How to Root BlueStacks 3 with SuperSU 2.82 & BSTweaker 2 (Working Method)

Root BlueStacks 3 with BSTweaker 2 and SuperSU 2.82: It’s globally proven now that BlueStacks and it’s latest variant 3.0 is one of the best, awesome Android Emulator to play mobile games on the big screen Pcs. There are constant queries we received about a working method on how to root BlueStacks 3 as the Kingroot method isn’t working anymore.

So Here today our team is going to share an informative and detailed guide to Root BlueStacks 3 with BSTweaker 2 and SuperSU 2.82.


root bluestacks

Thanks to Mr Anatoly Jacobs (youtube), where he showed and explained the step by step Bluestacks rooting guide. Special thanks to Anatoly79 for making available the BlueStacks Tweaker 2 (0.13.1) Beta Tool, an easy way to modify BlueStack 2 and BlueStack 3. The video tutorial is here as under.

You may download SuperSu APk and SuperSu Zip latest version free 

Video Tutorial

BlueStacks 3 has been released and in the market now, if you haven’t started using this one, then you should as it has many improvements over the previous version of the BlueStack 3. Follow our guide > BlueStacks for Windows 10. It is the most popular and highest downloaded Android Emulator having more than 300 Million active users and still adding more every day.

How To Root Bluestacks 3 On Windows Or Mac BSTweaker 2 and SuperSU 2.82

Rooting BlueStack 3 no more hassle now and accepting more users. You could change the Core files after rooting the BlueStacks Emulator which will improve the performance. But follow the steps precisely.


To root your BlueStacks 3, you will need some important files such as BlueStacks Tweaker and SuperSU.

  • Download the BSTweaker 2 and Run that .exe file as admin. Once the process is complete, the BlueStack 3 root will be done.
  • Now download and Install SuperSu 2.82 to get the root access.

After you are done downloading these files, you are fully equipped to root your Bluestacks 3. If you have not installed Bluestacks 3 yet, then install it first and then follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Root BlueStacks 3

Step 1. Open Bluestacks 3 and install Root Checker from Google Play Store and confirm the fixing privileges in your Emulator.

Step 2. Go to My Apps and open Root Checker.

Step 3. Click on Agree when asked for permissions. Now, click on Verify Root. In a few seconds, the app will show the Root status of your Bluestacks as non-rooted.

Step 4. Now, open the folder on your computer where you downloaded the required files. Open BlueStacksTweaker3.exe, while keeping the BlueStacks program open in the background.

Step 5. On Bluestacks Tweaker, select the Helpers tab. Here you will see embed for BlueStacks. (If it shows Unlock button, then close BlueStacks 3 and click Unlock. Then restart BlueStacks 3.) Here, click on Patch. This will embed your BlueStacks

Note: On BlueStacks Tweaker, make sure you see the green signal beside BlueStacks. If it is red then restart BlueStacks 3.

Now, your Bluestacks 3 has root access. To check and make sure, go back to BlueStacks 3 and open Root Checker. It will show you the message that your device has root access.

How to Install SuperSU 2.79 on BlueStacks 3

To complete the root process, you have to install SuperSU on BlueStacks 3. Follow these steps to do so…

Step 1. Go back to the folder where you downloaded the files and open the Utils folder.

Step 2. Select SuperSU_v2.79.apk and drag it onto BlueStacks 3. This will install SuperSU on BlueStacks.

Step 3. Open SuperSU from BlueStacks 3’s My Apps, and select Export.

Step 4. Click these buttons in the next step, as they appear one by one.

(If the app asks to follow on social media, click No Thanks)

Continue > Normal. Now, wait for the installation to complete

Step 5. The app will ask you to reboot your device. Click Ok and close the SuperSU app.

Step 6. Go to My Apps and open System App.

Step 7. Open Google Play or Play Store.

Step 8. Type SuperSu in the search bar and press Enter. Click on the update. Close the Play Store app after the update finishes.

Step 9. Open SuperSU from My Apps.

Step 10. Click Continue > normal > OK on the consecutive dialog boxes as they open up.

And, you’ve done!. Your BlueStacks 3 root process is complete.

Wrapping Up: Undoubtfully BlueStacks is the most popular, fast, and one of the highest downloaded and used Android Emulator software. Similar to rooting a smartphone, rooting BlueStacks allows you complete access to BlueStacks. Using the above-mentioned method and steps, you will be able to fix BlueStacks 3 very easily.