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United Wi-Fi

In today’s era of travel, staying seamlessly connected while soaring among the clouds has evolved into an indispensable aspect. United Airlines takes the lead in this realm with its state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services. Whether you’re a corporate voyager seeking to maintain efficiency or a casual explorer eager to catch up on your cherished entertainment, United Airlines’ Wi-Fi solutions ensure uninterrupted connectivity, even at cruising altitudes of 30,000 feet. Within this comprehensive guide, we will thoroughly explore the multifaceted dimensions of United Airlines WiFi, delving into its expansive coverage, impressive speed, flexible pricing alternatives, and the valuable insights garnered from passengers’ personal journeys. From the realm of United Airlines inflight internet to the realm of united wifi on board connectivity, this article aims to offer enlightenment for both tech-savvy frequent fliers and those embarking on their inaugural venture into the realm of high-flying connectivity.

United Airline


Unlock the gateway to United Airlines’ high-altitude connectivity through Dive into the realm of United Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi, where you can seamlessly bridge the gap between the sky and the digital world. Discover the intricacies of staying linked while airborne, including insights into united airlines internet on plane coverage and the pricing options that enable you to remain connected throughout your journey.

How To Connect To United Airlines WiFi?


Connecting to united airlines wifi on board is a straightforward process that ensures you remain connected throughout your flight:

  1. Locate and establish a connection with the “United Wi-Fi” network. Ensure you’re in airplane mode if you’re using your cell phone or tablet to connect to United Wi-Fi.
  2. Open your web browser and navigate to
  3. Adhere to the provided guidelines to make a payment for your Wi-Fi usage. Alternatively, if you qualify for complimentary Wi-Fi (details provided below), follow the steps to log in without charge.

Once your in-flight Wi-Fi connection is established, you can freely access United’s app, along with its array of in-flight entertainment choices and select messaging services. Keep in mind that if you wish to use other applications or browse different websites, a Wi-Fi access fee will be required.

Pricing of United Airline Wi-Fi

The amount you may be charged can vary because of elements like your flight route, your United MileagePlus® membership status, and different relevant elements. Here is a precis of the united airlines inflight wifi pricing options furnished by using United.

One-time fee

For individuals who don’t fly often, it’s a prudent decision to pay for Wi-Fi during your flight. On domestic or short-haul international routes, Wi-Fi is priced at $8 for MileagePlus members and $10 for non-members. Alternatively, you can use 1,600 miles to redeem united airlines wifi on flight access.

For those on long-haul international flights, the united airlines wifi cost varies depending on the specific route.

United wifi Day Pass

Choosing the United Airlines Wifi Day Pass is a smart move if you’ll be taking multiple flights in one day. You can purchase this pass either ahead of time while booking your flights or add it to your itinerary later on.

Although it might not result in direct cost savings (United mentions that the cost of the day pass matches the total Wi-Fi expenses for separate flights within a 24-hour period), it does bring the benefit of making your experience smoother by removing the need to buy united wifi multiple times.


United Airlines provides the following Wi-Fi subscription options:

For North America and Central America:

  • Monthly: $49 or 7500 miles
  • Yearly: $539 or 80,000 miles

For Global coverage:

  • Monthly: $69 or 10500 miles
  • Yearly: $689 or 100,000 miles

By choosing a yearly subscription, you can probably save as much as $139 yearly. MileagePlus® Members can also enjoy an added advantage of receiving 25% cash back on all United Wi-Fi subscriptions.

T-Mobile customers

If you’re subscribed to a T-Mobile Magenta or Magenta MAX plan, you’ll enjoy complimentary United Wi-Fi inclusive of streaming services and unrestricted texting. Magenta MAX users receive these privileges on any United flights equipped with Wi-Fi.

For those with a Magenta plan, free Wi-Fi is available for the entire flight duration four times annually, in addition to unlimited texting and one hour of complimentary Wi-Fi on all other flights.

United credit cardholders

If you appear to have a United co-branded credit card, you may qualify for a 25% declaration credit when you use your card to buy United Wi-Fi. This perk extends beyond just annual and monthly subscriptions; it also includes day pass purchases.

To find pocket-friendly methods of reducing your United WiFi costs, you can consider choices such as enrolling in a qualifying T-Mobile plan, joining United’s MileagePlus program, or using your United credit card for Wi-Fi payments.

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How to buy a Wi-Fi subscription?

Here’s the process for purchasing a Wi-Fi subscription:

  1. Choose your service region as detailed earlier.
  2. Make your payment using either a credit card or miles.
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi through and start enjoying your access.

United Wi-Fi coverage

Wi-Fi availability is determined by the following three factors:

  1. Flight route
  2. Aircraft or flight
  3. Service provider

United Airlines provides Wi-Fi coverage through different providers: Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and Viaset.

Gogo covers the continental U.S., along with parts of Alaska and Canada, and is accessible on specific flights like Embraer 170, Embraer 175, Bombardier CRJ-700, and Bombardier CRJ-550.

Panasonic offers global coverage and is available on flights such as Airbus 319, Airbus 320, Boeing 757-200, 757-300, 767-300ER, 767-400ER, 777-200, 777-200ER, 777-300ER, 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10.

Thales provides coverage limited to the continental U.S. and operates on flights like Boeing 737-700, 737-800, 737-900, 737-900ER, and select 757-300. However, 737 aircraft operating in Guam and Micronesia won’t have Wi-Fi services.

Viasat’s business extends to the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. It’s available on select Airbus 319, specific Boeing 737-900, Boeing 757-200, and 737 MAX 9 flights. However, Wi-Fi availability will be limited or unavailable in Alaska and Hawaii.

How to get free Wi-Fi on United

To access complimentary Wi-Fi during your United flight, having an eligible T-Mobile account is key. The qualifying T-Mobile plans include the Magenta and Magenta MAX plans. Here’s what each plan offers:

  • Magenta MAX: Enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi, streaming, and texting for the entire flight.
  • Magenta: Benefit from unlimited Wi-Fi, streaming, and texting on up to four flights annually. For additional flights, you’ll receive one hour of free Wi-Fi and streaming, along with unlimited texting.

Does United Wi-Fi include text messaging?

Travelers with United Airlines who wish to maintain communication with friends, family, and colleagues while airborne are in for a pleasant surprise.

Once linked to United Wi-Fi, you can effortlessly send text messages at no cost using apps like iMessage, Facebook, and WhatsApp – no charges involved.


How does United Airlines ensure connectivity during flights?

United Airlines provides state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity while flying. This is essential for both business travelers and leisure passengers.

What are the benefits of United Airlines’ Wi-Fi services?

United Airlines’ Wi-Fi solutions offer seamless connectivity at 30,000 feet, allowing passengers to stay in touch, work, or enjoy entertainment throughout their journey.

What is the pricing for United Airlines Wi-Fi?

The pricing varies based on factors such as flight route and membership status. For example, a day pass on domestic or short-haul international routes costs $8 for MileagePlus members and $10 for non-members.

Can I save on Wi-Fi costs with subscriptions?

Yes, United offers Wi-Fi subscriptions. For North America and Central America, the monthly subscription is $49 or 7500 miles, while the yearly option is $539 or 80,000 miles.

What if my flight is delayed?

In the event that you’ve acquired a Wi-Fi Day Pass and your flight experiences a delay of an hour or longer, the validity of your day pass will be prolonged by the corresponding duration. Similarly, if your flight is rescheduled for a different day, your day pass will be adjusted to match the new flight date and time.

For additional help and designated data regarding Wi-Fi Services, feel free to attain out to United Airlines Customer Service Support.

How do T-Mobile customers benefit from United Wi-Fi?

T-Mobile Magenta and Magenta MAX plan subscribers enjoy complimentary United Wi-Fi, inclusive of streaming and texting, enhancing their in-flight experience.

What benefits do United co-branded credit cardholders receive?

United co-branded credit cardholders can get a 25% statement credit when purchasing United Wi-Fi, covering subscriptions and day pass purchases.

How is Wi-Fi availability determined on United flights?

Wi-Fi availability is influenced by the flight route, specific aircraft, and the service provider being used, such as Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, or Viaset.

Is United Wi-Fi available globally?

United offers different coverage options through providers like Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and Viaset. While some providers offer global coverage, others are limited to specific regions, ensuring passengers stay connected during their journey.


In the modern age of travel, United Airlines leads the way in keeping passengers connected at 30,000 feet. From robust coverage and flexible pricing to complimentary options for T-Mobile users and credit cardholders, United’s Wi-Fi services offer seamless in-flight connectivity. Whether it’s work or entertainment, United ensures you stay linked to the digital world, enhancing your flying experience in today’s connected skies.


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