Snipping Tool Capture Your PC/Laptop Screen

Snipping Tool is a free and simple application which enables users to take a screenshot of a specific online page. This version is the next unofficial upgrade in the Snipping Tool line of software and it provides several unique benefits when compared to its predecessor. Java Runtime Environment is required in order for the package to function properly.

In Windows 7 and onwards versions come with a built-in Snipping tool that allows you to take snapshots quickly and easily. However, there are a few features that the integrated screen capture tool of the operating system does not have. That is where Free Snipping Tool comes in, providing an enhanced alternative to the Windows capture utility, with additional options for screenshot sharing.



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Free drawing tools and integrated highlighter

Taking a new snapshot is very easy. Snipping Tool enables you to select the rectangular desktop area to capture and prompts you to save it on the hard disk. Delayed snapshot taking is also possible.

The snapshot is displayed within the main window once you save it, and you can use the application’s toolbox to pinpoint important areas using the highlighter or freely draw on top of the picture with the pen. Furthermore, Snipping Tool features a few simple shapes you can overlay onto the image, including lines of different width, circles, rectangles, and arrows.

Supports FTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive upload, as well as WebRequests

Free software automatically generates a shareable link that you can send to anyone to let them preview the picture in a web browser. But there are also other sharing options: you can upload the image to an FTP server or storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Moreover, the application features support for sending Web Requests to any webpage. No matter the sharing method you choose, please keep in mind that you should configure the accounts and connection details beforehand in the Options window.

A user-friendly capture utility that needs further improvements

Nobody can argue that Free Snipping Tool brings additional features that make it more desirable than the Windows capture application. However, adding it features available in competitor software, such as window, region, and desktop capturing, watermarking, cursor capturing, extra photo editing tools, support for other file-sharing services would definitely add to its value.

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