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Launching Media Manager on BlueStacks 4 Android Emulator

May 1,2019 - Bluestacks Team (Free)

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Media Manager is an Android application available with BlueStacks 4.  You will enjoy easy, direct access to media files of various formats –  pictures, videos, audio, used by download mobile apps on PC within BlueStacks. You will also be able to transfer files from Windows to BlueStacks and vice-versa.

Remember, you may enjoy 6x faster gaming experience than a smartphone with the help of an advanced Android Emulator.

Media Manager on BlueStacks 4

Benefits: Ease in sharing media between apps, importing media files from Windows to BlueStacks and vice versa.

BlueStacks Versions affected: and above.


Audience: All users of BlueStacks.

Geo’s affected: All geo’s

BlueStacks early versions free download from here.

You can find the BlueStacks Media Manager app in the “More Apps” icon on BlueStacks Dock as shown below.Media-manager

Once you launch the app, you’ll see a screen similar to the one below. We will take up each section one by one and will explain its usage.Media-Manager-app

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Media Manager Gallery

Gallery behaves like the Android gallery you may be familiar with and can be opened from any app that accesses media files. It also contains all supported files downloaded within any apps or any files imported from Windows. You can long-press the icon for any file available here to

a) select it for sending it to any app or b) exporting to Windows.

Shown below is an example of a jpg that has been selected and uploaded on Facebook. You may also delete files by using the delete button. You can also select multiple files and perform a common action.Media-manager-gallery

App Media

App media contains folders of different apps and contains the Media files downloaded in these apps. Shown below is an example of an image downloaded from

Importing Files

Imported Files contain all the files that have been copied from your PC to BlueStacks. These files can now be used in any other app on BlueStacks.BlueStacks 4 file-importImport and Export Media on BlueStacks

Import From Windows

This feature lets you import files from your PC to BlueStacks.

Export to Windows

This feature lets you copy files downloaded in any app to the Windows desktop.

We genuinely appreciate your choosing us for your BlueStacks utility. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us through the comment section.

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