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Qantas Airways Wifi

Qantas Airways Limited, founded in 1920, stands as Australia’s premier domestic and international airline. It embarked on its maiden international flight in 1935. The airline’s primary operational hub is located at Sydney Airport (SYD), with its headquarters situated in Mascot, New South Wales, Australia.

In 1998, Qantas Airways established the Oneworld alliance in collaboration with renowned partners like American Airlines, Canadian Airlines, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific.

Qantas Airways

Qantas serves a network of 75 domestic destinations within Australia and offers flights to 27 international destinations spanning across fourteen countries, encompassing regions such as The Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

One of Qantas’ standout features is its renowned inflight WiFi services. Notably, the airline introduced Qantas Airways Wifi connectivity for domestic routes in 2017, enhancing the passenger experience.


Qantas Inflight WiFi Service

Qantas offers inflight WiFi service on specific domestic routes operated by the B737-800 and A330-200 aircraft. Qantas WiFi service is complimentary and powered by Viasat.

Additionally, travelers can access real-time flight updates, check weather conditions, and perform various other tasks. For further details, please visit

Qantas Wifi Price

Qantas offers complimentary Inflight Wi-Fi services without any associated fees. In collaboration with Foxtel, Stan, Netflix, and Spotify, Qantas provides passengers with the opportunity to enjoy content at no additional cost during their flight. Whether you’re in first class, business class, or economy, this free service is accessible to all passengers.

How Can I Tell if there is Inflight Wi-Fi on My Flight?

  • When booking your tickets: Look for a blocked Wi-Fi signal on the airline’s website or app. A dark, blocked Wi-Fi signal means that your flight has Wi-Fi. A greyed Wi-Fi signal means that there is no in-flight Wi-Fi service on your flight.
  • At the departure gate: Look for a Wi-Fi signal on the departure board. If there is a Wi-Fi signal listed for your flight, then your plane has Wi-Fi.
  • Once you’re on the plane: Look for the in-flight magazine or safety card. These often have information about the plane’s amenities, including Wi-Fi.

How To Connect To Qantas Wi-Fi?

Once you’ve settled into your seat on the plane, take a moment to check the seat pocket. If your flight offers Wi-Fi connectivity, you should discover a Qantas Wi-Fi instruction sheet tucked behind the safety card.


As you relax and prepare for your flight, remember to activate your device’s flight mode. Once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude, you can easily connect to Qantas inflight Wi-Fi by following these three straightforward steps:

Step 1: Select the “Qantas Free WiFi” network (please note that you’ll need to wait until the flight is airborne to do this, as connection isn’t available on the ground).

Step 2: Open your device’s browser and navigate to

Step 3: Provide your details (your name and Qantas flight seat number), accept the terms and conditions, and begin your browsing experience!

Which devices can be connected to inflight WiFi?

The service is accessible with any device equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and a web browser. This encompasses laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Please keep in mind that access to your laptop should only be attempted once the seatbelt sign has been turned off for your safety.

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Are there restrictions on how Qantas WiFi can be used?

Certainly, there are several restrictions that passengers should be mindful of when using Qantas inflight Wi-Fi. These restrictions include:

  1. Maintaining flight mode on your device throughout the flight is a requirement.
  2. To ensure a peaceful cabin environment, voice and video calls are not permitted, and passengers are requested to switch their devices to silent mode.
  3. It’s important to acknowledge that coverage and speed may be limited on certain routes.

However, it’s worth noting that Qantas Wi-Fi utilizes the NBN Sky Master satellite service, known for its swiftness. The extensive nationwide coverage, combined with satellite antennas on each Qantas aircraft and multiple Wi-Fi hotspots within the cabin, contributes to a seamless and efficient service.

How does Qantas WiFi actually work?

Qantas has collaborated with the global broadband services provider ViaSat to harness the NBN Sky Muster satellite service for in-flight Wi-Fi.

This service operates by making use of the available capacity within the spot beams of the two NBN Sky Muster satellites, which were launched into orbit by Arianespace. These satellites primarily serve to offer internet access in regional and rural Australia, with any excess capacity allocated to support Qantas services. As a Qantas aircraft traverses the defined coverage areas of the satellite’s spot beams, the service seamlessly transitions from one spot beam to another, ensuring a uninterrupted user experience.


Is Qantas Inflight WiFi service free?

Yes, Qantas Inflight WiFi service is complimentary and available to all passengers.

What devices can be connected to Qantas inflight WiFi?

Any device with Wi-Fi connectivity and a web browser can be connected, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

How does Qantas WiFi work, and what technology does it use?

Qantas collaborates with ViaSat and utilizes the NBN Sky Muster satellite service. The service uses the capacity within the spot beams of the NBN Sky Muster satellites, which seamlessly transfer as the aircraft moves through their coverage areas. This technology ensures a consistent and uninterrupted user experience.

Can I use Qantas Wi-Fi without the Qantas App?

Yes, You can access the Qantas Wi-Fi without the Qantas App. From a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even wristwatch, you may connect directly to the Qantas Wi-Fi network like you would connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Is wifi on Qantas International Flights?

No. this service is only for domestic flights.

Does All Qantas Aircraft Have WiFi?

No, Qantas Airways provide Wi-Fi service on B737-800 and A330-200 aircraft that are operated on selected domestic routes.


Qantas Airways, a pioneer in Australian aviation since 1920, now offers complimentary inflight WiFi on select domestic routes, enhancing the passenger experience. While there are usage restrictions to ensure a peaceful cabin environment, Qantas employs advanced technology like the NBN Sky Muster satellite service for reliable connectivity. This commitment to innovation and service quality underscores Qantas’ position as a leading global airline.


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