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Slic3r 3D Printing Software For PC 1.3.0

Apr 22,2021 - Alessandro Ranellucci (Free)

27 MB (Safe & Secure)

Slic3r is free 3D printing software that allows you to convert a 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer. It divides the model into horizontal slices (layers), creates toolpaths to fill them, and computes the sum of material to extrude. Slic3r can read STL, AMF, and OBJ files and output G-code and SVG files.

All the features of the user-friendly interface are also available from the command line. This allows integrating Slicer in your custom toolchain and batch operations as you like.

The application’s functions are very complicated and comprehensive, despite the fact that the graphic user interface appears plain and simple. The layout of Slic3r helps you to quickly browse through the program’s vast array of functionality and options. It can be run in basic mode, which requires just a few settings to print, or in complicated mode, which requires more settings. The application must be restarted after choosing the complicated mode in order to view the advanced menus and options.

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Slic3r Software For Windows PC

Benefits of Slic3r Software

  • Open: it is totally open source and it’s independent of any commercial company or printer manufacturer. It wants to keep 3D printing open and free.
  • Compatible: it supports all the known G-code dialects (Marlin, Repetier, Mach3, LinuxCNC, Machinekit, Smoothie, Makerware, Sailfish).
  • Advanced: many configuration options allow for fine-tuning and full control. While novice users often need just a few options, Slic3r is mostly used by advanced users.
  • Community-driven: new features or issues are discussed in the GitHub repository. Join the collaborative effort and help improve it!
  • Robust: the codebase includes more than 1,000 unit and regression tests, collected in 6 years of development.
  • Modular: the core of Slicer is libslic3r, a C++ library that provides a granular API and reusable components.
  • Embeddable: a complete and powerful command-line interface allows to use of Slic3r from the shell or to integrate it in server-side applications.

Slic3r Free 3D Printing Software For Windows Features

  • G-code generation for FFF/FDM printers.
  • Conversion between STL, OBJ, AMF, and POV formats.
  • Auto-repair of non-manifold meshes (and ability to re-export them).
  • SVG export of slices.
  • Built-in USB/serial host controller, supporting multiple simultaneous printers each one with a spool queue.
  • OctoPrint integration (send to printer).
  • Built-in projector and host for DLP printers.
  • Tool for cutting meshes in multiple solid parts with visual preview (also in batch using a grid).
  • Tool for extruding 2.5D TIN meshes.

Screenshots of Slic3r  free 3D Printing Software For Windows

Official Video of Slic3r Free 3D Printing Software For Windows 10

How To Use Slic3r Software?

Slic3r Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
1.3.0 January, 1st 2021 27 MB Download
1.2.9 June 16th, 2015 17.1 MB Download
1.2.8 June 8th, 2015 17.1 MB Download

What’s New In Latest Version


  • Simple/Expert Mode is no more, we are all experts now.


  • External perimeters are now chosen to be 1.1*(nozzle width) when using auto.
  • 3D Honeycomb Infill switches
  • Brims are now nudged slightly closer to models.
  • DLP SVG export works now. (#4311)
  • Setting acceleration for reprapfirmware works now.
  • STL imports in big-endian architectures works now. (#4143)
  • Several crash bugs have been fixed, especially around custom gcode handling.
  • Bridging should be improved when there are narrow gaps under bridge anchors.
  • Scaling objects with multiple copies in the plater should now be consistent.
  • Fixes to background processing.
  • now handles negative coordinates.
  • Windows build shouldn’t hang forever on a C++ Exception
  • Fewer copies are made when multi-object AMF files are converted to a multi-part onject
  • solid_infill_below_area is ignored when fill_density is 100%
  • Title labels for the layer height editor aren’t cut off.
  • Correct extruder order should be used now if more than 10 extruders are used.
  • If there is a raft, print brims using the support material extruder.
  • Auto width now does not assume your hotend can produce infinitely wide traces.
  • Mousewheel zoom is now consistent.
  • Diagonal gaps (due to slopes) should now properly place extra perimeters.
  • Trimmed down the axis lengths on the plater.
  • Temperature standby works now on Makerbot/Sailfish firmware
  • Nonexistant config options should not cause Slic3r to crash (instead it just ignores them)
  • Variable-width perimeters can’t cause negative extrusion.
  • Combined infill (infill-every-n-layers) now correctly draws thicker infill than perimeters.

Slic3r Software For PC Overview

Slic3r 3D Printing Software
Version 1.3.0
File Size 27 MB
Languages English
License Open Source
Developer Alessandro Ranellucci


Slic3r is a complex piece of software that allows you to load digital 3D projects and turn them into collections of 3D printing instructions. Despite being an advanced application, the ‘Simple Mode‘ enables even inexperienced users to operate Slic3r’s features.


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