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Paragon Partition Manager Hard Disk Optimization Software Download 17.9.1

Mar 23,2019 - Paragon Technologie (Free)

170.0 MB (Safe & Secure)

Paragon Partition Manager is software to organize your hard drive and gain additional space in your existing partitions. Actually, the hard disk drive’s main responsibility is to constantly read, write and erase data in order to make all your actions possible. Depending on solicitation level or installed programs, its sectors can get corrupted, or you simply want to divide its available space for better management. With the help of specialized applications such as this software, it is all done quick and easy to manage all your hard disk enhancement aspects.

This software wants to be available to users with completely different levels of experience. It manages to achieve this, due to its clever design. A modern, flat style interface is brought up first, which Windows 8 users mostly feel at home with. It displays its major features, such as creating the partition, resizing, deleting, merge, as well as a converter.

Accessing either puts in motion a guided wizard that makes sure you don’t mess up your hard disk drive’s integrity, not even by accident. There is also the possibility to switch to a full-scale launcher, as suggested.

Paragon Partition Manager Home

Paragon Partition Manager For Windows Features

  • RESIZE/MOVE PARTITIONS: Adjust partition size by sliding the partition left and right or entering the exact partition size you want.
  • UNDELETE PARTITIONS: You can recover your volumes and the data if you delete the partition accidentally.
  • CREATE/DELETE PARTITIONS: Format your HDD, SSD, USB, memory card, SD card or delete a partition to make it available for reuse.
  • EXPAND PARTITIONS: Redistribute free space using an unallocated area and open space on adjacent volumes.
  • CHANGE LABEL: Change the label of a partition or a drive letter for an improved data organization.
  • TEST SURFACE: Check for errors on selected partitions and fix it.

Paragon Partition Manager

Other Features of Paragon Partition Manager

Basic hard disk partitioning operations

  • Create, format and delete partitions.
  • Hide/unhide partition, set partition active/inactive.
  • Copy and move partition of any file system, quick and sector-by-sector modes.
  • Set or change the drive letter (Windows NT/2000/XP only).
  • Change hard disk partition Label (Volume Label).

Advanced hard disk partitioning operations

  • Resize hard disk partitions with data.
  • Hot Resize (upward) – enlarge NTFS partition without rebooting Windows and interrupting its work.
  • Copy disk to disk.
  • Copy with resizing.
  • Convert the file system.
  • FAT16 to FAT32 and vice versa.
  • FAT16/32 to NTFS and vice versa.
  • Ext2 FS to Ext3 FS and vice versa.
  • Merge hard disk partitions (even hard disk partitions of different file systems).
  • Undelete hard disk partition.
  • Check File System Integrity.
  • Convert Primary hard disk partition to Logical and vice versa.
  • Change hard disk Partition ID (hard disk partition signature).
  • Change hard disk Partition Primary Slot (in Master Boot Record).
  • Update MBR (Master Boot Record) with the standard code.
  • Convert NTFS revision (from anyone to any other within Windows NT, 2000 and XP).
  • Change FAT parameters – boot size, root size.

File System Performance Optimization

  • Change cluster size.
  • Defragment File System.
  • Defragment NTFS core structure – MFT (Master File Table).

Technologies Support

  • Supports large hard disks (up to 500GB tested, 2TB in theory).
  • Supports P-ATA (IDE), S-ATA (SATA), SCSI hard disks.
  • All levels of SCSI and IDE RAID controllers.
  • Supports FireWire IEEE1394, USB 1.0, USB 2.0, ZIP and Jazz media.
  • Supports Flash devices.
  • Supports NTFS from Windows NT, 2000, XP.
  • Supports NTFS with compressed and encrypted files and folders.
  • Supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 FS, Ext3 FS, HPFS file systems.

Safety and Recovery:

  • Recovery CD with Unique Interface in XP style for restoring under DOS/Linux4
  • Power Shield technology – resuming critical partitioning operations after power failure
  • Recovery Media Builder – creates CDs/DVDs(or even a floppy disk) that you can boot from and recover your system.
  • Treating bad sectors – surface test can be optionally used for the format, copy, move and resize operations.
  • Retesting disk surface for partitions with data, relocating files from encountered bad blocks.
  • Automatic generation and sending operations logs over email for quick and easy technical support.

Easy to use:

  • The new unique wizard-driven interface in the XP style.
  • Virtual pre-execution.

Wizards for most usual scenarios:

  • Create Partition Wizard.
  • Format Partition Wizard.
  • Delete Partition Wizard.
  • Copy Hard Disk Wizard.
  • Copy Partition Wizard.
  • Partition Merge Wizard.
  • Redistribute Free Space Wizard.
  • Partition Undelete Wizard.
  • Operations usually impossible under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP will be automatically performed in special mode during OS reboot.
  • Auxiliary utilities:
  • Built-in simple Disk Editing utility.
  • Unpack&Burn Wizard – Just three clicks to burn your own Recovery CD.
  • Volume Explorer (fully embedded in program interface) – browse FAT, NTFS, Ext2 or Ext3 FS partition without a drive letter, edit or copy files and folders.
  • Automatic run of the embedded Boot Corrector to correct possible startup problems in the boot.ini file for Windows.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 1000 Mhz processor clock speed
Memory 1 GB+ RAM
Storage Space Hard Disk Drive with 250 MB of available space
Video Card SVGA video adapter and monitor
Browser Internet Explorer 10 or higher
CD Drive WinPE based Recovery CD

Paragon Partition Manager Advanced

Official Video Tutorial of Paragon Partition Manager For Windows 

How To Use Paragon Partition Manager Software

Paragon Partition Manager For Windows Overview

Paragon Partition Manager Software Download

Technical Specification

Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 SP1 and newer
Supported Computer Bus Interfaces
  • Parallel ATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment)
  • SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)
  • External SATA (eSATA)
  • All levels of SCSI, IDE and SATA RAID controllers
  • SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.x/2.0/3.0
  • IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
  • All types of RAIDs (hardware and software)
  • PC or PCMCIA Card (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)
Supported Storage
  • Storage Spaces Support
  • AFD (Advanced Format Drive)
  • Non-512B sector size drives
  • SSD and HDD
  • Any common optical disk device
Supported File Systems
  • Backup Capsule (Only view)
  • NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1)
  • FAT32
  • Ext2, 3, 4
  • ReiserFS (v. 1, 2. Only view. All other operations in 1:1 mode)
  • Linux Swap
  • HPFS (Only view. All other operations in 1:1 mode)
  • Apple HFS+
  • B-tree FS (Btrfs)
  • Extents FS (XFS)


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