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Scratch Offline Editor is an intuitive and easy to use the application, offering a simplified programming language created specifically for children and aiming to teach them the basics of designing their own stories or animations, with simple scripts.

The application provides users with a step-by-step algorithm, allowing them to select the ‘Sprite’ (character) they want to work with, the default setting being an orange cat. Then, children can add ‘Motion’ to their Sprite, allowing it to make 10 steps, turn 15 degrees left or right.


Scratch Offline Editor Picture

Each of these values can be user-defined, so the Sprite can also move backward, provided that minus is added in the value box. Via drag-and-drop, these options can be added to the main screen, taking the form of building blocks that can be overlapped.

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The ‘Sound’ button enables users to have the character meow or play the drums for a number of beats. Aside from the numerous audio files that are already provided, from various categories, like ‘Animal, ‘Electronic’ or ‘Instruments’, sounds can also be recorded or imported into Scratch Offline Editor.

Using the ‘Control’ button, children can add the conditions in which each motion or sound should be produced. Scratch offers several conditions, such as ‘When the key is pressed’, ‘Wait 1 sec’, ‘If … else’ or ‘Stop all’.

The ‘Operators’ button allows users to add simple mathematical calculations into the script, and on their correct results can depend the outcome of the created story. As such, children can make additions or subtractions and start to like maths, since Scratch associates an interactive environment with learning.

Scratch Offline Editor is a great tool for teaching children the basics of programming, making it a fun and amusing endeavor, rather than a tedious one. Thanks to the user-friendly and multi-language interface, the application can be used by all children, helping them develop their intellect in an entertaining manner.

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