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MobaXterm Free Download Software for PC to access your Windows PC by using the remote connection. In a single Windows application, it provides loads of functions that are tailored for programmers, webmasters, IT administering several computers connected to the same network often involves complex tasks, most of them necessitating remote connectivity

MobaXterm is a complete toolbox for remote computing. The application is an enhanced terminal for Windows with an X11 server, a tabbed SSH client and several other network tools for remote computing (VNC, RDP, telnet, rlogin). MobaXterm free download has the essential Unix commands for Windows desktop, in a single portable exe file.



The integrated Terminal is quite advanced and can run Unix commands through its bash shell script. Should you need to view digital images, write text or code, perform file or directory comparisons and other actions, it’s worth knowing that it comes with dedicated tools for them.

There are many advantages of having an All-In-One network application for your remote tasks, e.g. when you use SSH to connect to a remote server, a graphical SFTP browser will automatically pop up in order to directly edit your remote files. Your remote applications will also display seamlessly on your Windows desktop using the embedded X server.

Its session manager and macro recording feature add more value to the package, not to mention the fun factor that is also present in the form of several terminal games.

MobaXterm Remote Computing

MobaXterm Free Download Features

  • Embedded X server
    Fully configured Xserver based on
  • Easy DISPLAY exportation

    DISPLAY is exported from remote Unix to local Windows.

  • X11-Forwarding capability

    Your remote display uses SSH for secure transport.

  • Tabbed terminal with SSH

    Based on PuTTY/MinTTY with antialiased fonts and macro support.

  • Many Unix/Linux commands on Windows

    Includes basic Cygwin commands (bash, grep, awk, sed, rsync).

  • Add-ons and plugins

    You can extend MobaXterm capabilities with plugins

  • Versatile session manager

    All your network tools in one app: Rdp, Vnc, Ssh, Mosh, X11.

  • Portable and light application

    The app has been packaged as a single executable that does not require admin rights and which you can start from a USB stick.

  • Professional application

    MobaXterm Professional has been a tool designed for security and stability for very challenging people.

MobaXterm Terminal

What’s new in MobaXterm 12.2

  • Improvement: slightly modified foreground text color for ls results in order for the text on a green background to be readable
  • Improvement: improved speed of command-line SCP and SFTP clients
  • Improvement: better detection of /tmp folder for SSH random seed temporary file
  • Improvement: added a Customizer parameter which allows disabling X11 auto-start feature
  • Improvement: added a Customizer parameter which allows disabling X11 server feature completely
  • Improvement: improved multi-monitor support with enhanced “save window position” feature
  • Improvement: Added an error message when a connection through a gateway fails because of network failure between client and gateway
  • Improvement: brought back the “backspace sends Ctrl+H” global setting as many users need it when SSHing from the local terminal
  • Improvement: Added some additional checks in order to prevent remote monitoring from being launched several times if SSH connection is too slow
  • Bugfix: fixed some SSH agent failures with a command-line SSH client and SSH key encryption size greater than 2048 bits
  • Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with some antivirus programs when running CMD or POWERSHELL session within MobaXterm terminal
  • Bugfix: fixed a bug with RDP sessions, when “HighDPI adaptation” mode and SSH gateway options were set
  • Bugfix: fixed a status line length bug with Byobu on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Bugfix: removed the limit in paste buffer, huge paste operations are now performed by chunks to prevent pipes overflows
  • Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with the window closed unexpectedly during Browser sessions
  • Bugfix: fixed tunnels auto-reconnection feature which failed after network connection cut
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash issues with SSH tunnels and gateways, especially after waking up Windows from sleep/hibernate mode
  • Bugfix: Fixed a connection issue with some Huawei routers which require RSA host key first in host keys list

   MobaXterm Free Download Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
For handling remote computing tasks More features are hidden in Professional Mode
See remote networks under a single platform May not work on some network protocols
Perform terminal administration with tools Could be too complex for non-Linux users
Manage terminals remotely Copy-pasting codes could be tricky

MobaXterm Free Download Software Technical Specification

Title MobaXterm Software For Windows V 12.4
File Name
File Size 26.1 MB
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 9x, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2012
License Free
Language English
Available Language English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
Author Mobatek

Mobaxterm free download for remote computing Windows software to manage PC with SSH Client.

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