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Remote Desktop Connection Manager Download 2021.2.23.0

Mar 7,2020 - Devolutions (Free)

141 MB (Safe & Secure)

Remote Desktop Manager is a famous application that is used by professional users, network administrators, and IT departments to manage virtual machines and all types of remote network connections to and from them. It uses as a user-friendly interface and supports all standards connections, such as VPN, FTP, SSH, Telnet, and others.

By having Remote Desktop Software installed on your PC, users can easily create a network of virtual images and connection that can serve the needs of not only several low-demanding users, but also large businesses that require precisely controlled access to network resources, distant processing capabilities, collaboration, off-site backup, security,  and countless other things.

Remote Desktop Manager Software Download

It is a comprehensive yet user-friendly piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you the means of organizing all your remote connections, supporting a wide array of technologies, including Microsoft RDP, TeamViewer, Radmin, Citrix, LogMeIn, and many others.

The application features an appealing and easy to understand user interface, its tabbed appearance making it easy for you to switch from one section to another, without too much effort.

In the “Navigation panel“, you can find and sort through all your remote connections, organizing the information they comprise according to your particular needs.

remote Desktop Manager Navigation Pane

With it you can easily create, edit, share, organize and find your connections and contact directly all popular remote connection programs such as LogMeIn, VNC, Terminal Services, Team Viewer, Telnet, Microsoft Remote Desktop, VMware, VirtualPC, X Window, Dameware, Citrix, Hyper-V, Microsoft Remote Assistance, Oracle Virtual Box, Radmin, PC Anywhere, and more.

Even though this app offers an incredible amount of features, it can still be used in freeware mode that will make almost every professional user smile. Only the most demanding users will feel the need to switch from the free version to an Enterprise plan that unlocks even more tools and services that can serve the needs of very large businesses that have hundreds of users that need to be served.

Remote Desktop manager- Task Server

Is Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) Outdated?

RDCMan creates a single location for IT administrators to organize, group and manage connections, so they can manage multiple desktops. It was designed by the Windows Live Experience team for their internal use. However, RDCMan has some major limitations that IT pros searching for a viable remote connection tool should be aware of.

Remote Desktop Manager Benefits

Automatically Launch Connections

  • Quickly launch highly-secure to privileged sessions, remote servers, virtual machines, websites, and applications, all from a single platform.
  • Consolidate multiple connections into a single window to reduce desktop clutter.
  • Save your privileged account credentials directly in your session, private vault or database to facilitate automatic login.
  • Launch one-click connections, directly injecting credentials into remote servers, systems, applications, and websites.
  • Use the quick connect feature to quickly access a remote machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC or a web page; simply enter a hostname or IP address to launch your connection.

Supported Technologies

  • Integrates with the widest choice of technologies, including Microsoft Remote Desktop protocol, Citrix, VMware, Web, Virtual Protocol Network, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH and more.
  • Offers more than 60 add-ons, including SecureCRT, Ammyy and 2xClient.


Easy Session Sharing

  • Quickly and securely share all your remote sessions across your entire team using a centralized repository.
  • Control, delegate and filter user’s access to privileged accounts using role-based access control.
  • Use credential injection when sharing sessions to greatly increase security and facilitate sharing. Credentials are automatically brokered to the users; they can never compromise any information since they never have access or knowledge of the plain text credentials.

Security Role Assignment

Remote Desktop Manager Features

Automatic VPN Connection
The app natively supports multiple VPN types, such as Microsoft VPN, Cisco VPN, SonicWall VPN, and TheGreenBow VPN. And as a free add-on, it also provides an extensive list of VPNs, such as OpenVPN, Shrewsoft VPN, and many other VPN compatible with IPSec. These can be downloaded and installed within a few seconds.

Grouping Sessions in Folders
To make management simpler, the tool lets you organize sessions in groups (folders). You can then easily view all sessions within selected groups and subgroups, and find a specific group(s) using the search filter.

Quick Connect with Template Support
Use the quick connect feature to quickly access a remote machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC or a web page. Simply enter a hostname or IP address.

Quick Access via Tray Icon Context Menu
Access and manage your connections, View open sessions and Change the active data source. Access local tools such as the command prompt, registry editor, performance monitor, remote shutdown

Online Backup Service (with subscription)
The Online Backup Service (available via subscription) allows you to automatically save your sessions in safe online storage space, and restore them in the event of problems.

U.S. Federal Government Approved Encryption
This application integrates an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to protect your local files and your sensitive data in the database. A mix of own private key and a master password (passphrase) is used to create a strong encryption key (256-bit key).

Remote Desktop Manager Free can handle ‘Cloud Explorer’, ‘Virtualization’ or ‘Remote Connections’ by relying on external libraries or other software (such as TeamViewer, Citrix, FTP, Telnet, SSH, VNC, Microsoft RDP, cloud storage, virtual environments and more).

However, regardless of the type of connection that you wish to establish, you will still need to input the name of the target machine, the ‘Group / Folder’, the ‘Display’ type (‘External’, ‘Embedded’ or ‘Unlocked’, the last of which lets you choose between ‘Primary’, ‘Secondary’ or ‘Current Monitor’).

Among the featured tools that you can use are the ‘Add-on Manager’, the ‘Translation Manager’, the ‘Password Generator’ or ‘Port Generator. It also lets you access a computer via ‘Remote Desktop Connection Manager For Windows 10‘ by providing its IP address and other details. Other functions include the ability to run ‘TraceRoute’, ‘Wake On Lan’, ‘Ping’, ‘Port Scan’, ‘Event Viewer’ or ‘Inventory Report’ operations.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor 800MHz processor
Memory 512 MB RAM
Storage Space 100+ MB hard drive space
Display Resolution 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Official Video Intro Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager - A Remote Connection Management Tool for IT Pros

Remote Desktop Manager Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
Setup.RemoteDesktopManagerFree.2020.1.14.0 166 MB Download
  • mRemoteNG
  • MobaXterm
  • Konsole
  • Terminator
  • ConnectBot

Remote Desktop Manager Overview

Remote Desktop Manager Download

Technical Specification

Version 2021.2.23.0
File Size 141 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License 30 Days Free Trial
Developer Devolutions


Remote Desktop Manager Free is a complex and reliable utility that you can resort to whenever you need to sort through your diverse remote connections, ranging from RDP to FTP to virtual environments and everything in between.


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