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TVPaint Animation Software Download For Windows 10.0.16

Feb 2,2019 - TVPaint Developpement (Free)

230 MB (Safe & Secure)

TVPaint Animation 11 Pro is one of the Best 2D Animation Software, it really convenient raster-based animation app that has obtained some amazing features that will permit you to produce some striking animations. This program has some unlimited layers and images. You can also download Toon Boom Harmony Premium 11.

TVPaint Best 2D Animation Software has an impressive coloring and texturing engine that will let you create animation from photos. This program permits you to import heaps of soundtracks of either MP3 or WAV file format. It’s an impressive Warp instrument in addition to recovery mode that will let you retouch your images and draw the unnecessary components. It’s been outfitted with the complete storyboard motor where you could draw your storyboard and include notes in addition to dialogs. It is possible to import the soundtracks and deal with the camera motions. It is possible to print your storyboard from PDF and HTML file format. You may add exceptional effects into your animations and may export AVI, PNG/TGA strings together with the alpha channels. Overall software is a really handy application that will permit you to create imposing animations.

TVPaint Animation 11 Pro

TVPaint 11 Pro Software Features

Computer-assisted animation

TVPaint Animation is a Best 2D Animation Software based on bitmap technology. Thanks to this technology, you can animate natural renderings (gouache, watercolor, oil painting, crayon, pen…) traditionally (image by image).

TVPaint Animation doesn’t impose a graphical style nor a workflow. Feel free to mix animation on paper and digital animation, do rotoscopy, use different software or simply make your project with TVPaint Animation entirely.

Full animation with TVPaint Animation

Animation 11 Pro

By combining Wacom© tablets technology (Cintiq, Intuos…) and the power of TVPaint Animation drawing tools, you will find all the advantages of paper animation without its drawbacks. Draw, animate et instantly play your animation thanks to the remote: the time where you lost time with tedious line-test is over.

Avoiding those off-putting steps will make you earn time to improve your art.

Animate on paper and TVPaint Animation

Despite the advantages of computer-assisted animation, many people still prefer to animate on paper and scan each sheet in order to ink and colorize on the computer. TVPaint Animation makes it possible to optimize their production thanks to features likes :

  • The compatibility with DV camcorders and webcams, to line-test quickly your animation ;
  • The “Peg holes registration”, which re-aligns automatically each sheet from the peg bar holes ;
  • The “Scan cleaner”, which deletes white pixels (the paper) and only keeps the drawing lines. And if your drawings are really “clean”, you won’t need to ink them: you could directly color them.

Colors and textures

TVPaint Animation 11 pro offers three different filling tools. Each of them has its utility depending on your needs.

  • The Color & Texture Generator layers(Professional Edition only) have lots of advantages which will make colorization of a lot of animated sequences easier and faster, and even if your lines are unclosed or drawn with a pencil.
    You can also generate libraries of indexed colors. Then, if you change your mind about the color of an element, changing it will be a piece of cake. Besides their facility to colorize image sequences, CTG layers can also apply a texture tracking on these elements, to give more life to your animations.
  • Another tool, located in the Filled freehand tool, will optimize the coloring step. This feature is called “Fill inside” and allows you to circle quickly a zone to color: it is really useful, especially if your characters have a lot of details.
  • Finally, you can also use the paint bucketwith many different parameters to configure. Using the option to fill on a separate layer, you can conserve the original lines on one layer and put the coloring on the next.
    You could even avoid the “holes” from an uncomplete line, in order to fill a zone, without overflowing. The “Auto pick color” feature combined to the Light table will allow you to pick up colors from the previous image and then, fill a zone in the current image.

Thanks to the mask and the papers (textures), you will be free to add textures on a different layer.
If you wish to have advanced color renders, don’t hesitate to read our solution “Drawing & Illustration”, which will learn you more about the drawing tools possibilities.

By the way, some special effects will be really useful to help you in your coloring step, such as :

  • The effects “Color replacer” and “Tint replacer” (as you suppose, they allow to change a tint or a color from an image) ;
  • The effect “Expand” (really handy to expand a flood fill, but it keeps the nuances of gradients and transparency) ;
  • The effect “Line colorize” (that allows your lines to automatically take the color of the flood fill colors below).
  • Some effects, like “Inlay Texture” or “Brush Spreading” will help you to apply textures in your animations.

Merge techniques with hand-drawn animation

TVPaint Animation imports very easily any video in most(all?) of the common formats (avi, MPEG…). Importing a video or an image is really easy: simple drag and drop into TVPaint Animation. These videos will then be placed into an animation layer as an image sequence. Thanks to this system, you could add layers above the layer containing the video and draw your key images, without affecting the original video.

And thanks to the custom brushes’ “Smear source” mode, you will have an easy solution to give a crayoned or painted aspect to your videos.

It’s also possible to mix video and animation. For example, you can integrate a person filmed before a blue background into a cartoon. You will obtain this result by combining the Keyers effects of TVPaint Animation Professional Edition to the animation layers.

With TVPaint Animation, feel free to merge techniques :

  • Make animated characters interact within live-action sequences ;
  • Made stunning rotoscoping ;
  • Import 3D references (as videos) to animate 2D characters on complex camera moves ;
    Animate 2D effects on 3D sequences, etc.

Sound management

TVPaint Animation 11 pro contains two important spaces above the timeline: the sound space and the timeline for notes. Thanks to these both spaces, you could manage one (with TVPaint Animation Standard Edition) or several soundtracks (with TVPaint Animation Profesional Edition), for which you can manage fades and volumes. And if you combine the sound reel, the notes, and the image, creating lip-synch animation will be simple and efficient.

TVPaint Animation is also compatible with SyncMagic© technology, which will ease your work even more.

Storyboard & Animatic

The best solution for storyboards and animatics!

With the TVPaint Animation Professional Edition, you can easily organize your projects. Each project is composed of scenes, and each scene is composed of shots (named “Clips” in the software). In other words, you can make storyboards quickly and view them instantaneously as animatics. The time where you had to scan each drawing, then put them together in a compositing program is over!

You can manage storyboarding features of TVPaint Animation in the “Project” tab of the timeline window. You can create “scenes” and “clips”. Each clip corresponds to space where you can add layers and animate.

Different views

There are four different view modes, which allow you to add clips’ information, such as dialogs, actions, and notes

  • The “Thumbnail” view mode (shows only clips, giving you an overall view of your project).

11 Pro Thumbnail

  • The “Column” view mode
  • The “Row” view mode
  • The “Timeline” view (shows a single continuous timeline of all the clips in a project).

11 Pro Timeline View

This view also allows you to add multiple soundtracks (music, dialog, sound effects…)

Groups to organize your clips

Use groups to organize your clips! As you can put your layers in groups, differentiable from colors, it is now possible to keep your clips and soundtracks in groups.

Groups to organize clips TVPaint animation 11 Pro

You can even disable one or several clips: those ones will not be read when the animation is played, but they could be re-used later, if necessary.

The Camera Tool

TVPaint animation 11 Pro camera tool

With the Camera Tool, you can easily add pan and zoom transitions to your shots. Camera size can be changed without modifying the size of the drawing space. The timing and acceleration of camera movements can be controlled with a time profile curve in order to create jump-cuts, slow-in/slow-out speed transitions and more. In addition, all camera movements are instantly visible in Clip thumbnails and on your printed storyboards!

Export and share storyboards

Export share storyboards TVPaint animation 11 Pro

You can export your storyboards in PDF and HTML format for sharing with animators, layout personnel, directors, producers, etc.

Thanks to the PDF format and its options, you can quickly choose your storyboards to contain and aspect before printing it.

The HTML storyboard format makes it easy to:

  • Put your storyboard on a website or a blog
  • Send it by email
  • Print it from your web browser

You can also edit the .html file, to modify or add text, images, and logos, without having to re-export your storyboards.
Last but not least, you can preview animations(complete with camera movements) in exported HTML storyboards from your web browser by moving your mouse over the clips! See for yourself!

Export your animatic

All storyboards made in TVPaint Animation Professional Edition can be viewed instantly as animatics and can be exported in .avi or .mov. formats.
TVPaint Animation Professional Edition also allows you to export your clips as separate video files accompanied by an Edit Decision List (.EDL) file. When EDL files are opened in editing programs that support the EDL format, all of the clips that make up your storyboard can be automatically imported in the proper order.

Drawing & Illustration

Unlimited creativity

TVPaint Animation 11 pro not just for making images move! TVPaint’s animation functionality has been built around a powerful painting engine that has been developed and improved since 1991. You can use its drawing tools for preliminary sketches, background paintings, or simply make great illustrations.

Powerful drawing tools

Possibilities with drawing tools are unlimited with the custom brushes system ! You can use a graphics tablet to control the size, opacity, angle, jitter, and smearing of your brushes in real-time. TVPaint’s unique brush-cutting system also allows you to create animated brushes out of sequences of images. Texturize your brush strokes with TVPaint’s “Papers” to simulate drawing on rough or bumpy surfaces with watercolor, gouache, chalk, crayon… You can even create your own papers from photos and other images. Your imagination is your only limit to your creativity!

Drawing tool TVPaint animation 11 Pro

Numerous drawing modes (such as “Erase”, “Color”, “Lighten”, “Tint”…) can be used to enhance every brush stroke. The “Healing tool” mode can be used to apply quick touch-ups to photographs or images. The “Smear stamp” mode of the Custom Brush, makes your brush mix and blend with existing paint on the canvas realistically! And the “Smear Source” mode will be your best ally to turn a photograph in a painted or scribbled portrait.

The parameter “Projection” will allow you to create splatter brushes. The results are really nice and will give to your backgrounds and characters a unique rendering.

Using Custom panels are great to save all your favorite custom brushes and special functions. You may even export your panels, so you can share them with other TVPaint Animation users!

Finally, your custom panels can also be embedded in your TVPaint project, in order to be sure you will always use the good tools on your illustration.

Easier colorization

If you prefer to colorize your drawings in a few clicks, TVPaint Animation 11 pro proposes 3 different filling tools: the paint bucket, the “Fill inside” feature and the CTG layer.

Easy colorization TVPaint animation 11 Pro

The first two allow colorizing a given area, depending on a chosen tolerance, either by a click or via a selection.

The Colour & Texture Generator layer uses a more complex algorithm allowing us to fill several areas at once. Moreover, it offers the considerable advantage of indexing colors: if you change your mind about a nuance, the modification will be applied automatically. These color libraries also allow you to apply textures easily.

Manage Layers

TVPaint Animation 11 pro has a simple and efficient layers’ management.

You can label and tag your layers with colors to make it easier to sort through the elements of your illustrations. Modify the opacity of individual layers and composite them with blending modes, like “Screen”, “Multiply”, “Lighten” or “Burn” (more than 25 blending modes are available). You can also use any layer as a stencil/mask to constrain modifications on other layers without changing the original, too!

Of course, you can add as many layers as you want without limits!

TVPaint animation 11 Pro camera tool

TVPaint Animation also includes a layer management system called “color groups”. These groups allow you to organize your projects’ different layers via a color mark, and to manage them quickly thanks to this panel.

Post-production & FX

Powerful tools for compositing

TVPaint Animation possesses many effects and filters to rapidly enhance your images, animations, and videos, reducing the need to switch between TVPaint Animation 11 pro and other programs!

FX Stack workflow

TVPaint Animation uses “keys” to animate effect parameters, the result of which can be instantly previewed. You can combine as many FX as you need within the FX stack.

The special effects used in the software are “destructive”, meaning that they affect the imagery within a layer directly. However, you can render the results of your effects out to a separate, empty layer to avoid affecting the original source footage.

Effects Include

Special effects


Effects Animation

Among the numerous available FX, here is a little list of the greatest FX in TVPaint Animation :

  • Keyframer:Used for animating the translation(sliding), rotation or scaling of source imagery/footage. Source imagery could consist of the current layer, an open project, panoramic backgrounds, a custom brush image, etc.
  • Multiplane camera:Use a virtual multiplane camera to composite multiple animated layers together; each layer can be animated independently.
  • Particle Generator: to generate rain, snow, dust, flower’s petals, music notes
  • Volumetric Light: to create the appearance of crepuscular rays cast around a backlit layer element. (Works well on titles.)Color Adjust: for adjusting an image’s contrast, saturation, gamma…
  • Scan Cleaner: to make white pixels transparent and keep only the lines in your scanned images.
  • Warping Grid: to distort images. Used correctly, you can even imitate 3D rotations!
  • Advanced Keyer: to rid of greenscreen or bluescreen backgrounds from video footage elements for later compositing.
  • Blurs: gaussian, cubic, motion, central… for simulating motion blurs or depth-of-focus.
  • Stylize Effects: for stylizing your imagery with borders, glows, drop shadows or toon shading.
  • Transitions: fades, page turn…
  • The Auto Paint: a sensational FX to show the diffusion of a painted line.
  • Brush Spreading: a powerful feature that changes the aspect of your stroke and turns pictures into painted jobs.
  • Inlay Texture: a great solution to apply an inner texture on a moving shape.

Exports and renderings

TVPaint Animation offers several ways to export your projects and work on them thanks to compositing and editing software.

  • Export project:export the whole project (scenes, clips, layers, images) as a single video file or as an image sequence.
  • Export project with EDL:available in “Publish storyboard”, this feature exports one video per clip, soundtracks and creates an EDL file. This EDL file allows an editing software to import videos and soundtracks in the good order.
  • Export clip:export the current clip, its layers and images as a single video file or as an image sequence.
  • Export clip as PSD:export your clip and generate one PSD per image. That way, each image will keep the layer stack of the current image.
  • Export clip as CSV:for the ones who prefer thinking with XSheet, CSV export generates a folder by layer, export each image and create a CSV file, which sums up your timeline as an XSheet.
  • Export clip for Flix:if you work with the famous collaborative software made by The Foundry©, this export is made for you.

Stop Motion

TVPaint Animation provides live video feed via camcorders DV and webcams(IEEE 1394).


TVPaint Animation’s video input includes many tweakable parameters: it allows the user to modify live camera parameters, such as hue, tint, luminosity, etc. and it allows overlaying the video feed in variable opacity, provides onion-skinning, and the ability to draw directly over the live feed.


After grabbing video stills, the user can :

  • Adjust the timing of individual frames (for further details, read the Solution for “2D Animation”)
  • Touch up images with the various drawing tools like the Healing tool
  • Add animation layers in order to animate text, drawings or particles (rain, snow, flowers…)
  • Add FX (“distortions”, “blurs”, color corrections, “warping grid”, etc… Read the Solution for “Post-production & FX”)
  • Use Keyers to rid of green/blue screens.Suspend a camcorder from a stand and use TVPaint Animation as a line-tester!

TVPaint Animation 11 Pro Other Features

  • Reliable animation tool
  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • Generate high-quality 4K animations
  • Work on multiple layers
  • Raster-based animation tool
  • Import different multimedia files
  • Texturing and coloring tools
  • Powerful timeline feature
  • Synchronize animation and sound
  • Powerful Wrap tool with color blending modes
  • Healing modes for layers and retouching features
  • Storyboard engine with notes and dialogs support
  • Various publishing features
  • Export the animations as EDL file
  • Easy editing tools
  • Export the PNG, PNG, or TGA sequences
  • Create custom brushes and scripting features
  • Support for custom panels and brushes
  • Rooms configurations and interfaces customizations
  • Customize the color schemes and much more

TVPaint Animation 11 Pro System Requirements 

Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Memory (RAM) 2 GB of RAM required.
Hard Disk Space 1 GB of free space required.
Processor Intel Pentium 4 later.

You can have TVPaint Download for Windows latest version. It’s a complete offline installer standalone installment of this software.

Screenshots of TVPaint Animation Software

Official Video Intro TVPaint Animation Software

TVPaint 11 Pro Introduction

TVPaint 11 Pro Animation Software FAQs

Where does TVPaint come from ?

TVPaint Développement is a company based in France that created 2D animation software such as “TVPaint Animation”, “TVPaint”, “Aura”, “Mirage” and “CBPaint”.


Where can I buy TVPaint Animation ?

You can purchase TVPaint Animation directly from our TVPaint Développement’s website. We also have resellers in some countries, but none of them are exclusive resllers. Don’t be fooled by companies or websites offering shady “discount” licenses. In some cases, they would send you an illegal and unusable license, or worse yet, you’d get ripped off (especially if you use your credit card to pay).


What are the differences between the Education and the Full Commercial licenses ?

The price. Except this, the features are exactly the same and there are no time limit. Students can even use their licenses after their study, as Freelance artists.
It is totally forbidden to install an Educational license at a company or commercial animation studio.


Should I renew my license every year ?

Of course not! Neither educational licenses nor full commercial licenses are time-limited (except in special cases). Nevertheless, we advise you to download the free, incremental updates.


I wanted to order a license and my card was refused. Why and what can I do ?

Sometimes, PayPal can refuse credit card :

  • The amount is too big for your bank account or you reach your monthly expenses ;
  • Your bank won’t let you pay in euros ;
  •  Your bank account is from a country and you are paying from another country ;
  • You cannot use your credit card outside your own country.


TVPaint 11 Pro Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
TVPaint 11 Pro 2D 10.0.16 November 2017 230  MB Download

What’s a New TVPaint 11 Pro 2D Animation 

It includes a new layer type that highly simplifies the coloring and texturing process: It is named the Color & Texture Generator layer (aka CTG layer). You can even color sketched animations, without worrying about ink and clean.

TVPaint Animation Overview

Tvpaint Animation 11 Pro

TVPaint Logo

TVPaint Animation 11 Pro Technical Setup Specifications

Software Full Name TVPaint Animation 10 Pro
Setup File Name
Complete Setup Size 230 MB
Installation Sort Offline Installer / Total Standalone Installation
Compatibility Architecture 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
Newest Version Release Added On 29th Aug 2018
Programmers TVPaint Animation


TVPaint Animation 11 Professional is a 2D software based on bitmap image technology. With this software, you can animate natural renderings (gouache, watercolor, oil painting, crayon, pen, etc.) traditionally (image by image). It doesn’t impose a graphical style nor a workflow. Feel free to mix animation on paper and numerical animation, do rotoscopy, use different software, or simply make your project with this 2D Animation Software entirely.


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