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Toucan is a free file sync portable tool with which you can synchronize or back up your most important data, wherever you are. The program supports five synchronization modes: Copy, Mirror, Equalise, Move and Clean. Each can be further tweaked with checks on file size or modified time to ensure it transfers only the data you really need.

Backups are just as flexible. You’re able to complete full backups, update an existing backup file, create differential backups and more. Your backups can be compressed in a variety of formats, to save time. And strong AES-256 encryption ensures your data stays safe from snoopers. It is part up into 7 tabs, enabling you to effortlessly discover the capacity that you need.


As the establishment is certifiably not essential, you can separate the program documents to any area on the plate and run the executable. It is likewise conceivable to move Toucan to a removable drive to run it on any machine with the least exertion.

It’s essential to remember that the Windows vault isn’t refreshed with new passages, and scraps are not kept on the hard drive after program expulsion.

The interface is basic and efficient. You can make different occupations, set up standards with incorporations or rejections (records, organizers, total envelope prohibition), and design settings for every module.

When synchronizing data between two locations, you can establish the primary function (copy, mirror, equalizer, move, clean), verify file properties (size, modified time, short and full comparison), as well as retain timestamps and attributes, ignore read-only files, use the Recycle Bin, and preview only changes.

For backup jobs you can specify the type (complete, update, differential, mirror, restore), backup format (ZIP, 7Z, GZIP) and compression level, set a password, verify the archive after creation, and enable solid mode.

Encrypting and decrypting files from a specific job is easily done. Furthermore, you can create a list with variable directories, create and run scripts, enable Toucan to remember entered information for the sync, backup and secure jobs, select another UI language and tab style, as well as customize the font.

Toucan is extremely light on the system resources, using a barely noticeable amount of CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and carries out a task rapidly and without error. The tool did not hang or crash in our evaluation. Thanks to its intuitive layout, user-friendly features, and advanced options, it should please all types of users.

Key Features of Toucan Sync Software

Save Recurring Job & Rules

You can set names for rules to exclude files based on name or file size (for more, see below), that you can also use in addition to the different modes for each function (sync, backup, secure, etc.) If you go through copying, syncing or backing up jobs that you might need to repeat in the future, you can give a name to this specific job and reuse it later on.

To exclude files and folders, go to the Rules tab, click on the disk icon to save a new rule and in the dialog box that appears, and give the rule a name. Now you can click on the + icon on the right side and type either:

  • Any text to match file name or extension
  • “>1GB” without the quotes to exclude files larger than 1GB. You can also use “<2MB” to exclude small files.

“<” or “>” followed by a date to exclude files modified earlier and later than the beginning of this year, respectively.


You can choose to apply rules to files and folders (which will exclude all sub-folders as well). Any time you need to modify the rule, double-click on it, and you’ll get the Add Dialog box to exclude files, folders or locations.


Toucan as a Syncing Utility 

 There are 5 synchronization modes:

  • Copy: Can be used for one-time copying.
  • Mirror: Can be used for replica copying but it also deletes files in the destination folder that aren’t in the source folder.
  • Equalize: Can be used to copy the newer versions of files to either directory.
  • Move: Copies all files to the destination folder and deletes it from the source folder.
  • Clean: Deletes any file or folder that is in the destination folder but isn’t in the source directory.


Toucan was incredibly speedy copying 4 changed files.

Toucan as a Backup Utility

There are 4 modes you can use:

  • Complete: Regular backup of all files you’ve selected.
  • Update: Whichever newer files you have in your File List will be included on the Backup Location.
  • Differential: This mode creates a base file and later on, includes changes in different archives named after the date and time.
  • Restore: Restores archived files into folders.

You can select from 6 different compression levels, where 1 is no compression and 6 is the most compressed level which takes more time to produce the “Ultra” small file.

It was partly built from the source code for 7-Zip, you can pick the backup file extension from either .7z (produces small files at a faster rate than .zip files), the standard .zip format (which can be used in major operating systems), and .gz (usually for Linux).


As Toucan was partly build using source code from the open-source command-line encryption utility crypt, it uses 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt on the file level. The software documentation states that it differs from TrueCrypt in that it doesn’t install a driver on the system, and that you can encrypt files after you save them in this software. Encrypted files you select on the security tab will have the .cpt file extension.

You can also use it to decrypt .cpt files.

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  • Drag and drop files onto the space for selected files and folders.
  • Check the Use the Recycle Bin option under the Sync tab to move deleted files to the Bin and not permanently delete files.

  • When you have jobs that require checking through a lot of unchanged files for just a few updated files, check the Preview Only Changes box to preview these changed files and folders.
  • You can create password-protected archives for your .7z or .zip backups if you check the Password box in the Backup 
  • Use variables for files and folders that change when you’re in different computers by using “@” in the name, e.g. “@docs”.

  • To run several jobs at a time, you can create and save scripts using Lua commands (click on the Help button on the Settings tab for more commands).

Toucan 3.1.5 Specification

Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows 10
Version: 3.1.5
License: Open Source
Date Added: Jul 06, 2017
 As you can see, Toucan can be a handy tool to sync, backup and encrypt everything to your USB drive. Do you prefer to use separate applications for syncing/backing up and encrypting your files, or would you consider using this utility? Please share your insights in the comments!

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