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PhraseExpress is a software application that helps users eliminate repetitive typing operations by automatically filling preset phrases in a document, as well as organize them in different categories.

PhraseExpress sits quietly in the system tray until called upon. It gives users the possibility to store a new phrase by entering a short description, inserting the text, and assigning a hotkey.


The tool enables users to sort phrases into folders, and you can drag and drop the phrases into any directory.

If the text is formatted or includes URLs or pictures, then you can define a new phrase by selecting one of the following modes: RTF, HTML, or MS word phrase.

PhraseExpress comes packed with auto-correct entries for transforming user-defined abbreviations into the longer version of the phrases (e.g. “btw” becomes “by the way”), famous quotes, and salutations (e.g. “Dear Mr.”). Plus, it allows users to create a list with websites which can be launched directly from the primary panel.

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Features of PhraseExress:

  • Insert boilerplate templates in any program
  • Autocomplete text as you type
  • Customize boilerplate templates with fill-in forms
  • Expand autotext abbreviations in any program
  • Share canned response texts in the network
  • Automate repetitive tasks with macro automation
  • Universal Text Snippet Manager
  • Client-/Server Architecture
  • Multi-Language Phrases
  • Macro Automation
  • Document Generator
  • Universal Autotext
  • AutoComplete
  • Customizable Templates
  • Dynamic Templates
  • System-wide Spelling Correction
  • Email Signature Manager
  • .MS Outlook Integration
  • Native MS Word Support
  • Clipboard Manager
  • Cloud Synchronization

Another important feature worth mentioning is the macro option, which lets you automate different operations, such as insert date and time stamps, open websites, and create automatic email messages.

The Settings window reveals several options, which allow you to pick an audio file for phrase insertion, popup display, detection of unwanted text replacement, and new spelling correction, assign hotkeys for various operations, backup the information, and enable the Clipboard monitoring mode.

Furthermore, PhraseExpress is able to calculate how much money and time you have spent using It based on typing rate and hourly wage, as well as launch Windows programs.

PhraseExpress is a reliable application that comes packed with text auto-fill capabilities and many configurable settings that suit beginners and experts alike.

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