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Pegasun System Utilities Download 6.30

Feb 3,2021 - Pegasun (Free)

7.89 MB (Safe & Secure)

Pegasun System Utilities is a comprehensive and best system optimization tool for Windows 10 that provides users with a solid array of tools and functions which are intended at helping them clean their computer of unnecessary data or perform other maintenance operations, such as defragmenting drives or tuning up the PC’s overall responsiveness and speed.

Pegasun System Utilities Download For PC

Intense use of your PC, including installing and uninstalling programs, browsing the Internet extensively, or even regular activities can cause various small yet significant issues which in the long run can, and will affect your system’s stability and speed.

System Requirements

Operating System  Windows 7, 8, 10, or Server 2012+ (32/64 Bits)

Pegasun System Utilities For System Optimization Tool Features

Optimizations you never thought possible
Bring your PC back to life. System Utilities is precisely built for maximum optimizations. Compare with other optimization software and experience for this best tuneup utility for PC   that makes your PC function much faster.

Several Utilities on one simple interface
The best provides more than 28 tools to meet almost every PC need. Whether you need to clean your disk, back up important files, or even tweak your PC, it’s all available in a straightforward interface.

Countless 5-star reviews
You’re in good hands. System Utilities has received countless 5-star positive media reviews from all over the internet for creating software that just works. Head over to our reviews section to learn more.

Protects Your Privacy
Keeps your privacy safe by blocking sharing data to third-party services, such as ad network, tracking cookies, data collection. It also cleans your sensitive information, so it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Pegasun System UtilitiesThreats/Spyware Protection
The moment you decide to browse the internet without any security is the moment your PC will become infected with spyware and various other types of threats but don’t worry; it will keep you safe from those as well.

Boost system and gaming performance
Increases your FPS by Boosting your system, internet, and RAM performance by automatically tuning your settings to the most optimized values. Now you can go ahead and enjoy your high-performance games.

You’ll never notice it running
Don’t get nagged constantly with popups. Many similar programs out there not only nag you with annoying popups and ads, but they also use up vast amounts of background resources. This program is very resource-friendly and nag-free.

Defragment your hard drives
Reorganizes file blocks on your PC’s hard drives to optimize files to help your PC perform tasks faster. Oh, and don’t worry, we’re leaving the SSD (which isn’t fragmented) alone.

Turbo Mode gives you maximum performance
Turbo Mode dramatically increases your PC’s speed by temporarily suspending unnecessary services, processes, and managing power plans for high performance.

Turbo Mode Off

Customize to your preference
System Utilities is highly customizable. Choose from multiple designed themes or create your own! Easily choose your desired settings to desired colors.

Don’t want to install? No problem!
The portable version lets you run the program without installation. You can also take it with you and load it from anywhere, such as on a USB Drive.

With the help of Pegasun System Utilities and its set of well-defined tools, such as  “Clean Computer,” “Optimize Startup,” “Computer Tune UP” or “Protect From Spyware” you can address each PC performance issue separately and efficiently, for improved results.

For instance, using the “Clean Computer” function, you can scan your system and discover the amount of wasted space due to web browsers’ cookies, downloaded files, history, passwords, or other temporary Internet files. Similarly, it will enable you to retrieve information about common applications as well as your system, displaying the scan results and enabling you to see how much space can be freed up.

The “Optimize Startup” feature displays all the programs that run by default every time you start your computer, many of which do it without your knowledge or consent. This can greatly affect the performance of your PC, so this software advises you on which can be disabled or deleted altogether but leaves the final choice up to you.

The “Turbo Mode” will stop unwanted and resource-consuming processes that might be slowing down your PC and therefore yield increased overall performance.

Screenshots of Pegasun System Utilities

Pegasun System Utilities FAQs

What makes us better than the rest?

Some may wonder what makes System Utilities so great and better than the competitors. The answer is plain and simple; it’s the quality.


How to uninstall System Utilities

  • Click the “Windows” icon on your taskbar (aka Start Button)
  • Start Typing “Remove” or “Add”
  • Select “Add or remove programs”
  • When a new window pops up, scroll down until you see “Pegasun System Utilities
  • Click “Uninstall” and follow the process to uninstall it from your computer.

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How to update System Utilities

To update System Utilities, you will need to download the latest version and then install it. It will then automatically uninstall the old one, and install the latest version. If you get “System Utilities” is already running warning, please look below for solution.

  • On the bottom-right side of your taskbar, look for an icon that represents System Utilities.
  • Right-click on that icon, and click “Exit“.
  • Now, you may try again with the installation.


Pegasun System Utilities Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
SystemUtilities.exe 7.89 MB Download
  • BleachBit
  • CCleaner
  • Glary Utilities
  • Sysinternals Suite
  • AVG PC TuneUp
  • Advanced SystemCare

Pegasun System Utilities Overview

Pegasun System Utilities Download For Windows

Technical Specification

Software Name Pegasun System Utilities Software For Windows V 6.30
File Size 7.89 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Pegasun


Pegasun System utilities is an award-winning complete care package of the free and the best PC optimization software for your computer. This program will clean, speed up, secure, and repair your system to make your PC run like new. It was built precisely to give your PC maximum optimization. It optimizes a variety of applications including systems, the internet, browsers, games, applications, and much more. Your PC will become much more responsive and error-free.


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