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PC Matic Best Ransomware Protection Software Download

Dec 21,2020 - PC Matic, Inc. (Free)

10.67 MB (Safe & Secure)

PC Matic antivirus leverages patented technology to offer the industry best ransomware protection software for your devices. Super Shield, this real-time protection component, deploys a default-deny approach blocking all unknown applications from running without causing headaches or slowdowns! This is made possible by the global list of known good applications and patented digital signature technology.

PC Matic protects your devices from modern security threats. It works effectively stops what others cannot with the use of three advanced technologies: an automated whitelist, lifeless script blocking, and brute force attack mitigation. In addition, the security software also includes patch management and driver updates, keeping known vulnerabilities patched before hackers can exploit them.

Avoid invasive pop-ups and stop malicious ads in their tracks with the PC Matic Adblocker extension. PC Matic’s advanced technology also protects you from the fake virus scam, blocking it before it can lock down your web browser and cause panic. PC Matic’s adblocking technology keeps your PC and data secure from malicious ads, also known as malvertising attacks. These attacks have become increasingly advanced, effectively infecting PCs without the user even clicking on the ad.

PC Matic Antivirus Software Download For Windows

For the average home-user, anti-virus software is a must. A personal firewall such as Zone Alarm and running a program like HFNetcheck, which is a free download for personal users. It checks your system to see if anything needs to be patched. I’d also recommend a program such as SpyCop to periodically check for any spyware on your system. – Kevin Mitnick

PCs slow down the more you use them unless they are properly maintained. PC Matic’s optimization tools keep your PC running at its peak performance with scheduled scans cleaning out junk files and the accumulated data you do not need on your computer.

Instead of using the archaic blacklist technology competitors use, the app deploys an automated whitelist for real-time, proactive protection against today’s cyber threats. In addition, the PC Matic antivirus software app also uses a script blocking agent, effectively thwarting all forms of fileless malware attacks.


PC Matic can help you solve various performance issues by checking your disks for fragmentation or large files, bench marking your machine, and detecting malicious applications. It is possible to toggle any of the aforementioned functions on or off.

Running a scan automatically detects potential problems regarding Internet speed, system stability, security, and performance. At the end of the scan, you can view a detailed report about the scanning process and identified flaws.

It is possible to select items, such as junk files, startup entries, or temporary records, and PC Matic can try to fix the related issues.

This application features a congested design that offers a rather crowded view of menus, buttons, and windows, especially considering the window cannot be resized. Due to the limited workspace, beginners might be confused while trying to operate the program.

The main window offers you information about this application’s abilities, while also allowing you to perform a quick scan. Given that it does not provide you with any additional configuration menu, pane or window, you cannot print or save scan logs on your PC.

Pros And Cons of PC Matic Antivirus

Pros  Cons
Prevents the launch of unknown programs, pending analysis. No protection against malicious or phishing URLs.
Blocked launch of all malware samples in testing. Very little accuracy data from independent antivirus labs.
The wide array of system optimization tools. The scan detected a few malware samples.
Misleading claims in the online documentation.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 and higher version
Processor 1 GHz or greater
Memory 512 MB or greater
Storage Space Need 1GB or more of free space
Network Connection Broadband connection highly recommended

Main Key Features of PC Matic For The Best Ransomware Protection

  • Whitelisting: The Super Shield whitelist functions by using a list of known trusted programs and allows them to run. Everything else, that is not on the whitelist, is sent to the malware research team to be tested. Within 24 hours it is categorized as either trusted or malicious.
  • File less Script Block: Hackers are exploiting scripting agents like PowerShell to install malware, which doesn’t need an executable. It has developed a script blocking agent to identify malicious scripting activity. So far, this has left PCMatic consumers entirely protected from lifeless infections.
  • Patch Management and Driver Updates: During the scanning process, PCMatic ensures key third-party applications are patched, and drivers are updated. By automating this process, the users can rest assured their devices are kept updated, with known vulnerabilities patched to avoid exploitation from cyber-criminals.

PC Matic Dashboard

Other Features PC Matic for the best ransomware protection software

  • Defragments disks
  • Updates drivers
  • Updates common software automatically
  • Cleans registry
  • Removes junk files
  • Scans and cleans security threats
  • Optimizes SSD
  • Deactivates unnecessary Windows tasks
  • Schedule computer maintenance automatically
  • Detailed maintenance, security, and performance reporting

Screenshots of PC Matic Antivirus

Official Video Intro PC Matic Antivirus Software

PC Matic - Best Performance

PC Matic Antivirus Overview

Technical Specification

File Size 10.67 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free Trial
Developer PC Matic, Inc.

Conclusion of PC Matic

In addition to vulnerability scans, this application the best ransomware protection software that allows you to perform cleanup processes on your HDDs or SSDs, such as freeing space, defragmenting, running fragmentation analysis tests, and optimizing disks. You can rely on PC Matic if you want a simple cleanup utility, but you should be aware that it packs a rather outdated layout and that it does not allow you to save or print scan logs.


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