How to Unblock YouTube videos {Best Proven Method}

YouTube is a great source for videos related to Entertainment, Cooking, Online Courses, Workout and etc. But, youtube is blocked in schools and some other educational institutes. This is due to the management feels that this site is really distracting the students/employees from the important tasks you need to accomplish. 

Sometimes, it can be an irksome thing for people who want to gain some knowledge/lear their doubts by watching YouTube videos. Nowadays it’s easy to unblock youtube at school sites, offices, and Universities. If you are looking for how to get on YouTube when it’s blocked, I have great news for you. Today, I am going to unveil 6 actionable tips to unblock YouTube site. Enjoy!

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Let’s start to know more details about unblock Youtube:

  1. YouTube Proxy Sites:

It’s a painful thing to get an error message like this website/URL is blocked or anything shit like this. So, to bypass restrictions on YouTube/ any website proxy sites are very handy. YouTube proxy sites will route all your traffic through their servers so that you can browse the site anonymously. Below, we have listed some of the best proxy sites which will help you to unblock YouTube at school.

  • KProxy
  • Skull Proxy
  • Hidester

There is a chance that these YouTube Proxy sites don’t work. Because every time there is a popular proxy site, they will definitely block it. Don’t worry! I have a list of 100+ New working Proxy sites you can have a look at them.

2. Get YouTube Unblocked with VPN:

Proxy sites are good enough to hide your location and help you browse the internet anonymously. But, proxies are not safe to use due to a lack of encryption. A VPN connection, when compared to a proxy site is very safe and easy to use. Before you can go and try the premium VPN services, you can check some free VPN extensions available for Chrome.

3. Firefox Portable software to unblock Youtube:

If you are unable to install VPN Extensions on your browser, then please download and save Firefox Portable on your USB stick. This a plug and play type of software which runs directly from your USB.

4. Google Translator

This is yet another feasible way to unblock blocked sites like YouTube, Facebook or MySpace, etc. To unblock YouTube follow the steps below

How to Unblock YouTube using Google Translator

Step 1: Open Google Translate.

Step 2: Now type in in the left side box

Step 3: Choose French as the required language, your text will automatically turn into a clickable link

Step 4: Click on the YouTube link and browse the videos without any censorship

If you have any doubts, please read how Google translator works as a proxy to unblock blocked sites.

5. Connect from Phone

Even If the restrictions are hard to bypass, there is still a chance to Unblock YouTube by using your Phone. This method will be very useful if you have a 3G/4G data connection on the device. Using Your Phone as a network connection will bypass any restrictions placed on your School Network. To connect your phone to pc, use USB tethering/WiFi Hotspot available on your phone.

6. Download the Videos (KeepVid)

If everything goes off the course, you are left with only a few options. There are a lot of tools available online for downloading YouTube videos. Among all, We prefer KeepVid to download videos which will work quick and simple.

Steps to Download Videos using KeepVid

  1. Search for a video that you wish to watch on Google.
  2. Then click on the Videos Tab.
  3. You will see a list of Videos with Titles and Other details.
  4. Select the video and copy the URL.
  5. Now Go to KeepVid and paste the link to download
  6. Choose a format to download the video and watch it Offline.

Now you easily understand how to unblock youtube at school. download Keepvid


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