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Paragon Disk Wiper Download For Windows

Feb 10,2020 - Paragon Technologie (Free)

212.08 MB (Safe & Secure)

Make sure that no-one can recover sensitive data you thought was deleted. Securely erase your data held on your hard disk with Paragon Disk Wiper Personal. This is essential for any disk, as data is too easily recovered if you rely on the standard delete function or formatting your hard disk.

Paragon Disk Wiper can completely erase a whole hard disk or partition, or delete just the sensitive files scattered around your system. It guarantees secure and easy erasure of your critical data with the powerful algorithm and customization option, wizard-based interface and extensive reporting. You can irreversibly Destroy All On-Disk Data easily and quickly, so as it cannot be recovered with any present-day technology.

Paragon Disk Wiper Download For Windows

Paragon Disk Wiper is a small program that can quickly erase sensitive data on the hard drive or partition. It has a simple interface and a clean layout, which makes it easy to figure out by all users.

Since data security is always a top-priority issue for companies, government, but also for regular people, making sure that the files can’t be recovered with specialized tools is particularly useful, especially if you plan on selling or borrowing the hard drive.

The program comes with a wide range of algorithms that are up to the standards of various international Military services and Governments. These include a varied number of passes that the program performs over the disk in order to permanently wipe out data.

The tool may also be used to transfer files from the computer to CDs and DVDs before wiping out anything you don’t need or simply want to get rid of.

Paragon Disk Wiper Professional allows you to:

  • Completely erase a whole hard disk, separate partition or simply clean free space.
  • Irreversibly destroy all on-disk data quickly and easily so that there is no way to recover it – even with today’s most advanced technology!
  • Quickly and efficiently sanitize the hard disks in order to protect valuable business information. After all, you’re required to do so by law in most countries.

What’s new in Disk Wiper?

  • New wipe methods: trim free space, secure erase NVME SSD, secure erase SSD.
  • Cloud storage service for wipe reports: access from anywhere, browse, print, save PDF locally.
  • Build your recovery media: Linux Recovery environment.

Choose The Data Sanitization Method

System Requirements

Processor Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 MHz processor clock speed
Memory 256 MB of RAM
Storage Space Hard disk drive with 120 MB of available space
Video Adapter SVGA video adapter and monitor
Browser Internet Explorer 5.0


Paragon Disk Wiper Software Features

  • Cloud service with plug-and-play eraser: Download a package and write it to USB or CD. Plug your media into the computer you want to sanitize and follow simple instructions. All activities, technical data, and reports will be available in the cloud.
  • Sanitize storages of any type: Sanitize internal and external storage devices. Delete irreversibly user addressable (encrypted or not), protected and hidden areas.

    data sanitization method with specific algorithm

  • Special handle for SSD and flash memory: SSDs and NVMe devices are known for their issues with data erasure. Paragon offers efficient and delicate mechanism that securely cleans SSD data without degrading memory lifetime.SSD Trim
  • Full and granular erasure: Use for cleaning up separate partitions, including hidden ones, unallocated disk space, unused space or individual files and folders.
  • Reliable wiping algorithms: 10 carefully selected international wiping algorithms, inclu­ding military-grade.
  • Control & Check: Paragon Power Shield™ technology ensures critical operations resume in case of power failure. The memory is checked upon completion and recommended verification tests performed. Additional sanitation measures are suggested in case of errors.
  • Reports & Certification
All activities and operation details are saved into your cloud account. Use them to:
  • Troubleshoot data sanitization.
  • Collect technical and business statistics.
  • Generate reports, including those for compliance requirements.
  • Issue Certificates of Data Destruction to your customers in line with data protection regulations.

Screenshots of Paragon Disk Wiper

Official Video Intro Paragon Disk Wiper

Paragon Disk Wiper | Paragon Software Group

Paragon Disk Wiper Overview

Paragon Disk Wiper Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name Paragon Disk Wiper Software For Windows
File Size 212.08 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Trial Version
Developer Paragon Technologie


Paragon Disk Wiper is a great program that is sure to come in handy on occasions. Less experienced individuals shouldn’t have any troubles while installing and working with the program, thanks to its intuitive layout.


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