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Rocket.Chat is the ultimate chat platform for Windows PC. Experience the next level of team communications! Rocket.Chat is an incredible product because we have an incredible developer community. Over 200 contributors have made this platform a dynamic and innovative toolkit, from group messages and video calls to helpdesk killer features. Access from anywhere: web browser, desktop, and mobile applications. Set up your system exactly how you want it. Rebrand as needed. Packages are at the core of its capabilities, offering an impressive array of features aimed at making your business succeed.

Rocket.Chat customizations and services at affordable rates! Including white labeling, custom integrations, data imports, and feature development. More services are available at request! Make your Rocket.Chat installation your very own with your own branding everywhere! Rocket Chat logo

Benefits of Rocket.Chat:

Video conference
Chat with your colleagues and friends face-to-face over audio and video.

Helpdesk chat
Have your website visitors contact you in real-time and increase conversions.

File sharing
Drag-and-drop files or select them from your computer or mobile device.

Voice messages
Record and transmit voice messages to a channel, group or private conversation.

Link preview
Post a link and immediately view its content. YouTube, Twitter, Gifs!

Integrate your chat to multiple services: GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Confluence and others.

Native Applications
Native client applications are available for download on Linux, Windows, and OSX.

Mobile Applications
Mobile client applications are available for iOS and Android on their respective stores.

Features of Rocket.Chat:

Open Source

No hidden backdoors. All our code is transparent and continually reviewed


Encryption at Rest & In Transit. End-to-End encryption at your fingertips

Identity Protection

Secure user identities with multifactor-authentication, federation & SAML support

Access Control

Need to know access via public and private channels and granular user permissions

Your Data

No ads, no trackers. You own your data. You control your data

Secure Infrastructure

Run within your perimeter or use our ready-to-deploy, hardened Cloud Infrastructure.


Connect with all the teams in your company.


Host on your own server or on our cloud.


Customize your platform, integrate with bots and automate tasks.

Security & Privacy

The data with maximum security and privacy, including E2E encryption and 2-factor authentication.

Improve & Reinvent

Reinvent your workflow to drive organization success.

Save time & Money

Compare with other enterprise corporate chats.

Rocket.ChatTechnical Specification

File Size: 86.7 MB
OS: Windows

 Download  For Windowsdownload file


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