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Ping Monitor Download For Windows 8.0.15

Aug 20,2019 - EMCO Software. (Free)

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Ping Monitor is a robust network ping monitor tool for automatic checking connection to network hosts. By making regular pings it monitors network connections and notifies you about detected ups/downs. It also provides connection statistics info, including uptime, outages, failed pings, etc. You can easily extend functionality and configure The Ping Monitor tool-free to execute custom commands or launch applications when connections are lost or restored.

One of the fastest ways to detect if a computer or a website is functional is to ping them – roughly put, a message is sent to them, and depending on how long it takes for the target host to respond, you can assess whether it is online or not. This s a dedicated software utility that you can rely on to ping monitor online, several computers at the same time without any interruption.

A network monitoring tool needs to be mentioned from the get-go that this application can only be run on computers where .NET Framework 4.0 or higher is installed. The graphic interface of the Ping Monitor tool is intuitive and you simply need to enter the IP or the host-name of the computer you want to monitor, and the app will start pinging it on a regular basis so as to check its status.

Network ping monitoring tool you are a tech-savvy user, you can adjust the default settings related to the ping interval, outage conditions, packet size and Time to Live. You can also automate the actions that should be taken when the connection fails or is lost, as well as on the outages limit. Novices are advised to leave the initial configuration as it is, lest the app might not work correctly.

A network monitoring tool can also schedule to start pinging hosts on specific days and times, while also setting up the free ping monitor with email alerts, where you want to receive the notifications. Additionally, this software can generate the tracking statistics for each host, displaying the overall number of passed pings and the response time.

Ping Monitoring tool is a reliable and useful application that can help you keep an eye on the status of one or several remote computers, then receive notifications whenever they are no longer available.


Ping Monitor Features

Host Availability Monitoring

The program detects the current state (up or down) for all monitored hosts and saves information about all outages, so for any selected time range you know when and how long the hosts were up and down.

Connection Quality Monitoring

The connection quality of any host is assessed in real-time as good, warning, bad or critical using different monitoring software metrics. You can customize the assessment criteria according to your needs.

Host Performance Analysis

For any historical period, you can assess the host performance using customizable criteria. Tracking changes in the overall host performance and changes of different metrics can help to find the reason for networking problems.

Detailed Statistics

All ping results are saved, so you can have access to statistics collected for every host. The program calculates different metrics and displays them on charts, so you can track the metrics changes over time.

Raw Ping Data

Every ping is recorded, so you can visualize all pings for every host on a timeline chart for a selected time range to see how they changed. You can export ping data into a file that can be opened for analysis in an external tool.

Flexible Notifications

Get e-mail, Windows Tray and sound alerts when the host state or connection quality change. All settings are customizable, so you can change e-mail templates and set different notification settings for different hosts.

Easy Customization

The program allows configuring settings used for all hosts and specifying custom settings for hosts/groups. You can integrate the program with external tools by configuring custom actions executed on up/down and other events.

Built-in Reporting

Generate PDF and HTML reports including detailed statistics for selected hosts. The generated reports can be saved as files, sent by e-mail or uploaded to an FTP. The program can create reports on demand and on schedule.

What’s New in Ping Monitor

System state overview

There is a new view in the program that provides you with an overview of the current state of the monitored hosts. There you can see the number of the monitored, non-monitored and paused hosts. The same view shows the total number of the monitored hosts in different states (Up and Down) and with a different connection quality (Good, Warning, Bad and Critical). All numbers are clickable, so you can navigate to the hosts with the selected Activity, State or Quality.


Connection quality tracking

In addition to the host state monitoring, the program can now monitor the connection quality for the monitored hosts, so you can see it on screen and get notifications when the connection quality changes. The connection quality is determined using the packet loss, latency percentile and jitter metrics to show the quality as Good, Warning, Bad or Critical.


State and quality monitors

Using the State and Quality Monitors, which are available in the Enterprise Edition of the program, you can see the states and the connection quality of all the monitored hosts on a single screen. Those views are designed for control rooms where the monitored hosts should be represented in a compact form while their state and quality are displayed by means of different colors. Ping Monitor is possible to sort and filter the displayed data to show hosts with the required characteristics only.

State and quality monitors

Determining the host performance and displaying statistics for a selected period

Network Monitoring software can select the required period and get information on the host performance and statistics for the selected period. The host performance is determined using the uptime, packet loss, latency, CV, MOS, and other metrics. The collected metrics are displayed in charts where you can see how they change over time. You can also get information about the number of outages and the periods when the host was in a different state or had varying quality characteristics during a selected period.

displaying statistics

An improved monitoring web interface

The web interface, which is available in the Enterprise Edition of the program, has been significantly improved. Ping Testing Software now allows seeing all monitoring data and statistics through the web without opening a GUI client. The new web interface allows starting and stopping monitoring for hosts and groups.

Improved notifications

In addition to the host state notifications, now it is possible to send notifications when the connection quality changes. You can configure multiple notifications for every event in the updated notification settings dialog in Preferences. For example, you can send e-mail notifications and execute custom actions such as Windows commands, scripts or executables. To reduce the number of notifications, it is possible to group messages into one e-mail within a specified time interval, or group multiple events into one e-mail for every host.

Host timeline and raw ping data exporting

Using the new Timeline view, you can see raw ping replies for a selected period and the host state and quality for the same period. That data is displayed on charts, so you can see how they change over time. Ping Monitoring tool you wish, you can export raw ping data into a CSV file and open it in an external program.

raw data

Hosts filtering in reports

The reports configuration now includes a filter that can be used to filter report host members. You may specify that the report should only include the hosts that meet the condition on this ping monitor free software.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Ping Monitor tool makes it easy to identify what machines are online. Crowded interface.
Rules customizable per machine. Fully automated. No advanced options.

System Requirements

Processor Intel Core Processor or equivalent
Internal Memory 8 GB of RAM
Framework Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or above
Harddisk space 10 GB of free disk space
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (with SP1 or later), Vista (with SP2 or later), Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 (with SP1 or later), Windows Server 2008 (with SP2 or later)

Official Video Intro Ping Monitor

How to monitor multiple hosts using a ping monitoring tool

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Ping Monitor Overview

Ping Monitor Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 8.0.15
File Size 114.04 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free Trial
Developer EMCO Software.


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