19 Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies For Free

12/06/2019 - (Freeware)

Putlocker Proxy Site was one of the most favorite and popular online movie portals where anybody could watch their favorite movies, shows, videos and more for till it shut down in 2016 after a high court blocked and banned the website in the UK.

However, prior to Putlocker shut down, Putlocker was ranked amongst the top 250 most visited websites by Alexa Internet. Since the closure of the Putlocker website, many people are searching online for Putlocker alternatives or Putlocker new site mirrors to watch the free TV show and movies online. So, we decided to make a list of the top 19 alternatives of Putlocker is for you to watch your popular and latest movies online for free.

Putlocker Alternatives in 2019

The Putlocker website was illegal in various countries due to the fact that it provided pirated streaming links to users. Although Putlocker was the only website offering this kind of service, it certainly was the most popular one and this was the main reason for its demise.

While Putlocker never indexed any copyrighted content on its database, Putlocker, however, hosted links to such content, which is why Putlocker was shut down. As soon as the website went down, various Putlocker proxy and mirror sites appeared offering similar service if not more, to fill the void.

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Special Note: We strongly suggest and recommends to access any sites online as per the cyber laws in your country of living

So, if you were a regular user of Putlocker and are looking for ways to enjoy Putlocker free movies, here are the top 19 Putlocker proxy mirror sites, you must check out right now:

1. 123Moviesputlocker proxy alternative 123movies

123Movies is a free streaming website that allows viewers to access a large selection of movies and TV shows. They offer different movie qualities to choose from, ranging from 1080p to 720p. It becomes a really popular choice for streamers to watch popular and latest movies and shows online. Though the website has face problems and has gone down quite a few times, it has come back with a different URL now. Though many people consider this version to a clone of the original website, the website looks the same as Putlocker and works pretty well. It is super easy to use and offers a broad category of movies and shows. You can also search and movies from different countries simply by selecting your preferred region. You can consider 123Movies to be other top Putlocker proxy sites to stream TV shows and movies.

2. MovieFlixputlocker proxy site movieflix

MovieFlix is a website offering the latest movies and television series to watch for free and in high definition, while some include English subtitles. There is also an option to request a movie or TV show through its contact form.

3. Putlocker.onl

Putlocker.onl is a website where a user can stream movies and television shows online and for free. It has the latest movies and TV series that users can watch without signing up for an account. Users like this platform as it has the latest movies and TV series that can be streamed without any issues or a need to sign up for an account.

However, while streaming you need to be connected to FastestVPN of course. Not just for security, but also to block annoying and frustrating ads that pop up. Say goodbye to all unwanted ads with the AdBlocker feature that FastestVPN has to offer.

4. OpenLoadFreeTV

OpenloadfreeTV is a streaming website which allows users to watch televisions shows and movies free of charge. The site has a wide variety of choices which will keep its page visitors entertained for a long time.

5. Putlockers.cafe


Putlockers.cafe is yet another alternative putlocker proxy site that works exceedingly well for all streaming lovers. It has categories from most-watched, most popular, latest movies, latest series and more that make it easier for the user to choose from in case they are relying on the website for something interesting and they already don’t have a pick.

The website has over 40 genres from Romance, Drama, and Comedy to Science Fiction, Mystery and Crime – they cover it all. They even have a genre for kids which really just means that it is a destination for all ages groups to enjoy streaming. Read more information about Putlocker networth – https://www.thesquander.com/putlocker

6. 123Movies6


123movies6 is a website for watching television series and movies without registration and for free. The site’s collection includes the latest episodes and film releases. It has a section for the upcoming movies.

7. Putlocker.kz


When this site was discovered, streaming fans were quite happy as it is one great alternative for the original Putlocker site. Putlocker.kz offers free access for a large audience with a different choice of interest. It features all the latest movies and series along with the most popular ones of the season.

8. PutlockerHD.cc

putlocker proxy site putlocker-hd-cc-putlocker-alternative

9. Putlocker.cz – Putlocker News Site 2019


This is one and the same as any other except it is just a faster place to watch movies online for free. They have a vast menu that displays different genres and categories as well. The movies can also be searched and filtered with respect to countries or continents. For example, you can search ‘United States’ in the country section and you will get All United States Movies in one place.

10. FMovies


FMovies is similar to Solar Movie and Putlocker but its website interface is much better. It also has a bigger database of Hollywood shows and movies. However, it becomes a bit of pain to watch movies at peak time and sometimes it can take minutes to do so. Still, the content categories are well-sorted and the overall user experience is what makes FMovies top Putlocker proxy site.

Watch movies or shows on FMovies, you can search and select your movie then you will be directed to the movie page where the streaming will start automatically. Beware, sometime you will be directed to unnecessary adverts when you play a movie.

11. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is a bit different than Putlocker in terms of the overall interface but it is still one of the best Putlocker proxy sites for watching free movies and TV shows. To watch movies with Popcorn Time, you will need to download its app rather than watch it on a browser. The Popcorn Time app is small and is super easy to install on different devices. Once you have the app, you can search your favorite movie title, select it and then play.

With the Popcorn Time app, you will be able to find a wide range of content categories including the latest shows and movies that you can watch. So, you can consider Popcorn Time to be the top Putlocker proxy site to stream shows and movies.

12. Solar Moviesolar-movie-putlocker-alternavite

Solar Movie is another highly rated website like Putlocker for watching TV shows and movies online. The website interface is easy to use and clean and is quick to browse. You will be able to find a ton of movies and shows on Solar Movie via their search option or you can browse through its wide range of content categories.

You will find all the latest and popular shows and movies. The streaming is smooth and you would face no buffering issues if you have a good internet connection. When you search for a movie, a popup will appear, you can select a watch to play the movie instantly. Solar Movie is a great Putlocker proxy site for sure.

13. Los Movieslosmovies-putlocker-alternative

Los Movies has a massive collection of movies and TV shows in all genres. For this Putlocker alternative, even massive is an understatement given that it has a 2000 page long catalog of all content collectively. The search engine allows you to conveniently search for movies by name.

You can also search for trending movies or if you are subtitle person, then search for movies with subtitles only. Again, the drawback this site has is all streamers’ worst nightmare – pop-ups and endless advertisements leading to all sorts of suspicious sites. The drawback is also covered with FastestVPN which is geared with ad-blocker and malware protection features to avoid any such pop-ups or the threats they bring with them.

14. Rainerlandrainerland-putlocker-alternative

Rainerland is raining with top-notch content – both in terms of quality and quantity. The trending movies are shown right on the homepage of the website so you don’t have to take any time to catch up with the latest hits of the film world.

If you are an expert judge when it comes to taste in movies, and don’t compromise one bit on quality, then Rainerland is your go-to place after Putlocker.

15. Watch Online SeriesWatch-Online-Series

Are you a TV show addict with plenty of shows lined up but hardly any streaming sites available to satisfy the entertainment need? From horror thrillers to romantic comedies, Watch Online Series has it all. Most of the TV shows are available in the best quality and each HD episode has a minimum of 2 mirrors.

While this site is an excellent resort to watch your favorite TV shows and amazing Putlocker alternatives, it is best enjoyed with an ad-blocker. This is why a FastestVPN connection is almost necessary as its ad-blocker feature stops all annoying ads from popping up on the screen.

16. Kodikodi-putlocker-alternative

When talking about Putlocker alternatives to watch movies and shows, Kodi is one of the first options you get to hear. Kodi is a streaming media player that allows you to watch your favorite content for free such as movies, TV shows, documentary, anime, and more by installing best Kodi addons. There are various popular Kodi add-ons that you can install to watch your favorite and latest movies and shows, and installing them is not that complicated as well. Kodi not only lets you watch your favorite content but also allows you to stream live IPTV channels on your favorite devices. So, Kodi is my number one pick for top Putlocker alternatives and you can get the app on your device from its website easily.

The Kodi interface is unlike any other. Though it can be sometimes a bit difficult to get your favorite add-ons, especially third-party add-ons that go down every now and then, the user interface is quite nice and once you have a hold on the app, you can stream anything you want without any trouble. So it the best choice to consider as best Putlocker alternatives to watching your favorite movie shows

17. PrimewirePrimewire-putlocker-alternative

Primewire is yet another website that is a collection of valuable and delightful movies of all genres. From Hollywood to Bollywood – all movies of all sorts are available here. The only downside of this Putlocker alternative is that its layout is outdated and thus seems very uninviting. Other than that, there are no major problems or issues that were ever highlighted as most users just care about the content and not the layout anyway.

The movies are all available in at least 3 video qualities: low, medium or high. This is definitely an advantage and if you are low on internet data and don’t have Wi-Fi, you can choose from different qualities and enjoy without having to worry about data allocation.

18. Popcornflixpopcornflix-putlocker-alternative

Popcornflix is a la-la land for movie lovers having a treasure trove of movies available. It is the place where you forget about Netflix since the edge it has it that you can enjoy watching movies without spending any money! All movies are available on the site in HD quality in their original language.

19. GoMoviesgomovies.name

GoMovies is another replaceable alternative to putlocker as it provides free movies and TV shows without annoying Ads or popups. The site looks quite similar to 123Movies and has plenty of movies in its database.

If you are not too sure of what to watch, just open up the website and delve through the category section to find something of your interest – from action to comedy and sci-fi to romance. Just connect to a VPN to be anonymous and steer clear of any monitoring by authorities.

Final Thoughts: These are the best alternatives to sites like Putlocker to watch movies to your heart’s content. They are all incredible platforms that operate in different formats. Most of them are free, and some require you to make payments before watching movies. Payment could also be in the form of a monthly subscription. But if you cannot afford that, you can go with the platforms that offer access to movies for free. There are many of them on this list. Have fun!

Disclaimer: We are ethically against any kind of piracy and suggesting our audience for not promoting, distributing or circulating in any form of pirated stuff. This article is for Education purposes only. If anyone has an objection or suggestion for this article, please write to us on download.zon@gmail.com, we will review your suggestion and do the needful.

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