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How to Reset Windows Lost Password with PCUnlocker

Jun 23,2018 - (Free)

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Reset windows password when we forgot for our pc is traumatic moments for a while. It puts us abandoned locked out of our computer for a while, many of us think that we need to reinstall Windows in our pc system again. But, that’s not an ideal option to reaccess the computer system. PCUnlocker is the easiest and fastest way to get back your lost password on Windows run Pc’s. Even, you may save your money if you do not have a system reinstallation disk.

By just 3 easy steps, you could reset password for your windows Pc, You only need to generate a password reset disk to enter into the locked computer and attempt the password resetting option.

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Step 1: Creating Bootable PCUnlocker CD

In the first step, download the ZIP file for PCUnlocker by using another computer system which accessible within you.


reset windows password with PCU

Extract the contents of the ZIP file in to a folder on your additional storage disk. Now, open the unzipped folder in Windows Explorer and you could see an ISO image file titled: pcunlocker.iso. , which you need to burn on a CD by BurnCDCC program or on USB Flash drive using ISO2Disc software.

Reset Windows Password with PCUnlocker

Step 2: Set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD/USB drive

PCUnlocker to reset windows password

After creating a bootable PCUnlocker CD/DVD, insert it in the computer whose password has been lost and need to reset. Now, when it is powered on of the computer system, press any system defined key such as F2, F12, ESC, DELETE and access the BIOS. Find the BOOT menu there and set CD/DVD as the 1st boot device. Save the BIOS settings and restart the PC after the boot priority has been changed, now the PC should boot from the CD.

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Step 3: Reset Windows password

Once it has booted to CD, PCUnlocker will access the Windows operating system that was installed on the hard drive. Select one of the user accounts from the drop-down list and click on Reset Password to proceed.

It will open the Change Password tab, it will allow us to enter a new password or just leave it blank to remove the lost password. Windows password will be reset immediately once we click ok. Now, reboot the computer system and reverse the changes which made to BIOS. We can then log back into Windows with the new password which we reset just now!

There are three versions of PCUnlocker available for download (Standard, Pro and Enterprise). If we want to reset forgotten Windows password on a computer with turned on UEFI secure boot, we need to use PCUnlocker Enterprise version.

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