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Jun 22,2019 - Phonegap (Free)

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PhoneGap Desktop is the easiest way to get started using PhoneGap, the open-source framework that gets you to build amazing mobile apps using web technology. It provides a drag and drop interface for creating PhoneGap applications. Use it to create apps and serve those apps to connected mobile devices- no need to memorize commands or install dependencies as these are all included when you download PhoneGap Desktop.

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It is a modern Adobe-vetted framework for cross-platform mobile app development. Using the latest web-app technologies and mainly based on HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, it provides the means to build apps for iOS, Android and Windows-based devices. PhoneGap Desktop is an alternative to PhoneGap CLI for those who prefer a visual user interface over a command-line interface approach.

This said PhoneGap Desktop App is a smooth-running and useful piece of software designed to provide a more user-friendly alternative to using a command-line interface for creating and testing apps directly to connected mobile phones.

Easy to install, both on your computer and on your mobile phone

The app undergoes a typical installation process subsequent to which you can start creating new projects or opening already existing ones directly from a minimalist main window.

You only need to work a few seconds with the Desktop App until you realize that this is a modern and responsive app. It packs a small menubar, very accessible controls for adding and removing projects, a Settings section and a Server log.

This is an appropriate time to point out that the utility comes with a mobile counterpart available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone Store, named PhoneGap Developer.

Provides an easy way to use PhoneGap

The workflow is easy to use, as you only need to choose the location path for your new project, a name and, optionally, an ID.

You should be able to view the project loaded in the main window and by pressing the “green play button”, a server address should be displayed on the lower part.

You can either pair the desktop with the mobile apps to preview and analyze your projects or you can manually use the server address created by PhoneGap Desktop App to run the project on your mobile devices or any modern web browsers.

Streamline mobile app development with PhoneGap and its useful desktop app

Taking all of the above into consideration, it is a streamlined utility that, paired with its mobile companion – PhoneGap Developer provides an accessible environment for creating mobile apps.

Strengths of PhoneGap

Build great apps powered by open web standards. Cut down on development time by re-using your existing web dev skills, frameworks, and tools. Get all the benefits of cross-platform development while building apps just the way you like.

Quick deployment cycles.

Use the Hydration feature to get faster debug and build cycles. By compiling builds faster, your updates will be pushed directly to your testers’ previously installed apps, ensuring everyone is working on the most up-to-date version.

PhoneGap Desktop Pros

Easier Getting Started

Anybody with the basic skills of HTML5/CSS/Javascript can jump into the foray of PhoneGap mobile app development. All they need to have is the expertise to augment the Web components with that of the native SDK.

Single Code Base for Multiple Platforms

An app developed using the PhoneGap framework exhibits compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows 7, and mobile web. Thus, it drastically reduces the mobile app development and delivery cost.

Rapid Testing and Deployment

The testing team doesn’t need to cross-check the universal aspects built using Web elements of the app across multiple platforms or devices. They have to focus only on the UI aspect that drives user engagement.


Not-So-Brilliant Performance

If you need to build an app with rich graphics, particularly games, we would suggest you go for an alternative and adopt native mobile app development. Though 3rd party caching solutions for native graphics acceleration are there, expecting too much from them could be a mistaken belief.

Lack of UI Widgets

Users want the native app experience but the unavailability of compatible UI widgets raises a challenge for a PhoneGap developer. The PhoneGap framework offers limited pre-built UI elements and, hence, they often have to rely on external resources. This often delays the delivery.


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