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PDFCreator Create Print And Convert PDF Files Software 4.4.0

Jul 17,2019 - pdfforge GmbH. (Free)

38.8 MB (Safe & Secure)

PDFCreator is a tool to create PDF files from nearly any Windows application. With PDFCreator, you can create PDFs from any program that is able to print, encrypt PDFs and protect them from being opened or printed, send generated files via e-mail, create more than just PDFs: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PS, and EPS, and autosave files to folders and filenames based on tags like username, computer name, date, and time, merge multiple files into one PDF. PDFCreator also runs on terminal servers without problems.


PDFCreator Features and Highlights

Create PDF files
If you can print your document, you can convert document to PDF File with freeware application the PDF creator. And not only PDF, but you can also convert the document to other popular formats as well, like PNG, JPEG, and TIF.


Secure your PDFs
The software allows securing your documents against unauthorized access or modifications. You can restrict access to your PDFs, require a password to open the document or restrict printing and modifying your document with 128 bit AES encryption.

Digital signatures
If you need to sign a document and send it across the globe, it takes a lot of time. You can use digital signatures to speed up this process: Sign the document digitally with the creator. This verifies you as the author and you won’t have to print and scan the document.

Archive-ready with PDF/A
Today most people and companies want to archive documents for years or decades and you have to make sure that they will be readable when you need them. The PDF/A standard ensures this by applying strict standards on what can and must be included in the PDF. This program is able to create PDF/A files for your archiving needs.

Use Profiles for easy access
If you have different cases in which you use the software, you might need different settings for each. The PDF creator has profiles for this. You can create a profile for every situation and have it available with one click. You can also have multiple tool printers and define which profile will be preselected for you.

Automatic saving
Auto-save allows you to have a fully automated PDF printer. You activate auto-save in your profile and select where the files will be saved. Every document you print will be saved automatically. Combine it with tokens and it becomes even more powerful.

PDFCreator supports tokens in many places. These tokens are placeholders for certain values, i.e. today’s date, your user name or a counter that increases with every time you print a document.

Merge and rearrange
Instead of converting your PDFs one by one, you can also collect multiple documents, rearrange their order and merge them. You will then receive a PDF that contains all your documents in a single file.

Actions allow you to go even further. You can add cover pages to your document, upload your files via FTP, send an E-Mail or even call your own custom script to further process the files.

How to use PDFCreator?

  1. Creating PDF files with PDFCreator is easy. It works as a virtual printer and can convert anything to PDF that you can print. Simply print your document to the PDFCreator printer to start the conversion.

PDFCreator PrinterDialog

2. Once you have printed your document, the PDFCreator window will open to allow you to change the title of your document, add metadata (subject, keywords, author name) and select the profile you want to use.

Optionally, you can modify the settings you are using to convert the document. This allows you to control file size and output quality. You can also use advanced features like putting a virtual stamp on the pages or upload the resulting file with FTP.


After hitting save, you can choose the file format and where to store the file.

3. You wait a moment while PDFCreator is working.


PDFCreator Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Converts many formats to PDF Occasional page number problems
Countless options
Create graphic files
Protect documents with passwords

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Window Vista

Official Video Intro PDFCreator Software

PDFCreator - Create PDF Files for Free on Windows [Tutorial]

PDFCreator Software Overview

PDFCreator Software Download

Technical Specification

Version 4.4.0
File Size 38.8 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free
Developer pdfforge GmbH.


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