PTMC Trading Software Download For Windows PC

PTMC Trading Software is a powerful platform that allows trading on all major financial markets, such as Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex/CFDs.

The wide range of charting and analytical functionality PTMC can meet the specific needs of even the most demanding traders.


The new addition will provide clients with a number of benefits, including the depth of market functionality, which allows the work with Level 2 data and the full usage of volumetric analysis tools in the PTMC platform.

The PTMC trading platform technology allows the connection to any operating broker via an Application Program Interface (API) or Multi Account Manager (MAM).


PTMC Trading Software Functionality

  • Interface
  • Technical Analysis
  • Chart
  • PTMC Algo
  • Trade Routing

PTMC Trading Software Features

Panel Linking

Panel Linking is a feature that allows you to browse various information by a certain instrument in different panels at once having linked them together! Included the possibility of switching over the whole sets of the panels linked together by instruments. When monitoring several tickers while using different features, it is so helpful to link panels by the instrument. Once the symbolic link is activated, a symbol change in one window will be automatically reflected in all the linked windows.

PTMC Trading Software Panel linking

Real-time news

With streaming Real-time news, you can be sure you always have the latest news that’s important to your trading.

PTMC Trading Software- Real-time news

Regular and Advanced chart types

PTMC offers a large number of standard and advanced chart types, which allow analyzing markets from different sides. Using our trading platform, traders can select:

  1. Time-based and Tick charts
  2. Renko, Kagi, Price range
  3. Point & Figure, Heikin Ashi, Line Break
  4. Cluster and Profile chart types available only for futures brokers

Smart Order Types

For professional traders, we have implemented algorithm orders (smart orders) which allows simplifying the trading process on different markets with variable liquidity. The ability to use these types of orders depends on the market you are trading, as well as the selected broker: FCMs (through CQG) or Interactive Brokers.

Algorithmic orders allow traders to execute large orders on one or many exchanges while minimizing market impact and following a benchmark strategy.

Symbol Mapping Manager

A professional tool that allows usage of one market data provider feeds while sending orders to any other broker you wish to trade with. In a nutshell, it allows you to create a link between different data feeds and Order Management Systems as well as receive an order status.

PTMC Trading software- Symbol Mapping

Time and Sales

Time and Sales allows you to follow the trading in a specified contract on a trade-by-trade basis. It displays every trade that occurs. The system shows minute-by-minute activity for active contracts, including bid and ask.

Volume Profile

The volume profile of the PTMC platform allows seeing not only a total amount of realized trades but what is much more important, distribution of these trades on each price level at a specified time period.

Volume Profile

Agile settings of this functionality allow placing a volume profile on different chart’s parts easily:

  • On one chart’s axis
  • both chart axes at one time
  • each separate bar
  • On any random chart’s area.

Volume metric Chart Types

  1. The cluster chart visualizes volume data inside of each bar. Advanced settings allow displaying various volume data including buy/sell volume separately, delta, filtered custom volume data, and other valuable volume statistics.
  2. The profile chart represents price data in the market profile view and allows users to analyze the amount of trading activity based on time. Using this chart type, a trader can clearly see the areas where the market is trading at most times.

Watchlist with advanced alerts

The Watchlist allows you to track extended or brief information about the selected symbols in a spreadsheet format. With our advanced Alerts, you will not miss important market events.

Wide-set of technical indicators

Make an in-depth analysis with the help of over 50 technical indicators.  Easily add your own custom C# indicators at any time.

 Important benefits:

PTMC platform gives the ability to use many more charts, panels, tools, and different modules simultaneously without any difficulties.

For users with high-performance system requirements, the 64-bit system allows processing the big amount of data needed to create various algorithmic trading systems.

More effective usage of memory allows using the entire memory resources (RAM) of the computer to track a high number of active symbols. It’s mean that you’ll forget about frequent error “Out of memory”.

What is new in PTMC Trading Software

  1. Change the color scheme of your orders on the chart: open positions, working orders.
  2. Maximize charts windows to the full size in the Grid panel.
  3. “Chart Preview”.
  4. Disable the price markers of indicators on the price scale.

System Requirements

Hard Disk Space 100 MB Hard disk space
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Technical Specification

Title PTMC
File Name ProtraderMC.exe
File Size 42.3 MB
Language English
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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