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Slither.Io Apk Download Varies with device

Jul 31,2019 - Lowtech Studios (Free)

Varies with device (Safe & Secure) is an online multiplayer video game for browser, Android, and iOS. It represents hours of fun with its leader boards and action-packed gameplay.

In this app, only the most careful players survive to become the biggest. Competition is constant. Everyone will try to eat you, and no one trusts anyone.

Avoid other players using sharp turns and smart actions, and try to collect as many glowing orbs as you can.

Slither.Io Apk For PC

The danger is as natural as the wind in the world of In contrast to such intense gameplay experience, its controls are pretty simple. You only have to use your mouse to travel across the map.

Use your left mouse button to dashboard. Before starting the game, give your character a name. If you want, you can change and customize the appearance of your worm, too. There are many colorful options to choose from.

When you first start the game, you’ll be just the tiniest little sliver of a snake. You’ll grow rapidly as you eat glowing orbs, however. Watch out for other players. Touching their body will kill you and turn you into a delicious meal.

They will try to trick you into crashing into their long, snake-like body but you can also give them a taste of their own medicine and quickly right in front of them.

Multiplayer games come with a leader board system with no exception. You can see your current score and rank in the bottom left corner of the screen, while the server-wide leader board is located in the upper right corner.

Turn around and avoid other players. Eat as much as you can to grow and become the biggest worm. Trick others and eat them, and try to avoid being cut off and bursting into glowing particles yourself.

The rules of the game are what you would expect, meaning that you can’t bump into the edges, and you can’t hit other snakes. You can, however, pass over your body. It doesn’t seem much, but it makes for some exciting gameplay. Tips and Tricks

Eat and Grow: In this game, glowing orbs are most important. By eating them, you can increase the snake’s size. The bigger the snake, the better your chance to tackle other players.

Start Slow: At the start of the game, hold the need to tackle other snakes as the others usually have bigger sizes than you. Instead, start slow and eat until you have a decent size. The reason is to avoid unnecessary battles at the beginning of the game.

Grab Special Orbs: There are two special orbs. The first one is the glowing orbs that appear from the remainder of a fallen snake. The other one is the floating orbs. This orb is floating around the map and will run away if you chase it, but it is worth more.

Use Boosts to Tackle Enemies: Boost is an important skill that gives speed increase but at the cost of your size. This method can be used when you are racing against snakes, once you have the perfect spot near the opponent’s head make a sudden cut to eliminate it.

Circle Smaller Snakes: Once you have a decent size, you can apply this trick to trap smaller snakes. The technique is to start encircling the other snake until it is trapped within your circle. Once the enemy is trapped, usually it will crash into your body.

Be Ready at All Times: Other snakes you meet in the way can suddenly make a boost to try to cut your way. Once you see it, you must quickly use the boost to avoid a collision and if there is an opportunity to cut their way back.

Be Cautious When You Are Very Big: Although bigger size means higher chance to tackle other players, it also attracts other snakes’ attention as they want to reap that bounty from you.

Play It Safe: Sometimes we face very aggressive snakes that are determined to cut your path. When you see the battle is hard and a waste of time, it is best to stay out of the competition by moving to another location and seek weaker opponents.

Take It Easy We like winning, but sometimes we can lose. Just take it easy as you can jump right away to the battlefield again at a later time. The important thing about the game is fun!

Slither.Io Crazy Games

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Free download Input lag
Addictive gameplay No real advantage over the official version

System Requirement

Platform Android, iOS, Browser
Package name
Version 1.6

Download For IOS

Game Name Size Download Varies with device DOWNLOAD Features

  • Stay alive in a world populated with slithering snakes
  • Try not to hit anyone
  • Battle other people online
  • Fight against the AI
  • Challenge the scores of other people

Screenshots of Slither.Io Game

Official Video Intro Slither.Io Game A.I. 200,000+ Score Epic Slitherio Gameplay

  • Osmos
  • Clone


  • Added cosmetic support
  • Improved gameplay speed

Slither.Io Game Overview

Slither.Io Biggest Game

Slither.Io Game Online

Technical Specification

Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device
Languages English
License Free
Developer Lowtech Studios

Conclusion is a simple game that takes a short time to learn and a long time to master. It might not seem like much at first, but it’s one of the most-played games in the world. It is allowing players to compete online, against other people from all over the world in their quest of getting to the top.


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