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PingPlotter Packet Tracer Software Download For Mac 5.19.5

Jul 10,2020 - Pingman Tools, LLC. (Free)

22.6 MB (Safe & Secure)

Packet Tracer allows users to create simulated network topologies by dragging and dropping routers, switches, and various other types of network devices. Packet Tracer supports a multi-user system that enables multiple users to connect multiple topologies together over a computer network. Visualize network performance data across hundreds of targets with tools built for monitoring even the most complex infrastructures, helping you pinpoint network issues and fix problems fast.

Graphical packet tracer, PingPlotter tests your network for high latency and packet tracer loss, then graphs the results so you can show qualified professionals exactly when and where problems are impacting your stream, game, or service.

PingPlotter Free packet tracing software is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you trace the route between you and a user-defined address (be it a website, VoIP provider, or online game server). The tool’s aim is to continuously gather and record information about packet loss.

PingPlotter Software Free Download

It helps you gather evidence of network problems so you can show qualified technicians and service providers exactly how to troubleshoot. It combines important diagnostic data with easy-to-understand graphs to show exactly where issues occur.

PingPlotter software captures all types of data and makes sharing the results quick and easy. Timelines graph latency and packet loss history in 10-minute intervals. See exactly when connection problems happen. In PingPlotter Standard, timelines cover unlimited time and can be opened for any hop.

It makes getting results quick and easy. The program exports all types of logs, screenshots, and graphs you can send directly to your service provider or other qualified technicians. This packet tracer software can also create unique webpages you can post on forums or support sites for faster turnaround.

The clean feature lineup makes it easier for you to discover the program’s functions. The tool lets you insert the address that you want to trace in a dedicated panel, start or stop the tracing process, and view additional information about the recorded values with aid of a built-in graph that displays data in real-time.

PingPlotter is able to initiate trace requests from a remote agent on both Windows and UNIX based machines. The UNIX agent requires Perl, a web server, and the traceroute command for packet tracer. The Windows agent is fully self-contained (it has its own TCP server and GUI component) and does not require any additional software or server components.

The basic concept of the remote trace agent is that it resides on a remote machine listening for a request for data from your local PingPlotter instance. When it receives a request, it does a single traceroute and returns the results back to PingPlotter, which then collects this data and displays it locally like any other trace data. The interval at which PingPlotter contacts the remote agent is controlled by the sampling parameters (trace interval) you’ve defined locally.

When using a remote agent, PingPlotter works and looks *exactly* the same as it does when you’re using the local engine. Essentially the only difference is that the trace isn’t originating from the workstation running PingPlotter, but instead, the agent is allowing you to source and see the traceroute from the vantage point of the machine running the remote agent. You can even see the results from multiple remote sources/agents by defining and using Named Configurations.

Pingplotter Packet Tracer Software For Mac

PingPlotter Packet Tracer Software Features

  • See the route packets follow
  • Measure latency and packet loss
  • Ten-minute history graph
  • Watch performance as it happens
  • Save and reload data
  • Insert Comments
  • ICMP packet support
  • High performance, low overhead engine
  • Uses multiple threads for increased performance
  • Save as image command
  • Send email command
  • Trace IPv6 addresses

PingPlotter Freeware gives you the possibility to tweak some dedicated parameters before triggering the process, such as the number of times to sample, delay time between samples (in seconds), as well as the number of samples that are included in the graph.

The utility continuously processes the user-defined address and displays the results in real-time in the main window. You can view data about hops, percentage of lost packets, minimum, maximum, average, and current time, IP address, DNS, and others.

You are allowed to export data to PNG, GIF, or BMP file format, copy the information (text or image) to the clipboard, so you can easily paste it into other third-party applications, color the graph background yellow or red if values exceed a user-defined value, and ignore the first hop.

Tests revealed that PingPlotter Freeware carries out a task very quickly and without errors. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.

Changes In this Packet Tracer Software since 4.00.2:

  • Fixed crash when running TCP with WinPcap turned off.
  • Fixed several access violations.
  • Updated welcome “splash” screen to make it more obvious that you’ve already entered a license key.
  • Several other minor tweaks.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7/8/10

Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 and higher version

Processor 1 GHz or faster processor.
Memory 1 GB RAM.
Storage Space 55 MB of disk space (20MB installer, 35MB app). This does not include any additional storage for collected PingPlotter trace data.
Framework .Net requires an additional 4.5GB of disk space.

Official Video Intro PingPlotter Software

Getting Started With PingPlotter

  • mtr
  • Ping Tracer
  • SmokePing
  • Bping
  • Open Visual Traceroute
  • Packet Loss Test

PingPlotter Software Overview


Technical Specification

Software Name PingPlotter Software For Mac V 5.19.5
File Size 22.6 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Pingman Tools, LLC.


PingPlotter Freeware comes packed with a handy suite of tools for helping you trace a certain address, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.


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