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How to share your screen in FaceTime With Your iPhone, iPad and Mac

The built-in Share Screen feature makes it as simple as making a FaceTime call to share what’s on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s screen with a friend who is far away. This new feature of iOS 15 is built into the FaceTime app and doesn’t need to be set up. Let me show you how easy it is to share your screen over FaceTime.

How to Screen Share an iPhone to Another iPhone Using FaceTime

“Can you share screen on Facetime?” people have always wondered. There was no built-in screen sharing option for FaceTime until the iOS 15 update. In addition to sharing your screen on FaceTime, do you need to share a computer with a family member or coworker? Everything explained here on how to add another user to your Mac because we know how important sharing is. Here’s how to use SharePlay to screen share through FaceTime:

1. Launch the FaceTime app.


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