Top 5 Best Apps To Track A Cell Phone Location

Mobile location tracking app saved the life of a teen, A North Carolina mom used her wits and technology to find her teen daughter with the help of an iPhone app that with a pulsing blue light showed that her daughter was close, who was trapped in a crashed car alone for almost seven hours. Tracking mobile location can be irreplaceable. In case you’re a parent, you can watch out for your youngster through a GPS Mobile phone tracker. As a businessman, you can ensure that your staff members don’t exit the working area during office time with a GPS area tracker.

On the off chance that you need to pay special attention to your friends and family when they’re touring, you can follow their headway on a guide. Have you lost your telephone? With the help of a lost cell phone tracker, you can easily repossess it.


Are you looking for a trustworthy, go-to wireless tracker that can follow a mobile phone’s position at absolutely no cost? We’ve included what we believe are the best phone trackers out there on this listing. Keep in mind that a portion of the alternatives is paid, good things are not always cut-rate.

1: Spyier – The Finest Mobile Location Tracking App

The best app for tracking the location of your youngsters or any relative’s mobile phone is Spyier. Using Spyier to track someone’s phone without them knowing is super easy. This is not what we say, this is what the millions of people that use Spyier say about it. As millions of people worldwide have chosen Spyier, there must be something in it that is absent in all other spying apps.

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You might be wondering what is the thing that makes Spyier the best of all? It permits you to follow somebody’s mobile location tracking without them knowing from any internet browser! That implies you’ll have the option to screen anybody’s traveling routine without being discovered.

Spyier makes it to the highest priority on our rundown since it has a decent standing, it’s solid, and is packed in incredible highlights. Significant media forums like the New York Times, PC World, Forbes, and TechRadar have reviewed the application before.

Spyier’s Top-Quality Features

Visit Spyier’s official website to have a detailed view of its features. Some of the first-class features offered by Spyier are listed below

Tracking Location in real-time: With Spyier, you are able to keep up with the present time location of any person. Also, you are provided with complete information and present address which includes attributes like the city, street number, house number, etc.

View location history: Spyier offers you to monitor somebody’s movements over an extended timeframe. Late visited areas will be nailed to the virtual guide map in the event that you need to narrow them down and investigate them.

See time and date stamps: Each and every location that Spyier gives you of a particular phone number is always associated with a date and time period. Through this feature, you can find out when a particular phone number’s owner visited what place.

Observe coordinates: Additionally, Spyier also gives someone’s exact and precise coordinates. It can be important if you wish to determine someone’s present area.

Integration with Google Maps: Finally, the application incorporates Google Maps. This is important for any application that uses maps. You can open the area in Google Maps and see spots of your intrigue close by. All the more significantly, you can utilize Street View to get a very close view of your target.

How does Spyier work so well in secret?

As we referenced previously, Spyier permits you to follow a phone’s location secretively. You can utilize the application remotely from your internet browser, without the telephone user ever realizing. However, what is the reason that makes it a mystery?


Mobile Location Tracking on iOS gadget:

Spyier for iOS is an online application. It works by means of your internet browser, without you downloading any product on the objective telephone. Rather than working with the iPhone in a direct way, Spyier works with the iCloud information and data. As there is no Spyier application involved in tracking an iOS device, hence there can be possibly no chance for anyone to discover it.

Tracking location on Android gadget:

However, in the case of Android gadgets, you need to install the Spyier application on the target device. But the application is so small-sized, only 2MB, that it does not leave a lot to follow. After you install the application on the objective telephone, you can cover it up. When covered up, Spyier runs out of sight without reducing the telephone’s battery.

The Android adaptation of Spyier is minor, covered up, and works out of sight, which makes it difficult to recognize!

2: Minspy

If we consider the subsequent lead, there is one and only Minspy. Try not to stress, we will give you all of the purposes behind how Minspy fits the bill to be the second-best in the list. It would be unreasonable not to allow Minspy to have the second spot in our catalog.

Minspy is the best application for phone following that you will ever get after Spyier. From employing some of the absolute best employments in the tracking arena to having amazing client care, Minspy has everything.

More than just tracking location following, you can likewise get a lot of highlights with Spyier. Indeed, it accompanies quality just as the amount. With a great many clients, Minspy lies among the absolute best GPS trackers that you will ever come across. This is, fundamentally, because of its amazing highlights that fulfill the individuals’ requirements all around.

3: Spyic

Then there comes Spyic which is a big name when it comes to tracking someone’s location. It works for Android as well as iOS. You can utilize Spyic to follow an Android gadget from your internet browser if you introduce an application on it first. For iOS gadgets, Spyic is a completely remote application.


Spyic is on the listing not just on the grounds that it offers amazing area following highlights, yet in addition, it is dependable too. The application has been around for quite a while and has a setup nearness and a well-reputed name. It protects your security and is solid.

4: Cocospy

On the fourth spot, our list contains Cocospy. This is a telephone spy application that permits you to keep an eye on somebody’s area covertly. The application is utilized internationally, for the most part by individuals seeing someone hoping to monitor their deceiving partners.


Perhaps the greatest preferred position of Cocospy is that the application is difficult to discover by anyone. The iOS adaptation of Cocospy works online by means of the web. Rather than working with the telephone in a direct way, it makes use of the iCloud data of that device. As there’s no physical nearness, Cocospy is 100% careful.

5: Fami360

If your kid is constantly out on the town and you’re stressed over their security, you can utilize Fami360’s helpful location following highlights. You can check your kid’s past headways with the area history log. You can create illegal zones for your kid on a virtual guide map and get informed if your youngster crosses into these zones.

Fami360 will watch out for your children when you are not able to do it. On the off chance that they’re missing their classes or hanging around at a place that you don’t want them to go, you’ll know.

Wrapping it up

With this, our list of top apps for tracking the location of mobile phones comes to an end. We hope that you have carefully read the entire guide and understood different applications on how they work. We would like to put in a good word for the top ones in our list. Otherwise, it is all up to you to decide the app you are going to use.