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Nov 4,2019 - (Free)

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It is not an easy job to work on a professional writing assignment. If you are working on an essay, dissertation, research paper, or term paper, detailed research has to be carried out before you begin working on the first chapter. Students have to be very careful about the online resources they select for gathering material. To score well, it is important to some important tools as well. For instance, having the correct word count for the paper is essential. If the count of words is more than the maximum limit, the grade would go down. If you are working on a professional writing project that has a word count of 15000 words, it would be impossible to count each word manually. The word counter provides you with the correct count in a short time span.  There are certain tools that help professionals and students when writing projects, assignments, or any professional paper.

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Prepostseo English Checker

A simple fact is that the grammar of a professional assignment should be top-notch. You cannot expect a high grade in your research paper or an essay if the wrong tense has been used or there are punctuation mistakes. These errors are made even by the most intelligent students. In order to meet the timeline without any hassle, it is necessary to produce error-free content. Checking each line and removing errors is a tiring task. A lot of effort and time is required. The most important thing is that even after so much hard work, you may unintentionally make mistakes.

Using a grammar checker is definitely the smartest option available for students. Simply upload the file for which the grammar check has to be done. There are no limitations on the word count or the number of times the check can be performed. These tools are cost-free so you can check the grammar as many times as you wish to.


A major benefit of grammar checkers is that they do not make errors like humans. Even if you are reading the content with the highest level of attention, you may skip a missed period or spelling issue. When your paper would be checked, this mistake would be witnessed. Academic supervisors are very particular about the standard of grammar that the content has. Once you are done with the writing process and all the chapters have been compiled, use this tool and get the content scanned. In less than 60 seconds, all the grammatical mistakes would be shown to you.

This tool saves the time spent searching for errors and rectifying them. It is obvious that reading through thousands of words is not possible if you wish to complete the paper on time and submit it. Hence, using a spelling checker is a better alternative that helps you with the timeline.

Readability Checker

There is no doubt that readability matters a lot when you are writing. The research advisors and supervisors go through each and every line to make sure that the content actually makes sense. The readability score should be according to the targeted readers. A readability checker tool or thesis generator provided by Edubirdie is an amazing option for students.

With this online free tool, you can check the readability of the written content. Simply open the link of the tool and paste the content in the provided text box. If the content is in the form of a Word, PDF or text file, it can be uploaded directly. The tool would read through the file and determine the readability score. Along with that, you get to know about the keywords that have been used along with their density.

Readability checkers are free so you can stop worrying about paying a high subscription amount. No such requirement has to be fulfilled. These tools are quick so there is no need to wait for hours so that the score can be generated. These online soft wares are quick so students do not have to spend a lot of time.

Word Counter

Professional writing work has word limits and students should be sure that they meet them. If the word count of the paper is much lesser or greater than the required limit, the advisor would penalize the student. Why are professionals and students unable to get the desired count of words? This question has a very simple answer. One prime reason is the lack of time they have. Writing assignments have tough research requirements. Each one of them has a scope and the student should be sure that he completes it properly. Considering the fact that the time available to the student is strictly calculated, he is unable to count the number of words every now and then. Each chapter has a word limit. For instance, in a dissertation, the literature review would be of 1500 words.

A word counter is an ideal solution for students. These tools are online and students only have to copy the text. They have to paste it in the provided text box. After that, the tool would read through the text and determine the count of words it has. There is no need to count each word and ensure that the regulations related to the word count are being followed. The eventual goal is meeting the deadline without any hiccups. With this tool, you do not have to spend any of your time counting the words of the written text. The tool does that for you.


Precise professionally written content is a challenging task, and if the right approach is not adopted. The biggest challenge for students is getting done with the paper on time. Using the correct tools helps in saving time. When you can check the count of words using a simple automated word counter, there is no reason to spend hours and complete the same task manually. Similarly, grammar checkers and readability score checkers are beneficial tools for students.


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