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Snapseed Apk Download – Best Photo Editing App Varies with device

Dec 18,2019 - Google LLC (Free)

Varies with device (Safe & Secure)

Snapseed for PC is a highly capable photo editing application made by Google that aims to provide users with the ability to streamline their editing process and easily achieve fantastic results without bogging down in complicated UI elements or editing procedures. Built from the ground up for fast enhancement of pictures, Snapseed for Desktop is a perfect editor for anyone who wants to quickly make their images presentable for sharing on social media, archiving or business use.

Snapseed Photo Editing Software Download

While the original Windows PC version of this app is now no longer supported (it is not receiving new updates), it still manages to provide many benefits to PC users who are willing to give it a chance. But be aware, since developers are not actively supporting it, the only way you can use it is during the free trial period, after which the app will no longer be activated.

How to Download Snapseed for PC?

Snapseed App can be easily used on Android and iOS for free. The method for PC is simple as well and is explained in detail hereafter:

  • Download Bluestacks or any other quality emulator on your PC from their respective websites. Once it downloads completely, you should install the application on your PC. Also, allow the permissions asked for an emulator to play on effectively.
  • Once installation and permissions are given, open up the emulator from its desktop or search icon.
  • After the emulator loads up, search for ‘Snapseed’ in the Google play store or web browser.

Google Serach Results For Snapseed

  •  Simply download the Snapseed application from either of the sources. Then, install the application right into the emulator.

Snapseed Google Search Photo Editing

  • Once the application is installed, click on the Snapseed symbol in the main menu to launch the application on your PC.
  • The app will load up and will ask for some basic details/your google account credentials to kickstart your account on Snapseed.

Snapseed For PC Download

  • Once all the basic setup is done, you can dive right in with your photos and recreate them in every and any way possible.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Snapseed For PC Download Feature

  • Ease of Use: Snapseed for PC features an intuitive user interface that is best suited for novices or users who occasionally get the need to quickly tweak their pictures and make them more presentable. The main window of the app is separated into two main section – the large canvas that showcases the loaded image, and the sidebar for either tool listing (you can pick between several Basic Adjustment tools and many more Creative Adjustment tools) or tool controls.
  • Streamlined Tools: Each of the selected tools features a wide array of adjustment controls that users can easily manipulate, with the added options for canceling or applying the changes. The app supports automatic adjustment of pictures, giving inexperienced users to quickly enhance their photos that were imported straight from the mobile phone camera or from any other source. In addition to making changes to the entire image, the app can also enhance only highlighted areas.
  • Export Images: After making basic adjustments and enhancing your photos with many of the present Creative Adjustment tools (Black & White, Center Focus, Drama, Frames, Vintage and many others), your new photo can be exported in some of the supported image formats. Sadly, this part of the app lacks advanced features that many users would expect from a modern photo editing tool. The pictures can only be exported into JPEG or TIFF image formats, and even without any customization options for image quality.
  • Free Access: Snap seed for PC is discontinued, but it can still be used for free during its 15-day trial period. Sadly, after this time is up, the app will become unresponsive because it cannot be properly activated.

Screenshots of Snapseed Photo Editing Software

Official Video Intro Snapseed Photo Editing Software

Make Images Look DRAMATIC in SNAPSEED | SNAPSEED TUTORIAL | Android | iPhone

Snapseed Photo Editing Software FAQs

How do you use Snapseed step by step?

How to Edit a Portrait or Selfie in Snapseed
  1. Step 1: Crop the Photo. The first step in my editing process is to crop the image. …
  2. Step 2: Adjust the Photo in Tune Image. The next step is to adjust the photo in the Tune Image tool. …
  3. Step 3: Enhance the Photo in the Portrait Tool.


Do professional photographers use Snapseed?

Comes with several professional-grade presets, and editing tools. This can be useful if you are inexperienced, and want to have most of the work already done for you. The software is tried and tested by amateur and professional photographers alike, so you know you are getting a tried and true program.


Is snapseed still supported?

Snapseed is a photo-editing application for iOS and Android that enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters. It was created by Nik Software, and is now owned by Google.


Can snapseed edit RAW?

Share All sharing options for: Google’s Snapseed app can now edit RAW photos on Android. An increasing number of Android smartphones are now able to shoot photos in RAW, which gives users much greater flexibility when it comes to editing and retouching their shots after they’ve been taken.



  • Added support for a dark theme mode in Settings
  • Bug fixes

Snapseed Photo Editing Software Overview

Snapseed Photo Editing Software For PC

Snapseed Apk Download New Version

Technical Specification

Software Name Snapseed
Software File Size Varies with device
License Free
Languages English
Developer Google LLC


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