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30/08/2019 - (Freeware)
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NetSpot for Windows is a free simple and accessible wireless survey tool, which allows collecting, visualizing and analyzing WiFi data on your Windows and Mac OS X computer. It allows you to boost the quality and speed of your home or office WiFi network by helping to identify weak coverage areas, signal leaks and more.

NetSpot for Windows is a super-useful WiFi survey app that comes with two major WiFi troubleshooting modes: Discover and Survey. It only takes a couple of clicks to load your plan and begin a network site survey. Any 802.11 WiFi networks can be surveyed and visualized and All WiFi adapters are supported.

It can visualize your wireless network by building a visual WiFi map. It will let you see dead zones without coverage and place hotspots (Access Points) correctly. Using the visualized map of collected wireless data you will also see channels’ load and will be able to decide how to optimize your WiFi site better.


With NetSpot for Android, you can use your phone or tablet to discover WiFi networks around you to analyze and compare their parameters.

There are two modes in NetSpot for Android: Networks and Comparison. In network mode, you can see the list of all detected WiFi networks.

network mode

Comparison mode allows you to filter and compare networks according to certain parameters: frequency band, signal level, security protocol.

Comparison mode

NetSpot for Windows Features

WiFi Discover mode

NetSpot collects every detail about surrounding WiFi networks and presents wireless data as an interactive table. It lets you troubleshoot and improve your network’s coverage, capacity, performance, APs configurations, signal level, interference, noise, etc.

Netspot for windows-discovermode

Highly configurable passive WiFi surveys

With NetSpot, the in-depth network analysis is a breeze, thanks to its interactive color-coded heatmaps. Outline your real-life WiFi data on a map quickly and easily. Flexible professional reports included.


NetSpot offers more than 15 heatmap visualizations that help troubleshoot and manage any WiFi setup. By helping analyze every access point, NetSpot can scale up from useful-to-everyone to incredibly detailed for the true wireless networking mavens.

Smart AP detection and positioning

See channel info, transmit rate, vendor, security type, band, etc.

Unlimited data points per heat map

Your WiFi network can work better and become more reliable. NetSpot maps your coverage area and provides real-life signal propagation heat maps. It’s never been easier to locate WiFi issues.

Netspot for windows-heatmap

Single snapshot and zone per project
  • Create any number of snapshots within each zone to quickly compare Wi-Fi configurations.
  • Create multiple zones per project to represent different areas, floors, levels, etc.
Data Export

Save historical data per each AP for later review.Export your project survey data reports in PDF or CSV.

Real-time Charts

Customizable signal level and noise charts display changes in real time.

Netspot for windows-analyze signal

NetSpot for Windows Benefits

  • A quick analysis of all neighboring WiFi networks coverage
  • Troubleshoot and improve WiFi
  • Locate malfunctioning WiFi APPS
  • Increase WiFi connection signal
  • Stream over WiFi
  • WiFi monitoring
  • Finding signal leakages
  • Improve wireless network planning and hardware deployment
  • Optimize hotspots’ placement after finding dead zones
  • Adjust channels’ load and to assign them properly

What’s new in 2.10

  • Important: NetSpot is available in Japanese and fully supports macOS 10.14 Mojave.
  • added Japanese localization
  • Added Time-limited licenses are available
  • added Purchase, offline activation and activation code recovery options were translated to all five languages available in the app.
  • improved Survey export was improved greatly to allow saving projects with currently selected settings
  • improved Improved workflow while WiFi adapter is busy
  • improved Updated the list of device vendors fixed Minor interface and interactivity improvements throughout

NetSpot for Windows Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Comprehensive WiFi assessment tool The free trial version of this software has some limitations
No networking experience needed The mapping feature isn’t quite beneficial if you’re using a desktop
The analysis for WiFi security analysis becomes easier analysis in low signal environment can be tricky
The user interface is clean, simple, and easy to use

System Requirement

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista
.NET framework Requires .NET framework 4.5 and up

Technical Specifications

Title NetSpot 2.10 for Windows
File size 254 KB
File Name NetSpot.exe
Requirements Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista
Language English
Available languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Date added April 7,2019
Author Etwok

Netspot Free Download

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