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Spybot Search And Destroy Free Download For PC 2.8.68

Feb 28,2020 - Safer Networking Ltd. (Free)

66.09 MB (Safe & Secure)

Spybot Search & Destroy is a top anti-spyware scanner and free remover desktop app for Windows PC. It is software that not only gathers information about your activities on the Internet without asking your permission but also can change the configuration of your system. The actions or information gathered by this type of software can be used for targeted advertising and also for forcibly directing you to certain websites.

Spybot Search and destroy software

Spybot Search and Destroy Detection Update is a utility designed to help users update the definitions of their Spyware Protection Software without relying on the WebUpdate component or requiring a working Internet connection.

Spybot search and destroy all types of spyware, adware and potentially unwanted programs from your hard disk. It offers powerful features to remove these threats and thus protect your privacy. It automatically detects adware networks, attempts at host redirection, registry modifications or unwanted changes in the browser configuration of Internet ExplorerFirefox and Opera. If an attempt is made to redirect your computer to a different name server without your permission Spybot can detect and stop this from happening.

Another way that Spybot protects your privacy is by removing “Usage Tracks”. Usage tracks are the history of websites you have visited, web pages you have opened, documents you have read or edited, programs you have run, and other information recording your activities. This information is stored on your computer and can be useful as it can speed up access to data but it can also be used in attempts at identity theft or to compromise your computer. It can remove the Usage Tracks that could possibly cause problems if used by an attacker.


Spybot – Search and Destroy is a security software solution that can help users detect whether their computer is being monitored or infected by various malicious applications. Those range from annoying toolbars, homepage changes, and browser crash but sometimes there is no way a user can figure out he has been infected, as many spyware components are silently tracking your activity and use the information to the benefit of its creator.

Spybot`s team of ‘Forensic Detectives’ constantly monitors the Internet for new threats and attack vectors so it is important, that in order for the software to give maximum protection, it is regularly updated. The signatures for the program are updated once a week.

It can detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules from your computer. The program also can clean program and Web-usage tracks from your system, which is especially useful if you share your computer. Modules chosen for removal can be sent directly to the included file shredder, ensuring complete elimination from your system. For advanced users, it allows you to fix Registry inconsistencies related to adware and to malicious program installations. The handy online-update feature ensures that Spybot searches and destroy software always has the most current and complete listings of adware, dialers, and other uninvited system residents.

Scan for malwares

If all you require is to be able to scan and remove Malware and rootkits from your system. Or if you want to protect your PC by immunizing your browser and host file, the ‘Free Edition’ is the choice for you. If you are a more experienced user you can also check various ‘autostart’ locations using the ‘Startup Tools’. It can scan single files or specific folders and unlike other software, it doesn’t matter if the file is located on your local drives or on a network share. It comes with its own whitelist which helps to identify if files are legitimate or not. This useful addition helps to speed up the scan. Even though this fully functioning product is free of charge you can still get free support by emailing to the Spybot support team.

scan selected files

Spybot Search and Destroy Software Features

  • Removal of keyloggers
  • User-extendable database
  • Save removal of threats by shredding them
  • Backups of every removed problem
  • Exclude option to ignore specific problems
  • Permanent blocking of known tracking cookies for IE
  • Permanent blocking of threatening downloads in IE
  • Command-line parameters to automate tasks
  • Detailed information about problems found
  • Strict criteria to define targets
  • Integrated update function
  • Settings to automate scan, removal, and update
  • System reports to locate even unknown threats
  • Skins to adjust the interface to the users likes

System Requirements

Computer Processor Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or higher or any AMD64 or Intel64 processor
Computer Memory (RAM) 1 GB or more
Hard drive space (Spybot – S&D Free Edition) 200 MB or more
Hard drive space (Spybot – S&D Licensed Edition) 750 MB or more

Official Video Intro Spybot Search And Destroy

Spybot Search & Destroy Malware Removal Test

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Microsoft Defender
  • Avast Free Antivirus
  • AdwCleaner
  • SUPERAntiSpyware

Spybot Search And Destroy Overview

Spybot Search And Destroy Download

Technical Specification

Software Name Spybot Software For Windows V 2.8.68
File Size 66.09 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Trial Version
Developer Safer-Networking Ltd.


After launching Spybot Search and Destroy Detection Update, users need to specify the path of the spyware detection utility on the target computer and follow the on-screen instructions provided by the installer. Checking the definitions’ version can be done from the host application by navigating to the About section under the Help menu.


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