7 Top Music Studios Software For Creating Music in 2020.


After hours of research and going through top music composer choices we have listed down the Top 7 Music Studios Software For Creating Music in 2020 that they are using. So do give a full read to this post as it will provide you with brief information about the Top 7 Music Studios for creating Music in 2020.

List of Top software for creating your music 

  1. Bandlab: CakeWalk.

Bandlab- CakeWalk is more than just an advanced DAW. It is fully loaded with all kinds of tools and utilities that are highly demanded in the Music Industries.


CakeWalk comes with modern tools and functionalities made it a perfect software for creating music that is fit for any musician. With CakeWalk you can easily mix and record unlimited recording, get access to acoustic guitar presets, addictive drums, vocal syncs, audio snaps, and many more. You can download Bandlab- CakeWalk by clicking here and trying it once and find out the treasure of music tools that it has to offer. 

Key Features:

  • 64-bit mix- engine.
  • VST3 support.
  • ARA support.
  • Windows 10 compatible.


  1. Pro Tools 10.

Pro tools 10 introduces a ton of new features. These new features in Pro tools 10 are way better, faster, and reliable than its previous versions.

First, all Pro Tool 10 has a feature called Clip gain that helps us to set the volume of a particular region within a track using a fader or automation data. It now supports 32 bits floating-point audio files this gives you a tremendous amount of resolution to work with and you don’t have any limitation of having to be in a 16 bit or a 24-bit environment. You can even append plug-in to these 32-bit audio files which are a big deal as far as not clipping plugins and improving the sound quality that plug-ins can provide. It also now allows you to combine all types of files without converting them. There are many more features that Avid Pro Tools 10 offer and you will get to know and learn all of them once you download it. You can get Avid Pro Tools 10 by clicking here.

Key features:

  • Modern Plugins.
  • Clip gains.
  • Lots of virtual instruments.

pro tools music creation software

  1. GarageBand for Windows

Garage band is a free DAW if you own an Apple product. This music studio by Apple has got a much simpler user interface which can be understood by anyone.

You get a vast sound library so that you can download loads of software instruments and plugins. You can have a diverse collection of Live Loops covering loads of genres and awesome styles. If you download all of it then you have a lot to work and compose music with. You also get a ton of loops with Apple Garage band which are roughly around 4500+ audio loops covering all types of genres and a few musical instruments. You also get over 230+ different sound patches covering all types of Instruments. Apple Garage band is a very large and handy software for musicians and cannot be explained entirely. 

We would recommend you to get this software for your music-related work. But there is only one limitation to it that it is only available to Apple users.

garageband top music creation software

  1. Ableton live 10.

Ableton Live is a digital audio live station and one of the best software for creating music with a lot of default features inside. Ableton Live 10 DAW is known for its dual workflow or dual views namely session view and arranged view. It is very powerful and can fulfill all your expectations.

Ableton Live 10 DAW allows you to drag and drop your music and the bottom has track controls like knob and faders. You can play any clip in a row simultaneously in a quantized manner and they can be kept playing in a loop until you stop them. This makes the session good while performing on stage because it lets you play sound on the fly while staying in time. It is also great for sketching up musical ideas because you just can’t drag and drop sounds and everything plays in time. Apart from adding simple sounds and loops, you can even add MIDI clips that contain MIDI data.

Ableton Live 10 sets itself apart from the other DAWs in the market thanks to its dual workflows and its ability to dig deep in deep. Sure it’s pricey but it includes everything you will need as a music producer.

ableton music studio

5. Steinberg Cubase Elements 10 Music Production Software.

Cubase 10 is a very popular and highly used music software. Cubase has appended various new features that are very helpful.

Cubase 10 has added a new interface that is a bit more clean and very elegant which will not distract you from your work. Cubase has also added a drag and drop option that makes your task much more convenient. Adding a new track to your existing clip is much easier and less time-consuming. You can also record 32-bit integers which means that if you have an audio of higher than 24 bit you can take advantage of this feature of this dynamic range.

There are many more features that make the musicians go crazy because of the ease that it brings while composing music. You can also get Cubase 10 and give it a shot by clicking here.


  1. Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro X is a DAW that is kind of similar to the Apple Garage band. Every Musician in the music industry uses Logic Pro X because of its functionality.

It has a very sophisticated user interface that looks fantastic which is easy on the eyes while you are looking at the programs. With Logic Pro X you get an array of plugins that are of high quality and have been improved upon within the past years. You also get an attractive EQ and compressor. You also get 1000+ synthesizers and all sorts of musical instruments and different shades of it. There are many more to Logic Pro X that cannot be just explained in this post. We would recommend you to go for Logic Pro X without any hesitation. You can get Logic Pro X by clicking here.

logic pro x

7. Image-Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition.

FL Studio is the kind of software that every musician might have used in his music career because of its simplicity and great functionality many music artists demand from this Music Studio.

The sum of the functionality, pricing, and visuals aspect makes it a great DAW for beginners and professionals. FL Studio comes with an abundance of dope and heavy-hitting synths that includes Sakura PoiZone, Sawer, Harmless, and many others. You also get access to numerous plugins that you can use to extend your clips.

Overall FL Studio is a user-friendly Music Studio that anyone can use. You can get FL Studio by clicking here.

software for music creation - image-line FL Studio 20

Final Verdict- Which is the best Music Studio?

According to our concise research, we have come down to the resolution that all these software discussed are equally good and function very well in all parameters. You can download and use these tools without being reluctant. But if we were to suggest you in software, then it would be Logic Pro X.

We hope that this post helped you to find the Top 7 Music Studios For Creating Music in 2020. If this has helped you, leave your comments and opinion in the comment box below regarding the Top 7 Music Studios For Creating Music in 2020. 




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