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PayPal Denies Blocking Safari

PayPal has refuted allegations that it will prevent Safari users from accessing its website due to lax security, but it does confirm that users of earlier browser versions will be denied access.

    The business announced plans for new security measures earlier this month, including blocking access to “insecure browsers,” such as earlier iterations of Internet Explorer like 3.0 and 4.0.

    However, previous statements from PayPal that Safari was “lagging behind” on security led many to believe that the website would block Apple’s browser in addition to others. Now, PayPal disputes that this is the case.

    “PayPal is working on features that will prevent users of outdated browsers and unsupported operating systems from logging into PayPal. According to Michael Oldenburg, spokesman for PayPal corporate communications, an example of such a browser/OS combination might be Internet Explorer 4 running on Windows 98.
    “By doing this, we better safeguard our clients from visiting phishing websites using their browsers. We have no plans to prevent any current browsers, including Apple’s Safari, from accessing our website.

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