Psiphon 3 for PC anti-censorship tool to Access Internet Software

Psiphon 3 for pc to hide your Internet activity from your ISP and other services that might be interested in monitoring your web navigation activity. This software is a circumvention tool that works to access websites that are censored for certain countries around the world. It has the ability to bypass protocols based on VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy technology

The utility acts as an anti-censorship tool

After a quick setup, you come face to face with a user-friendly and well-organized GUI that should not pose any issues regardless of your experience with configuring VPN services. In fact, you can easily connect by specifying the server that you want to connect to. Generally speaking, opting for the closest country usually provides the best results speed-wise.

The program relies on multiple protocols and transport system to enable you to navigate the Internet securely and in anonymity. Therefore, in case you cannot connect via a certain specification, you can employ an alternative mechanism – SSH or SSH+ – to bypass the censor and access the content.

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The VPN client proxies your Internet traffic

The strong point of the application stems from the fact that it allows you to hide traffic by establishing a connection in VPN mode. In other words, if you switch to the virtual private network mode, then the applications using local SOCKS or HTTP protocols are redirected through the Psiphon network.

You should know that the port numbers for these connections are selected randomly and automatically. However, if you want to use your own port numbers, you can make the modifications by defining the connection’s details in the Settings window.


On a side note, some users have pointed out that they noticed their connection becoming slower whenever they enable the VPN client. It is necessary to mention that the L2TP/IPSec protocol may experience performance problems and can be incompatible with certain networking hardware and Internet connections.

Psiphon 3 For PC Key Features

  • Custom branding: Psiphon 3 For PC offers a flexible sponsorship system which includes sponsor-branded clients. Dynamic branding includes graphics and text on the client UI and a region-specific dynamic homepage mechanism that allows a different home page to open depending on where in the world the client is run.
  • Chain of trust: Each client instance may be digitally signed to certify its authenticity. Embedded server certificates certify that Psiphon servers the client connects to are the authentic servers for that client.
  • Privacy: It is designed to respect user privacy. User statistics are logged in aggregate, but no individual personally identifying information, such as user IP addresses, are retained in PsiphonV log files.

An intuitive app that allows you to surf the Internet securely

If you live in a geographic region where certain websites and online services are restricted due to various reasons, then Psiphon can help you bypass bans and access the desired content and unblock URL blocked sites.


Why Psiphon 3 out of many VPN?

The reason for recommending Psiphon is that it uses an SSH connection with an additional obfuscation layer on SSH handshake for the purpose of securing it against protocol fingerprinting. Hence, Psiphon is an open-source and easier to use, unlike other VPN solution. Also, it uses both local HTTP and SOCKS proxies in normal mode purposely for tunneling web traffic.

Also, Psiphon uses L2TP/IPsec protocol. This protocol seems to be the most secure way to protect you against any online scam when you connect through it. They care about and secure their user’s privacy a lot. They don’t sell users privacy to third-parties.

Now let’s move to the main discussion which is how to install the Psiphon 3 on PC and how to set it up. You’ll learn how to set up your Psiphon 3 software on PC to establish a very strong and secure connection.

How to install Psiphon 3 on PC?

Psiphon 3  is a standalone application in which people commit mistakes while installing it. They mistakenly install it in the stead of running it like other application files by tapping it twice.

One thing to be careful about is downloading source for this software. Try to download it from the original source rather than other sources. Downloading from other sites may infect your server or PC with malware. Hence, double-check that your Psiphon file (psiphon.exe) is valid and not infected with malware.

After making sure that the above analysis has been fulfilled, you can proceed to the below steps. Kindly follow it strictly to avoid any error during the installation.

  • Locate your psiphon.exe file in your folders, and then right-click on it.
  • From the displaying submenus, select properties.
  • Now move to the Digital Signatures tab to select the Details button at the bottom.
  • Now tap on view certificate: here you have to note this “valid from yyyy-mm-dd” information.
  • Click on the Details tab and double-check that one of the below data key match thumbprint details.
  • ” For the certificate valid for the period 2011-06-16 to 2012-06-21 the SHA1 thumbprint is:
  • 8f B7 Ef Bd 20 A9 20 3a 38 37 08 A2 1e 0a 1d 2e Ad 7b Ee 6d
  • “For the certificate valid for the period 2012-05-21 to 2014-07-30 the SHA1 thumbprint is:
  • 84 C5 13 5b 13 D1 53 96 7e 88 C9 13 86 0e 83 Ee Ef 48 8e 91 “
  • “For the certificate valid for the period 2014-05-08 to 2017-09-06 the SHA1 thumbprint is:
  • 9b A0 Bd 1c E4 Ca F6 20 41 0d 46 47 Ae 40 B0 7c 83 C7 31 99 “
  • “For the certificate valid for the period 2017-07-05 to 2020-10-03 the SHA1 thumbprint is:
  • 89 Fd Cd 09 65 F4 Dd 89 2b 25 7c 04 D5 B4 14 C7 Ac 2b 5f 56 “
  • For the source of these certificates, you can check the Psiphon official site. By now, you should know how to install Psiphon 3 on PC especially on Windows which is currently available.

Psiphon3 Digital Certificates

How To Set Up Psiphon 3 For The Secure Vpn connection?

  • Below are the guides and steps to follow if you want to set up Psiphon 3 for the secure VPN connection.
  • Click on your file – Psiphon3.exe twice. That is, double click it
  • Tap on connect button
  • Note that Psiphon 3 connects through a fastest VPN server automatically to the best location. Almost every VPN comes with this great feature. However, if you choose to not like this selection, you can choose the region of your choice from the drop-down menu below the connect button.Psiphon 3 Download For PC Connecting Application

Technical Specification

Title Psiphon 3
File Size 4.74 MB
Operating System Windows all version
Languages All Languages
Last Added Tuesday, 21 November 2017
Developer Psiphon Inc.

How to configure this software?

For the answer to this question is all about information in the below video:

Download Software For Windows

Download Software


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