Know if it’s Biased or Fake News by Chrome Extension | TrustedNews

When we are reading or watching any news or information on the internet, it has become increasingly difficult to tell, what is real and what is fake. A few months before US President Mr. Donald Trump also not spared from the fear of ‘fake news’ and Mr. President personally announced the ‘fake news awards’ for media houses who are engaged in. In fact, it was the first step to combat ‘political biased’ news in the world.  Now Trusted-News is come up with this Chrome extension, which aims to combat fake and biased news.

Fortunately, the company name Eyeo behind Adblock Plus aims to fight this dark place of the internet and wish to make it clear & transparent for everyone with its new browser extension TustedNews. Just look it here, how it works.



At present, TrustedNews is exclusively available on Google Chrome, so for those who are using Firefox, Safari or another browser, you’ll have to wait for the company to launch it in the future.

TrustedNews a google chrome news extension

News extension chrome is now to know the real facts behind any sensational news, just open a new tab and surf over to and click “Get TrustedNews for Chrome.” It will bring you to the Chrome Web Store. There you will need to click Add to Chrome. And that’s it. No setup required, The extension will immediately start to work. Now, When you surf a news site, the extension icon in the Chrome Menu in the upper right of the browser will notify you if the source is trustworthy.

Trusted News – A combat against fake and biased news

The TrustedNews is a Google Chrome Extension and backed by the MetaCertProtocol and uses legit sources like Snopes and PolitiFact to scale the authenticity of news content which is broadcasting on the internet.

Every site is given a rating when you visit a website and if it’s a trustworthy site, the icon in the Google Chrome Menu will show the green mark. When clicked on the icon, it will give you a short summary of why it’s considered trustworthy. Look, how TrustedNews have it’s parameters to scale the real facts behind that news.

  • Unknown: Trusted News doesn’t evaluate the website with insufficient data.
  • Untrustworthy: A site deliberately publishes false and misleading news or information. Only allow trusted news sources.
  • Satire: A website that published satirical content.
  • Biased: A site that published politically biased information and “promotes unproven or skewed views.”
  • Malicious: A website that attacks your computer with malware, phishing, viruses, spyware or other threats to your privacy or computer.
  • Clickbait: A website that intentionally uses misleading titles to draw in readers to inflate traffic and, subsequently, revenue.
  • User-Generated Content: A page or site that contains content generated by third-party contributors. This can be a social media site like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or it could also be something like a Tumblr blog.

TrustedNews to combat fake news

Still, there are a lot of sites who haven’t enough data to scale by TrustedNews to make a fair assessment. But, it may change in the future as more people start to use the extension. There is one more feature will be coming soon, ” Give feedback on this rating”, which will allow readers to give a rating by clicking the extension icon to reveal more information.

Information by Taylor Martin (J