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Subway Surfers Poki Endless Runner Game For Android Varies With Device

Jul 30,2018 - SYBO Games (Free)

Varies With Devices (Safe & Secure)

Subway Surfers Poki is a standout amongst other confound amusement and everybody cherishes to play this diversion. Which has been produced under the pennant of Kiloo and distributed by Microsoft Corporation. It was released on 24 May 2012. You can likewise download Free PC Game Angry Birds Seasons from our Website.

Subway Surfers Characters

Subway Surfers Poki is a fascinating diversion spins around some high school evildoers who are playing applying spray paint to the metro railroad site and after being gotten by the auditor and his puppy. The puppy will run down the tracks for getting away from them. It is exceptionally energizing to play with some stunning characters in the diversion. As these lawbreakers run they will gather the gold coins out of the air and in the meantime you have to evade the crashes with railroad autos and also different articles.

This is an extremely difficult amusement and Jack is the default character and the greater part of alternate characters must be opened. Subway Surfers diversion has exceptionally great HD illustrations and visuals impacts. You can without much of a stretch download this diversion with a basic interface. By and large, this amusement is exceptionally astonishing and we are cheerful you will without a doubt love this diversion.

Subway Surfers Game


World Tour Since 2013

A true Subway Surfers Poki champion doesn’t simply call it quits after beating that tempting high score, of course. That’s why, in the spirit of keeping the content fresh, the famous World Tour was created! Every few weeks, the Subway Surfers Online crew travel to a new location, where they can access special-edition characters who are more than happy to show new surfers around. So far, the World Tour has taken plenty of beautiful cities and countries by storm all across the world, including:

Paris: The last time the World Tour stopped here, the surfers got to meet Coco, the beautiful but not very talkative French mime. The Parisian subway tracks are beautifully adorned by charming street-side cafés, shopping centers, and other gorgeous attractions that only Paris can deliver.

Mumbai: Mumbai was never the same after the Subway Surfers Poki World Tour rolled (or ran, rather) through! Just ask Jay, the Indian superstar of the subway, who helped the crew fly through crowded marketplaces, tourist shops and even ancient temples. If you get to go on a future stop, make sure you don’t get too distracted by the beautiful surroundings, however; the trains don’t stop for tourists!

London: Speaking of tourists, Jamie (the London special character) couldn’t stop snapping his camera when the surfers strolled through London, one the most popular World Tour stops. That’s understandable because the snow-topped row houses were a sight to behold.

New York: The very first World Tour stop ever, New York, holds a special place in Subway Surfers Poki history. Tony, the streetwise New York City native and faithful tour guide, was happy to show everybody the ropes – and his sweet skills. If you join on a return trip, just remember – the coppers don’t take kindly to people holding up the subway line!

Tokyo: The surfers dashed their way through the beautiful and bustling cityscape that is Tokyo, where Harumi guided them through beautiful cherry blossom trees, rainbow tunnels, ancient buildings and busy streets. Too bad you can’t stop to take any pictures!

This is just a small taste of the World Tour, which has also taken the Subway Surfers characters to Iceland, Mexico, and dozens of other exotic and challenging locations. Sometimes the World Tour revisits an old favorite, sometimes it travels somewhere new – you have to play Subway Surfers Poki often to find out where the next stop is!

Single Use

Subway Surfers Tips & Tricks

Swiping left and right or up and down seems easy at first, but when a solid wall of trains is speeding right at you, you will need to have some fancier moves than that! Every once in a while, you will come across a seemingly impossible combination of obstacles. Never fear, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to tips and tricks for Subway Surfers Game who need a little skill boost

First, you will definitely have to perfect the art of switching lanes in mid-air. In many cases, you have to jump up to reach those floating coins while a train is barreling right at you. If you’re daring and quick enough, you can get that coin AND dodge the train by switching lanes in mid-jump at the last second.

Especially if you found yourself a pair of bouncy Super Sneakers, which allow you to jump directly onto a train from the ground, you will sometimes need to land quickly so that you can jump again. Did you know that you can swipe down in mid-air to come crashing back to the ground?

Sometimes, you can actually get in a position where it is impossible to get past a certain set of obstacles, which is why you need to make sure you have plenty of hoverboards. Keep your eyes ahead and make your decision quickly – double tap the screen to use one and hold your breath because it’s going to get messy when you hit that train! Don’t worry, when the dust settles, you’ll still be sprinting down the tracks! In general, you should make an effort to remain on top of the trains, as this will give you a better view of the challenges that lurk ahead of you. Keep track of your active missions, because these will increase your Score Multiplier so that you can strive for that jaw-dropping high score. Finally, keep your eyes peeled for powers’ at all times! Once you have enough coins, you can upgrade your powers’ so their effects last longer.

Subway Surfers Features

The following are the main features of Subway Surfers download free that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • It’s an amazing puzzle PC game.
  • It can revolve around teenage hooligans.
  • Got a gripping storyline.
  • Need to collect the gold coins out of the air.
  • Impressive HD graphics and visuals.
  • Can jump on the top of the trains for avoiding capture.
  • So exciting to play.
  • Interesting characters.
  • Unlocked levels


Developers Credit: Kiloo Games

Subway Surfers game FAQs

Can I remove ads from the game?

Advertising is vital in order to keep a free game like Subway Surfers running. However, you can remove interruptive pop-up ads by making any real money in-app purchases in the game. Please be aware that if you want to double up your prizes, you will still have to watch video ads to do so.

How do I reset my account?

Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to have your account or High Score reset.

However, if you disconnect from Online Save and then reconnect again using a different Google/Game Center and Facebook account, you will also automatically reset ALL your progress.

Note: The previously saved progress can be restored by reconnecting to Online Save with your old Google/Game Center account.

How do I get Dino?

Dino can only be unlocked by connecting to Facebook in Subway Surfers.

Whenever you connect to Facebook, you will automatically get Dino as a free bonus.

If you have successfully connected to Facebook and Dino is still locked, please contact us using the contact form below.

How do I get Boombot?

Boombot can only be unlocked by making an in-app purchase in Subway Surfers.

Whenever you make your first purchase, you will automatically get Boombot as a free bonus.

If you have purchased an item from the Store and Boombot is still locked, please contact us using the contact form below.


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Technical Specification

Version Varies With Device
File Size Varies With Device
Languages English
License Free
Developer SYBO Games




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