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Toppr Learning, students can access online study tools and resources 24×7 to bring them up to speed with the syllabus and take them to the next level in their career. Find the best academic content to help you grasp concepts, get more marks and be a topper!

Toppr is here to personalize learning to suit your individual needs. With our adaptive platform, you set your own learning goals, you learn at your own pace, enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses.

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Toppr Features:

  • Online Classes:
Don’t worry if you missed the classes in school or could not stay attentive for the entire period. Experts will help you solve everything. Whether you are starting a new chapter or revising an old one, Toppr’s video lectures and practice questions are designed to match your unique skill set.
  • Adaptive Practise:
Your learning isn’t complete till you have solved a lot of questions of the concepts learned. The right feedback from the questions helps us grasp the concepts effectively. Based on your past performance, the adaptive algorithm evaluates your learning and recommends the most suited questions to practice.
  • Live Doubts:
Have a doubt at 3 am? Experts are available 24×7. Connect with a tutor instantly and get your concepts cleared in a matter of minutes. You can either type your question or simply take a picture of your doubt. Experts will solve it, no matter how difficult it is.
  • Mock Test:

Take a mock test or create your own! Challenge your friends and make learning fun. Right from previous year papers to complete test series, we’ve got you the best resources to practice. No need to flip pages or find books to practice the best questions. We have compiled everything for your ease along with detailed solutions.

Here are the engineering and medical entrance exams you can prepare for on Toppr:
• IIT JEE Main
• IIT JEE Advanced

The best part? You can customize your syllabus to include any class, board and exam you’re preparing for, from the above!

Here are the scholarship exams you can prepare for on Toppr:

Here are the boards whose syllabi we cover:

Here are the classes we cater to:
Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12

Here’s what you can do on Toppr:
• Watch video lectures and learn at your own pace
• Practice customized question banks, tailored to your performance
• Challenge your friends in mock-tests
• Get your doubts solved 24×7

Here are some of our key features:
• Customized syllabi
• Simple, comprehensive and engaging videos
• Adaptive practice questions
• 24×7 experts to clear doubts
• All-India test series
• Study groups
• Challenge friends on tests

Here are the major advantages of using Toppr:
• Easily master any chapter faster and better with Goals
• Learn any topic any time with video lectures
• Day or night, get your doubts cleared immediately, 24×7
• Stay motivated with goals based methodology
• Revise concepts regularly
• Compare with all India rankers in test series

Here’s some information about platform depth:
• 2 million students
• Over 2000 hours in video lectures
• Over 3.5 lakh questions
• 15,000 concepts
• Over 40 mock tests for almost all exams

Here’s why you can trust Toppr:
• Over 20 lakh happy students have benefited from personalized learning
• Over 12 crore questions have been practiced on Toppr 
• Close to 10 lakh tests have been taken by students
• Over 12 lakh doubts have been solved by “Doubts on Chat” experts

Want to know the difference between Toppr students and regular students?
Toppr students have also shown an average increase of 44% in speed and 26% in accuracy over a calendar year. This translates to a potential overall improvement of up to 80%.
1 in 3 Toppr students qualifies in major competitive exams like JEE and NEET, compared to 1 in 6 for the rest. Their potential score in these exams is almost double the others.

You can create your own custom package by selecting from the modules of Learn, Practice, Doubts and Test series. Or take one of the pre-created packages. Packages include a welcome kit delivered to the student’s home.

At Toppr, we are personalizing education for students in India. Come join hands with us and let us realize the dream in your success.

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