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Recover Files From Hard Disk And External Device

May 15,2019 - (Free)

(Safe & Secure)

Restoring deleted files is a task that can be easily done nowadays, thanks to the many software solutions available and the most difficult task is to actually find a tool that really does what it’s supposed to recover files.

Recover Files is one of the utilities that promise to help you a lot in this matter, coming with all the needed features to support its goal. This program is made to bring back the files lost either by an accidental delete or those erased by viruses.

The interface is quite simple and you won’t have any difficulties when using it because all you need is a couple of clicks to operate it. Just pick the drive you wish to scan and hit the ‘Analyze’ button if you don’t have the time to get deeper into details.

If you’re a power user, on the other hand, there’s also a filter area that will enable you to search for a given filename with specified size or modified in a certain period of time. Plus, you have the option to hide temporary files and overwritten ones.

The scanning process takes just a few minutes, but this also depends on the size of the discs and the filters you have configured. The undelete process, on the other hand, depends on many factors, but it’s still great that it manages to recover the deleted files.


Recover Files From Hard DiskRecover Files Features:

  • It deleted bypassing Recycle Bin.
  • It deleted even after you have emptied the Recycle Bin.
  • It deleted accidentally from a network share.
  • It deleted from the DOS command prompt.
  • It deleted when you press Shift+Delete on the keyboard.
  • It deleted when you use Move or Cut command.
  • It deleted in other applications or by viruses.
  • Works even if you installed Recover Files after the file was deleted
  • It from Hard drives
  • It from Floppy disks
  • It from CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and Secure Digital cards
  • It from External USB Disk Drives
  • It from Flash drives/Flash Memory
  • It from Zip disks, Jaz disks
  • Supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 file systems.
  • Performs a non-destructive and read-only scan and file recovery.
  • The displays file name, type, size, date, and more.
  • Restores original file with created and modified file dates. 
  • Supports Unicode and non-alphabet languages.
  • Filters files by name, extension, folder, and file type.

Recover Files won’t disappoint you and, as we found during tests, the recovery is swift and you will have your files back in no time. To conclude, noting that some files cannot be recovered because they have been overwritten several times, this tool can save the other documents with minimal effort.

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