Musicbee Portable Music Manager and Player

MusicBee portable is a software designed for a listen to songs using a very big collection of Hollywood, Bollywood and many more songs and it is very simple to the song any songs from there collection. This software provides you to use existing playlists or create your own playlist which you want to listen to a song.

When running the app for the first time, you have the option to import the tracks from your current iTunes and Windows Media Player library or specify the folders that you want to scan in order to detect the supported files.

By default, MusicBee portable monitors the selected folders and adds the new files to the current library. You also have the option to send new items to the Inbox and manually select the ones you want to include in the collection.

Creating playlists and organizing tracks are easy tasks since the app supports drag and drop. Additionally, you can create auto playlists by specifying the audio file source and the criteria that should be used to filter the files.

You can use this tool to change the song metadata and edit the ID3 tags while listening to the audio file. Moreover, the app can download artwork or lyrics for your songs in order to display the information in the library.

The sound output can be fine-tuned by using DSP effects and the 10-band equalizer with preset support. You can also change the player skin and choose one of the available visualization modes.


MusicBee Portable features:

  • Listen: Play your music the way that you want. Manage large music libraries and easily find what you want to hear.
  • Tag: Easily add metadata to your music with a number of powerful tools.
  • Connect: Utilize your Internet connection to automatically find useful information about your music collection or the currently playing song.
  • Party: Create the perfect party playlist and turn your computer into a music jukebox.
  • Synchronize and Rip: Add songs from your CD collection to your library and sychronise with your devices.
  • Customize: Create your own unique look and feel, and add more features with plugins.
  • Advanced Audio Tools: Get the most out of your speakers with tools for those who sound quality matters.
  • Support: Learn how to accomplish certain tasks and field your questions in the MusicBee community forum.
  • Lots of Other Features: Countless other features with more being added all of the often.

Overall, the interface is flexible and enables you to easily display or hide the artist photo, file metatag editor or equalizer. It allows you to access Internet resources such as the upcoming concerts or the artist YouTube page.

If you have a large music collection and need help in organizing it, MusicBee Portable is a viable solution. Since it also includes tagging tools, CD ripping features and a duplicate file remover, it comes in handy for all user categories.

MusicBee Portable

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