Relaxing Music Mobile app

The relaxing music application is a free and small application for Android devices, that will help you relax and will distract you from the hectic rhythm of the city. The program will significantly enhance your mood and will help you stay away from disturbing noises. This application can be used to relieve stress and create a pleasant ambiance. By using this utility, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature directly on your mobile device.

Relaxing Music Mobile App

The app includes over 18 outstanding high-quality categories with relaxing music recordings, Meditation Music – Mindfulness & Relaxation, subliminal affirmations, I am powerful affirmations, meditation music for relaxation free, each category heaving at least 6 high-quality meditation or music audio tracks.

Shamanic music, Shamanic Meditation, subliminal affirmations, Shaman Music, This application is affirmations audio, and much more!

Meditation app
you will be able to listen to over 13 different guided meditation sessions for deep relaxation and meditation.

Listening to nature sounds the most natural and healthy way to relax and improve your sleep You can enjoy high-quality nature sounds, relaxing sounds for learning, relaxing sounds for sleeping free, Tibetan music, brain waves – binaural beats, brain waves to sleep, Isochronic tones, Nature Sounds of the night for comfortable sleep, nature sounds meditation; everything in one amazing: nature sounds app.

In this app, you will find the best instrumental music, incredible nature sounds, meditation music, nature music, harp music, birds sounds, relaxing music and much more. Download it and dive into the magical world of Relaxing Music.

Enjoy Relaxing Music 2019 even in the next year witch will be best Relaxing Music 2020.

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Features of Relaxing music

  • Music for sleep
  • Deep breathing functionality
  • Use for meditation
Your productivity will increase and your concentration will be boosted with this amazing relaxation music, you will think clear and focused and your sleep will be improved!

Also from the last update, you will be able to listen to audiobooks for self-improvement and personal development, you will learn the law of attraction, the power of thoughts, how to reprogram your Subconscious mind and your Paradigm and much more just here!

Let’s Enjoy Free Music App and share your experience.

Technical Specification of Relaxing Music Mobile AppĀ 

Version 4.3
File Size 12 MB
Permission Photos / Media / Files, Storage, Wi-Fi connection information
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