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MSI Command Center For PC Download

May 17,2021 - MSI (Free)

82.76 MB (Safe & Secure)

MSI Command Center is an easy to understand software program and only created by MSI, assisting clients with changing framework settings and screen status under Windows operating system. With the help of this software, making it conceivable to accomplish simpler and effective observing cycles and changes than those under Profiles. In addition, the desktop app can be a server for a mobile remote control application.

MSI Command Center is a utility program exclusively for MSI desktop series users. It claims to deliver the best gaming experience to every gamer. So far, some users experience the opposite.

MSI Command Center Software Download

How to Control MSI CPU FAN?

The MSI Command Center is a user-friendly program developed by MSI, allowing users to change device settings and track their PC’s status. With the assistance of the Command Center, it is possible to accomplish faster and more effective management and personalization processes than those under the BIOS. The Command Center can also be a portal for mobile remote control applications. Mobile control is only possible with the built-in WiFi module on the motherboard.

MSI Command Center will help you configure your hardware and make sure you make the adjustments you need to make to make your experience the best possible.

It comes with some basic features, as well as some nice and advanced ones. It allows you to make basic adjustments to your CPU, motherboard, and other hardware components.

It has more configurations than you’ll find in the BIOS options, so you’ll have many extra features from this application and a bit more advanced configuration.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
It includes control for CPU fan and CPU Frequency Unknown source of lags, crashes, and freezes
It manage fan temperature It requires updated fan control driver

System requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10

MSI Command Center Features

  • CPU Frequency: CPU Frequency control panel allows you to change the CPU Ratio and Base clock. You can see the current frequency of each CPU core on the top of the panel.
  • CPU Fan: CPU Fan control panel provides Smart mode and Manual Mode. You can switch the control mode by clicking the Smart Mode and Manual Mode buttons on the top of the CPU Fan control panel. Manual Mode: Allows you to manually control the CPU fan speed by percentage. The control panel contains 4 dots that allows you to drag and adjust the Smart Speed slopes. The fan speed will be changed along these lines with CPU temperature. The white dot will create a strip chart in real-time.
  • CPU Voltage: CPU voltage control panel allows you to control the CPU voltage.
  • DRAM Frequency & DRAM Voltage: DRAM Frequency: Shows the DRAM clock, ratio, and frequency. DRAM Voltage: Allows you to adjust the DRAM voltage. The risky values are displayed in red.
  • IGP Frequency & GT Voltage: IGP Frequency: Allow you to adjust the IGP ratio, and shows the IGP clock, ratio, and frequency. GT Voltage: This allows you to adjust the GT voltage. The risky values are displayed in red.
  • GAME BOOST: GAME BOOST has 8 overclocking stages for you to overclock your computerMSI Command Center provides the software interface instead of the GAME BOOST knob on the motherboard. You can click on the center button to switch GAME BOOST control between software (SW) and hardware (HW). The inner circle represents the current stage of hardware GAME BOOST and the outer represents software.
  • Mobile Control: It is only available for the motherboard with the built-in WiFi module. It allows you to enable/disable the MSI Command Center Remote Server. Please refer to the instruction on the Mobile Control control panel.

Screenshots of MSI Command Center Software For Windows

Official Video of MSI Command Center Software For PC

MSI Command Center Software

MSI Command Center Software Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download February, 24th 2021 82.76 MB Download
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MSI Command Center Overview

MSI Command Center Technical Specification

MSI Command Center
File Size 82.76 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer MSI


MSI Command Center allows you to make some important changes to your computer, which can help you improve your PC’s performance while you are playing your favorite game.


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