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Microsoft Safety Scanner Security Software Download 1.353.1502.0

May 18,2019 - Microsoft Corporation (Free)

147 MB (Safe & Secure)

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a security software solution designed to keep your computer clean by finding and removing all kinds of malicious files on the local disks.

Specially designed to be fast and reliable, Microsoft Safety Scanner greets users with a well-developed wizard, which only prompts them to pick from three different types of scan: quick scan, full scan, and customized scan.

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Capable of removing viruses, spyware and other dangerous files on your computer, Microsoft Safety Scanner completes the scanning task in just a few minutes, while the computer is moderately stressed up during the process.

Of course, the application displays some statistics such as the currently scanned file, the number of scanned and infected files, start time and time elapsed.

What’s more important is that Microsoft Safety Scanner is quite effective, but this doesn’t mean that it can replace an antivirus product altogether. No, this is just an application supposed to help you deal with some existing malicious files, but it can’t prevent your system from getting infected in the future.

In other words, there’s no real time protection available and, what’s more, it can only be used for 10 days after launched for the first time.

This antivirus software works flawlessly on most Windows versions, including XP, Vista and 7, without the need for administrator privileges to scan the system.

The Antivirus software is not a long-term virus checker is an emergency tool that you use as a last resort. Once you have downloaded it the tool will expire in ten days. It expires to help encourage people to only use it in emergencies instead of using it as a replacement for higher quality virus-checking software.

How to run a scan using Microsoft Safety Scanner:

  • Download this tool and open it.
  • Select the type of scan you want to be run and start the scan.
  • Review the scan results displayed on the screen. The tool lists all identified malware.
  • To remove this tool, delete the executable file (msert.exe by default).

Official Video Intro Microsoft Safety Scanner Software

How to use Microsoft Safety Scanner to investigate Microsoft Exchange Server threats

Microsoft Safety Scanner Software Overview


Technical Specification

Version 1.353.1502.0
File Size 147 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free
Developer Microsoft Corporation


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