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Top OTT Platforms For The Best Online Streaming Service in 2021

Sep 20,2020 - (Free)

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Online entertainment becomes a ‘new normal’ and growing exponentially with this new trend as more people switch to the Over-the-top (OTT) content providers. With the rise of this demand, the streaming landscape is becoming more crowded with big brand names. It started with pioneering innovators like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. But recently a new wave of media giants is joining the fray. Disney+ and Apple TV+ launched late in 2019, and two new entrants have already launched in this year—Comcast’s Peacock (April 2020) and AT&T’s HBO Max (May 2020).

According to ComScore, around 750 million households across the world have OTT services, which they consume in the same time-of-day pattern as traditional TV viewers.

It is safe to say that the video medium is being reshaped by OTT video streaming providers. Here, we will see the top and popular OTT platforms of the English speaking countries like the USA, Uk, Canada, Australia, India, and Germany.

list-of-top-ott-platforms-onlinePopular OTT Platforms in 2021

Here are some of the top and the most popular OTT streaming providers in the USA who have taped the young and internet geek population.


1. Netflix

Top Netflix is a synonym with OTT platforms and undoubtedly one of the pioneers and leading in this arena with nearly 182 million subscribers from all over the world. It has created some of the best content like Horseman, Fuller House, Daredevil, Bloodline Bojack, etc. Netflix is very famous because of its advent of technology and high-quality streaming. Now, It also facilitates offline downloads from its app.

In North America, Netflix is a leading subscription OTT video service with a clear track record of success and has an upper hand in English-language countries by a majority of OTT users in those markets using its services.

The UK ranks as the most mature subscription OTT market in the EU-5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK), with 36.5% of internet users streaming OTT services. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix had a relatively easy entrance to the UK due to their large offering of English-language content. Netflix also established a partnership with pay-TV service Sky to offer its platform to subscribers. This year, Netflix will account for 74.0% of subscription OTT users in the UK.

Australia stands out in Asia-Pacific as the market where Netflix is most heavily penetrated. Viewership is more comparable to North America and Western Europe, with 73.8% of subscription OTT users watching Netflix. Its large library of English content and the popularity of OTT services (42.0% of internet users) made entry relatively easy.

  • Netflix Subscription starts at- $8.99/month

2. HBO

HBO NOW is a WarnerMedia product. They wanted to provide their customer with video streaming services that don’t require any television subscription. HBO NOW provides you with all the original content, movies, or series, HBO has ever made or making. Some of its very famous originals are Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley

  • HBO Now Subscription starts at-  $14.99/month

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is one of those OTT platforms which were introduced as a direct competition to Netflix. We all can say it is one of our favorite video streaming services. Amazon has over 150 million subscribers. Amazon has tons of international content available. It provides you with so many amazing amazon original contents like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Homecoming, Forever, etc.

  • Subscription starts at-  $12.99/month

4. YouTube Tv

YouTube Tv, one of the most popular OTT platforms, is a Google product. It can be accessed on smart TVs, streaming boxes, computers, and mobile devices. It not only provides you over 70 television networks but also the original content produced by YouTube Red. YouTube TV’s more popular channels include AMC, Bravo, FX, and the USA.

  • YouTube Tv Subscription starts at-  $11.99/month

5. Sling

Sling is one of those OTT platforms which has something for everyone. Sling OTT offers both types of services, free and paid with having more than 85000 shows and movies in their library which costs you nearly half of the cable tv networks. On the Sling, there are more than 50 live channels to access like as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News are on the top in the list.

  • Subscription starts at-  $30/month

6. Starz

Previously been available in Amazon Prime Channels and Apple TV now has its own video streaming services named Starz. Its parent company Lionsgate is very exclusive about the content and only goes with a new show if they think it’s unique and a good fit. Starz also has offline downloads that help you watch the content anytime, anywhere.

  • Subscription starts at-  $8.99/month


ESPN+ is a complement to existing ESPN content and very different from other OTT platforms. If you are a sports enthusiast then this is the place for you. It brings you the live programming from the ESPN television network that you can access on your mobile devices, desktop tablet, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

  • Subscription starts at-   $4.99/month

8. CBS

CBS All Access, American video streaming services owned and operated by CBS Interactive, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. It offers original content, content newly aired on CBS’s broadcast properties, and content from CBS’s library. CBS was one of the earliest entrants in the streaming wars. The company launched All Access in October 2014 — way before than other ott platforms. The company’s streaming services have more than 11 million domestic subscribers.

  • Subscription starts at-   $4.99/month

9. Disney+

If you are a fan of beautiful animations, superheroes, fairytales, this is the platform you are gonna need. Unlike other OTT platforms, Disney+ provides you the content produced by Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. It also provides you the content produced by National geographic and 20th Century Fox. Its content is available in resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD in Dolby Vision and HDR10, with Dolby Atmos sound on supported devices. It also provides language support and subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

  • Subscription starts at-  $6.99/month

10. Apple TV+

Apple TV+  is a Video streaming services provider that is not only for video streaming but also can be used for listening to music, playing games, and using other apps on your Tv. As apple has everything unique, this product is also quite amazing for its users as it provides a one-stop solution for sign up and to watch premium TV streaming services inside just one app, without having to switch from app to app on your device.

Subscription starts at-  $4.99/month

11. Fubo

Another video streaming service for sports lovers is FuboTV. It’s one of those OTT platforms that provide the content from the channels who have live sports like including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and international soccer. It has a network series and movies as well. If you are not fond of cable television and looking for an option then Fubo is the best option for you.
  • Subscription starts at-  $54.99/month

12. BritBox

If your priority is to watch BBC and ITV shows, then you should consider BritBox video streaming services, as it is a joint venture between those two companies. Popular shows on the service include Agatha Christie’s PoirotClassic Doctor WhoMidsomer Murders, and Vera. Drama fans get Jonathan CreekPrime SuspectShetland, and Wallander. BritBox also has comedies such as 8 out of 10 CatsRev., and The Office.

  • Subscription starts at-  $6.99/month

13. Hallmark Movies Now

Hallmark Movies Now video streaming services offer family-friendly movies, documentaries, and short films. It is a subscription-based service that offers unlimited, commercial-free streaming of beloved Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, original movies, series & specials from Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and handpicked Hollywood favorites.

  • Subscription starts at-  $5.99/month

14. Crackle

If you don’t want to pay for video streaming services then Crackle is your thing. It works on an ad-supported model. Crackle has its original web series, movies which you can watch for free but you have to watch the ads while it playing. Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, Crackle provides you the new content every month. I say its almost impossible to complain about ads when you are getting for free.

  • Subscription starts at-  Free but contains ads

15. Xumo

Xumo is a free, video streaming service that primarily offers a selection of programming content through digital linear channels designed to emulate the experience of traditional television programming, and supported by revenue generated from video advertisements inserted into the service’s programming streams in designated conventional television-styled commercial breaks.

  • Subscription starts at-   Free

16. Acorn

Acorn TV is different than other ott platforms that offer full episodes of the best British mystery, drama, comedy, and documentary TV shows. It is geo-blocked outside the US and Canada. If you want something different from the regular ott platforms, this is it.

Acorn is thin on its features and offers a few basic perks. You could watch titles in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and more with subtitles and dubbed in English. Acorn boasts exclusive content and has recently started to produce its own series.

  • Subscription starts at-  $5.99/month

17. MLB.Tv

MLB.TV is a standalone video streaming service different than other ott platforms, that lets you watch up to 80 out-of-market Major League Baseball games each week. This means you get to keep up with live games that you have no other way of accessing because they aren’t available in your local market or broadcast on national TV. But note that blackout restrictions apply, so you won’t have live access to nationally-broadcast or locally-broadcast games.

  • Subscription starts at-  $24.99/month

18. Philo

Philo is one of the affordable video streaming services that offer a good mix of live and on-demand content. For just $20 per month, you get 58 channels, including AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BET, Cooking Chanel, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Food Network, HGTV, SCI, and the Travel Channel. Philo focuses on entertainment and lifestyle content, so consumers who primarily want to watch news and sports should look elsewhere.

  • Subscription starts at-  $20/month

19. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most complete video streaming services. It has over 1,200 contents in its library. Unlike other ott platforms, it supports HD streams for both free and paid accounts, but you will need to opt for the premium tier to get rid of ads. The service does not support offline downloads, which is a major limitation.

  • Subscription starts at-  $7.99/month

20. Showtime

SHOWTIME streaming services are a subscription service that gives you commercial-free, on-demand access to SHOWTIME programming, as well as the live broadcast of the east and west coast, feeds of SHOWTIME.  The SHOWTIME streaming service is only accessible in the United States and its territories and possessions.

  • Subscription starts at-   $10.99/month

21. Addatimes-Bengali OTT Platform

The selection of Bengali Movies, Web Series, and short films, and much more content is really good. It covers all kinds of genres like romance, detective thriller, Action, drama, historical drama, and more flavor. Am the kind of user who is subbed to Prime Video and Netflix. I generally do not consume non-English content, but the originals content of Addatimes is really great quality. Deep storytelling, well-crafted scripts and cinematography.

  • Subscription starts at-  $3.99/month

Conclusion: After the Covid-19 lockdown days, the OTT platforms have seen a sudden surge in their demand as the population around the world was at home and they are very much hungry to have entertainment on their totally lazy hours. So the future is really very bright and more ott services are keen to enter this game. All this will be more beneficial to the end customer.


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