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Jul 25,2019 - RescueTime Team (Free)

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RescueTime software enables you to tracking activity and provides an accurate picture of how a person or team works on a daily basis. It is a time management application that measures productivity by monitoring computer use. The software can track computer activities, active windows, websites visited, and programs used so that users can analyze how they spend time throughout a day.

It has on-screen reminders and a website blocking feature to help users keep their focus and stay on top of tasks that they need to finish. There is an option to pause or quit monitoring as well.


Aside from its primary time monitoring function, the application’s more premium plan offers advanced features such as measuring breaks, phone calls, and meetings. There are options to view extracted information in detail or via a summarized overview. It can also graph data derived from daily monitoring so that users can assess and report their individual or group’s productivity.

It tracks computer usage silently in the background and can be configured to block websites while Time Doctor encourages users to manage their daily priorities and track time spent on particular tasks. It requires no effort to use once installed, whereas Time Doctor is interactive by design.

It can track that a person was working on a Word document but just this information simply can’t tell you the actual work they were doing. So, even though it has some eye-catching graphs displaying the time worked utilizing different applications, the usefulness of the data is quite limited.

With RescueTime, you get a quick, glanceable insight into how you’re doing, including your:

  • Desktop time with productivity scores
  • Top activities for the day
  • Overall productivity pulse
  • Total mobile screen time, broken down hourly

RescueTime Features

Activity monitor: RescueTime is a program that lets you record your computer-related activity and automatically organizes the collected data into various categories. It consists of a client component that you need to download and install on your computer and a web-based dashboard.

The client retrieves data about your activity and sends it to the panel, where you can access it with ease. You can also navigate to the dashboard or modify proxy settings from the client.

dashboard feature of RescueTime

Dashboard and reports: After the client has recorded an appropriate amount of information, you can open the dashboard and visualize it. You can see how much time has been logged by choosing between the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly intervals. The main screen also shows a pie chart, how much your productivity has increased and activity categories along with their corresponding percentages.

It is possible to observe a highlight of your top activities, which displays the most used applications as well as the most visited websites for the selected interval. You can also view a list of reports regarding applications, websites, categories, productivity, and goals.

Other features of RescueTime

  • Blocks unauthorized, distracting websites
  • Customize activity categories activities
  • Track trends
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Productivity scoring
  • Daily highlights
  • Pause or quit option
  • Log highlights
  • Set alerting rules
  • Mark milestones and significant achievements
  • Stopwatch tool

RescueTime Benefits

  • RescueTime can monitor the exact amount of time spent in an application, website, and even down to a specific document. In turn, users can understand their working habits, assess how they can be more efficient, and come up with action plans to improve workflows.
  • Groups who use RescueTime can measure each team member’s activities. This way, project leaders can discover if a person is being idle at work and not contributing as much as the others.
  • The software also has tools to help users stay focused on their deliverables, such as goal-setting properties and task-tracking attributes.
  • Distracting websites can be blocked to avoid idle internet surfing.
  • Users can set alarms per task so that they will know if a specific activity is consuming more time than what was initially allotted for it.
  • RescueTime is flexible enough to provide different forms of data – from down-to-the-minute detailed reports to condensed summaries.
  • Tasks can be categorized so that each project is customized.

Limitation of RescueTime

  • The Get Focused option is not available
  • Cannot set alerts
  • Does not monitor offline activities
  • Does not provide you with daily highlights
  • Does not generate certain reports

What’s new in RescueTime

  • Fixed issue with RemoteDestop tracking/accuracy.
  • Fixed a crash issue.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
RescueTime is simple and efficient at tracking and grouping the time RescueTime software is Bit expensive for premium version/organization plans.
Seamlessly integrates with all browsers. the same account can run on multiple machines. Viewing trends over multiple years can be slow.
RescueTime really helps to see what one spends one’s day – without much fuss,

System Requirement

Requirement Windows10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista
Version RescueTime

Official Video Intro RescueTime Software

How to Download Rescuetime

  • DeskTime
  • ActivityWatch
  • ManicTime
  • Kimai
  • LeechBlock
  • Project Hamster

RescueTime Software Overview

RescueTime Download For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 1.46 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer RescueTime Team

Conclusion RescueTime

All things considered, RescueTime is a reliable application that can help you monitor your activities, organize them and access relevant reports about them. It consists of a client and a web-based dashboard component and provides you with a handy configuration menu.


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