rendering.
Terrain & Foliage
Create large, open-world environments with the Landscape system, which paves the way for terrain that is orders of magnitude larger than what has been previously possible thanks to a powerful LOD system and efficient memory use. Automatically cover your huge outdoor environments with different types of grass and flowers using the Landscape Grass feature.
Advanced AI
Give AI-controlled characters increased spatial awareness of the world around them and enable them to make smarter movements with an audio Engine software gameplay framework and artificial intelligence system. Dynamic navigation mesh updates in real-time as you move objects for optimal pathing at all times.
Audio Engine
Enhance your project’s audio with revolutionary features including real-time synthesis, dynamic DSP effects, and physical audio propagation modeling. The latest version of UE4 brings TimeSynth into Beta, introduces Layered Sound Concurrency, adds the Spectral Analyzer for sub-mixes, allows developers to bake Spectral Analysis Curves, and more.
Content Browser
Use audio Engine Software Content Browser to import, organize, search, tag, filter and modify project assets within the Editor. Drag and drop assets directly into your scene and build out your world. Create asset collections to be used for individual work or shared with other developers.
Seamless Perforce Integration
The game Editor has deep compatibility with Perforce, bringing many version control commands directly into the Content Browser. Manage your projects and monitor asset status more closely with in-editor icons and actions.
Marketplace Ecosystem
The Audio Engine Marketplace has thousands of high-quality assets and plugins to accelerate production and brings new functionality to your work. Access new environments, characters, animations, textures, props, sound and visual effects, music tracks, Blueprints, middleware integration plugins, add-on tools, and full starter kits. Millions of dollars’ worth of content are freely available in the Marketplace.
Limitless Extensibility
Integrate virtually any technology into your Audio Engine project by leveraging the modular plugin system. Free source access affords opportunities to create your own implementations for middleware packages, plus there are countless UE4 tool and feature integrations already available through the Marketplace and GitHub community. 

Unreal Engine Benefits

Start developing that game you’ve been thinking about on your way to school or at your job

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that Audio Engine is provided free of charge with all of its tools, features, future updates, and even its source code. The latter, however, doesn’t mean that it’s open-source; you merely have access to it if you need to implement some changes.

There’s no point in listing the features it has because that and absolutely everything else you need can be found in its ever-growing online documentation section. What is important to know is that an audio Engine or rather an Editor (the backbone of your operation) comes with a design that’s as intuitive and easy to comprehend as most high-end tools that serve the same purpose, or adjacent ones.

You won’t stumble into any GUI elements, tools, sections or anything else in a way that could discourage. The Audio engine built-in tutorial system is spot on and anytime you need extra details about something, help is one right-click away. I’d even risk saying that it has a foolproof design.

Whether it’s a minimalistic platformer or hardware draining FPS, it’s possible to build

The freedom and possibilities of audio Engine offers are there for anyone to see. First-person, flight simulators, puzzles, side scrollers, third person, top-down and the list of what genres and styles you can take on keep going. How things turn up depends on a couple of things, such as creativity, determination and unfortunately hardware.

Audio Engine is easy to use, it runs well on most machines built in detail, on large scale projects, it’s a beast. On the positive side, whenever one ‘bad’ thing pops up, there are two good ones to counter it and keep you going.

Unreal Engine Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
 One of the most highly regarded game engines around Difficult to convert Unreal code to external applications
Able to produce beautiful graphics and complex cinematic sequences Little in the way of first-party documentation
 A very cheap alternative to most other engines

Unreal Engine System Requirements

Processor Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
Internal Memory 8 GB RAM is required
Video Card DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
DirectX Version DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

Technical Specifications

Title Unreal Engine 4 7.16.0 For Windows
File Size 31.9 MB
File Name EpicInstaller-7.16.0-unreal engine-ec47de0c33924a68ade8984326292b48.msi
Requirements Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
Languages English
Available Languages Multi-Lingual
License Freeware
Date added Monday, April 1st, 2019
Author Epic Games, Inc. https://www.epicgames.com

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