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Sep 16,2020 - Square Enix, People Can Fly (Free)

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Outriders is an action-packed game that will take you to Enoch, a world that is home to ginormous aliens. Developed by gaming powerhouse Square Enix, Outriders is bound to be more than just a game of shooting and survival.  It boasts exciting co-op gameplay that welcomes a team of three players who is ready to explore an alien world that possesses danger to humankind.

This is a third-person shooter game that can be played either alone or as a tag team of 3 people with the option to drop in and out of the game anytime. Advanced weapons are also available, and are uniquely styled they no doubt make shooting even more exciting, but the fun does not stop with just having cool weapons. Game characters are also equipped with their own special skills and powers, adding spice to Outriders’ thrilling combat gameplay. These skills can be developed and made stronger as players advance and discover more of the dangers that plague Enoch.

Outriders Download For PC

Outriders gameplay details – how does it play?

The developers were quick to decry those trying to pin it down as a live service game in the same vein as The Division or Destiny due to the fact that Outriders contains a fixed narrative with a beginning and an end. However, it’s very easy to compare Outriders to games of that ilk. It has an Anthem-Esque hub with native NPCs, shops to sell items, and triggers to start missions.


In battle, numbers pop out of the plentiful, health-bar toting enemies. Loot is naturally everywhere, from low rarity pistols to super rare legendary ice snipers. There’s a dynamic skill tree where you can curate your build within the class that you pick at the start, with a selection of abilities on offer that can be used in tandem with other players to create devastating combos. It’s fast-paced and rewards aggression as you mix and match shotgun blasts with walls of rock and fiery explosions. The cover system will make Gears of War players feel right at home, and the gunplay is tight and satisfying, with weapon’s dismantling enemies with a satisfying crunch.

Outriders Eye Of The Storm

Outriders game is taking a bold stance against pay to win and it won’t feature any loot boxes. It’s also composed by Inon Zur of Fallout fame and offers narrative choices via branching dialogue trees, though its unclear what ramifications your choices will have on the game world just yet.

The game will also feature an interesting difficulty mechanic known as the world tier system. Essentially you can dynamically shift difficulty in battle depending on how hard you’re finding the game. You’ll unlock new, more difficult world tiers as you level up which offer better loot drops and tougher foes, but you can scale it back whenever you like if things are getting too difficult.

This means that it isn’t just up to the developers to balance the game with one blanket difficulty – the players can pick and choose how they want to experience it. Given the focus on story components, some may want to just play the game in a cinematic fashion with little challenge compared to those who want to grind for endgame loot against the more tricky enemies in Outriders.

Outriders Journal Entries

Pros And Cons of Outriders Game

Pros Cons
Amazing game visuals No player-versus-player
Interesting storyline
Lots of cool weapons
Action-packed gameplay

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Intel Core i3-560 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805.
Memory 4 GB RAM
Storage Space 40 GB Hard Drive Space
DirectX DirectX 11 Compatible with Graphics card
Graphics card AMD Radeon R7 360X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti.

Outriders Game Features

  • The intensity of a Shooter, Depth of an RPG: Outriders’ brutal and bloody combat combines frenetic gunplay, violent powers and deep RPG systems to create a true genre hybrid.
  • A Dark and Desperate Journey: Discover the hostile planet of Enoch as you embark on a journey to the source of a mysterious signal.
  • Dynamic 1-3 Player Co-Op Dynamic: Play single-player or join up to two friends in drop-in drop-out co-op as you tackle the horrors of a hyper-evolved planet.
  • Four Unique Classes: Create and customize your own Outrider and choose from four unique classes each with its own skill tree to define your own playstyle.
  • Scavenge and Adapt: Customise and upgrade your Outrider with countless items of mod-able guns and gear, as you leave humanity behind.

Outriders Gameplay

Outriders Game FAQs

Will we see or find out about all game features before release?”

Absolutely. Our regular Broadcasts are intended to show you everything you need to know about Outriders. We want to be open, honest and upfront about our game. We’re not just trying to sell you the game on just promises – we’re going to show you exactly what you’re going to get. Make sure you continue to tune in to future Broadcasts as we continue to unveil the depth of Outriders and follow our social channels to learn when we will be revealing more of the game. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord VK, Youtube

What part of the game does the gameplay revealed so far show?

The gameplay revealed so far features content only from the first few hours of the campaign. Throughout your travels across Enoch you will encounter a great diversity in environments and colorful surroundings. 

Will OUTRIDERS have a story?

Yes! OUTRIDERS is a story driven RPG-Shooter that will put the player in the shoes of an Outrider, the last hope of the human race trapped on Enoch, a dangerous and untamed planet. The campaign can be played entirely in single player, or in co-op with up to three players.

I would prefer to not see certain HUD/UI elements when playing. Is this possible?

OUTRIDERS features a variety of customization options, including turning various parts of the HUD and UI on and off. You will also be able to turn off enemy/ally health bars as well as damage numbers.

Can I adjust the difficulty of the game?

OUTRIDERS features up to 15 different “World Tiers”, which will strongly change the way the game is played and experienced. While World Tiers will adjust to your playstyle as you progress in order to keep the game challenging, you can also change your World Tier manually according to your preferences.


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  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Terraria
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Technical Specification

Game Name Outriders Game For PC
Release Date June 19, 2019
Genre 3rd Person Shooter RPG
Developer Square Enix, People Can Fly



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