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Should I Invest in Crypto in 2023?

The year 2022 is a challenging period for the entire crypto market. Still, the industry is developing, and we can see new projects emerging. The bear market trend is what is happening today. Not all crypto projects will stand – some weak and not-established will leave the market, and only the strongest will survive. Sooner or later, the new trend will start. That will be an upward market movement called the bull trend. Then those crypto projects that survive this crypto winter will grow in value bringing fortune to today’s investors. That is the answer to the question, should I buy cryptocurrency in 2023?

The crucial thing here is what crypto to invest in. That is what we talked about before – some projects will not live through this market drop. To pick a good asset to invest in crypto, you should analyze it:

  • The reputation is a project
  • Tech analysis is price charts
  • Next plans and roadmap
  • Partnerships and backers
  • Liquidity of the crypto coin
  • Technology that lies at the core of a project
  • Real application.

Investors recommend picking among the top traded crypto assets and adding some less-known but promising coins. How to buy cryptocurrencies? This will be discussed below.

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How and Where to Buy Crypto?

When you make your pick, you need to find a reliable platform that supports the assets you decide to buy. It must be a credible crypto exchange with positive reviews on the internet, a wide range of crypto pairs, high liquidity and protection for users. An example of such a platform can be WhiteBIT – the largest crypto exchange in Europe that complies with all the regulator’s requirements and ensures users’ safety. WhiteBIT offers over 450 trading pairs and allows registered users to transact with fiat currencies. It takes a few steps to buy cryptocurrency: registration, KYC verification, depositing fiat, moving to the calculator and picking crypto coins. Then pay fees and receive crypto to your account. Learn more about investment on the WhiteBIT blog.





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