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Red Giant VFX Suite Video Compositing Software For Pc 1.5.0

Sep 16,2021 - Red Giant Software (Free)

634 MB (Safe & Secure)

Red Giant VFX Suite is a video compositing software bundle of nine optimized plugin tools for keying, tracking, cleanup, and inside the visual effect compositing application After Effects. The purpose of this plugin suite is to bring all the advancements and industry-leading effects offered by Red Giant developers to users from all around the world who demand perfection, high-quality effects, streamlined application, and easy integration into their regular video compositing workflow.

All the apps offered in this suite are fully compatible with Adobe After Effects CC2018 and later (on both Windows and Mac), while some apps are also compatible with Premiere Pro CC2018 and later. The full listing of included tools is as follows: VFX Supercomp, VFX Optical Glow, VFX King Pin Tracker, VFX Spot, VFX Clone Tracker, VFX Chromatic Displacement, VFX Knoll Light Factory, VFX Primatte Keyer, VFX Shadow, and VFX Reflection. Previously available only as a separate purchase (with the total value of over $1400), Red Giant VFX Suite enables users to get all of them for a much more affordable price inside several licensing tiers for both permanent purchase (individuals, students & teachers) or yearly access (business & organizations and schools & universities).

The highlight of the entire suite is, of course, VFX SUPER COMP – an award-winning tool for creating create complex and seamless GPU-accelerated composites where you can easily add other effects such as lights, atmospheric effects, and more. When combined with other tools such as VFX PRIMATE KEYER (for fast and automatic green or blue screen detection), VFX SPOT CLONE TRACKER (for fast and realistic object removal), VFX KNOLL LIGHT FACTORY (for enhancing your video projects with light artefacts), and others, Red Giant VFX Suite will quickly become an essential tool package for every advanced compositing designer.

Red Giant VFX Suite For Windows Download

Users of the software can also get direct access to a large library of tutorials, quick help tips in its large user guide, and contact several layers of support, with even an optional tier of support regarding additional resource access and training. Red Giant VFX Suite and all of its premium tools are available for FREE testing via a limited TRIAL download.

Red Giant VFX Suite is distributed to users as a half a gigabyte package that offers a customized install procedure where you can pick and choose which of the offered tools you wish to install on your video editing workstation. Be aware that you will need to have installed Adobe After Effects CC2018 (or later) or other compatible compositing applications before the VFX Suite installer will be able to successfully finish its procedure.

Red Giant VFX Suite Video Compositing Software For Windows Features

  • Set of industry-leading professional video compositing tools for Adobe After Effects CC2018 and later.
  • Keying, tracking, cleanup, and visual effects compositing made fast, stunning, and accessible.
  • The suite consists of all of nine famous Red Giant apps, including their flagship tool VFX Supercomp.
  • Optimized for Windows 10 OS.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10
Processor Multi-core CPU (Intel, Xeon, or AMD)
Memory 4GB of RAM (8 or more is highly recommended)
Storage Space At least 2 GB of free local storage space.

Screenshots of Red Giant VFX Suite Video Compositing Software

Official Video Red Giant VFX Suite Software For PC 

Getting Started with Primatte Keyer 6

Red Giant VFX Suite For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

VFX Suite Software For Download
Version 1.5.0
File Size 628 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Red Giant Software


Finally, Red Giant VFX Suite Video Compositing Software Free Download is great for use in visual effects and motion graphics. All in all, It is very easy to use and has had the most beautiful, highest quality, and shine among its categories ever. This software also gives you the perfect result for a smooth transition of visuals and graphics in a short period of time.


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