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MindNode clean interface lets you capture and connect your thoughts with ease. The expanding canvas and smart layout keeps up with your ideas, no matter how big or complicated. And when you want to say more than a thousand words, your photos and stylish stickers are right at hand.

MindNode lets you stay organized by easily rearranging your thoughts and folding away any distractions. Use notes for additional detail, find ideas quickly in the outline view, and get things done by turning your thoughts into tasks. With iCloud Drive you have all your documents on all your devices. Should you feel the need to share, MyMindNode let’s you upload an interactive version of your documents. And finally, MindNode supports a wide range of document formats you can import from and export to.

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MindNode for Mac Features:

Smart Layout
Nothing’s worse than a mind map so cluttered you can’t read it. With Smart Layout your mind map will automatically be kept tidy and MindNode’s infinite canvas will keep up with all your ideas.

Expressive Visuals
Thinking happens primarily with images and their associations. So you can use stickers to express your ideas, even color-matching them with all the themes, or simply use your own photos.

Intuitive Interface
MindNode’s Interface is a model citizen. With support for fullscreen mode, iCloud Drive and file versions, VoiceOver, and many more system features, MindNode fit seamlessly into your world.

Quick Tasks
Turning your ideas into tasks is super simple. And once you know what your tasks are, you can easily export them to dedicated ToDo apps like Things, OmniFocus, and Reminders.

Extensive Notes
If you have more to say, add a Note to your idea. You can even format the text and add links. Creating a visual outline for your next blog post has never been easier.

Simple Outline
With the outline sidebar, you can easily browse through the largest document. Expand or collapse what you need, zoom in on the stuff you’re looking for, and search your entire document.

Effortless Sync
No matter if you’re on the go and want to use your Apple Watch or iPhone, or if you want to do creative work on your iPad or Mac. You can access the latest version of all your mind maps from all your devices using iCloud Drive.

My MindNode
You can publicly share interactive documents. Best of all, they are available via the web through its service. So whom-ever you’ll send them too, they’ll be able to explore your ideas without having to install anything.

No matter where your data is coming from, or where you want to continue working on it—you can import from and export to a wide range of documents like FreeMind, OPML, OmniFocus, Things, PDF, and Markdown.

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